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  1. bullet hit visual effects

    can someone please explain why you thought it was a good idea to smear dark red vaseline on someones screen everytime they got shot at, i understand the need for visual feedback in getting shot but the current representation of "being under fire" is retarded and is blatently unecessary. not only is it infuriating that if anyone shoots near you a mystical force decides you now have 1/20 vision because a piece of metal flew past your head, but it's completely unplayable in any of the dark maps. lets say for instance you have a quite a decent player, he or she is walking on a slope to cover their left side from fire and walking along to get to an objective, now enter the noob who all they need to do to completely incapacitate that decent player is fire a few unaimed shot in their general direction and that player can no longer see and their skill at shooting and spotting is null and void as they cannot return fire accurately because of said vaseline syndrome, and if the noob manages to hit that player there screen fades quickly black then back to vaseline further adding to the broken nature of this effect that benifits players of low to no skill, and while someone might argue that it's a mechanic to learn, and yes to a degree that is true however in it's current overpowered nature it rewards bad play rather than well aimed accurate shots that do damage to players, and while a player caught in the open gets shot they should not be further penalised because of it by adding black vaseline to their screen because they've already been penalised by taking damage and being spotted, and should have the ability to fire back accurately, having this jelly eyeball crap so you can't see your oponent is idiotic and needs to stay in games like cod where they belong. please reconsider this bad video game trope in your game devs
  2. damage model/damage chart

    very true but it shouldn't be too hard to change a chart if a value changes, but i don't know enough about coding to pull apart the game code to get the exact values
  3. damage model/damage chart

    dammit lol
  4. damage model/damage chart

    Hi from Aus, I'm looking for the specific values for each bullet speed in the game and the rate of fire for each weapon and their corresponding bullet damage model for each portion of the body aswell as there bullet spread would be good, the reason being for the want of this info is that i want to get real tacticool/better if i ever get into the competitive side of squad, and if in the process helps someone out that would be fantastic. if you have something like the values and charts on symthic.com for battlefield and the other games on there that would be amazing and would be everything i'm looking for. cheers and thanks in advance