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  1. Server License but no files?

    Geebus, all. I read over the post that said to leave it as annonymous ;-/ Thanks.
  2. Server License but no files?

    I'm still getting the no subscription error. This is frustrating.
  3. Server License but no files?

    I've seen mention of this. Where is this discussed officially at though?
  4. Server License but no files?

    Okay. Thought it was just me. I tried in steam to 'activate the files' like I found in another thread:
  5. Server Files?

    Okay, so, It's not just me who hasn't heard anything eh.
  6. Serverfiles ?

    Eh, I'm okay with it. Just glad they are supposedly willing to release.server files. So tired of server hosting companies overloading boxes and having shit support. This way we can specout a box to exactly what is needed to run a good server. Of course, more cost, but better than having servers crash from to high of cpu or memory usage.
  7. Serverfiles ?

    Yea, does anyone have an update on when the system will be up and running for purchasing/acquiring server files?
  8. Server Files

    Hello, My group has been bugging me about setting up a Squad server. I see that the server files aren't just handed out to anyone, but I couldn't find any specific process for asking for the files? Our group has been around since Battlefield 3 (2011 sometime) and we currently host 11 Battlefield servers (688 slots) that are typically full. We also run a successful Rust server. I have about 25 current active Battlefield admins and 15-20 more previous ones who still play with the group in other games (Rust, DayZ, Start Citizen, etc). We have currently have a 3.5ghz CPU & 32gigs of memory dedicated machine that we aren't really utilizing. It is in Chicago's InterNAP datacenter and we would like to utilize this for a Squad server. Who do I have to talk to to make it happen? Useful links: www.cmwgaming.com http://steamcommunity.com/groups/cmwgaming