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  1. General Update

    BTW, when will you publish that video trailer from PAX with helicopter?
  2. General Update

    Cool. Bee UAV looks nice.
  3. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    That heli is Mil Mi-8MTV5 with ramp of Kazan helicopter plant, and judging by the presence of LCD screens in the cockpit, its an export version for Afghanistan, China or India, but its cool, Russia might update and include LCD versions to its own army too in future anyway. Never the less, being fan of helicopters I'm all excited for the coming update. P.S.: Still have hopes for jets too.
  4. What would you like to see in Squad

    helicopters and jets
  5. Steam Account Linking

    Its been a week and nobody answered? Do they even care?
  6. I tried click on button up there to link my steam account but the message notified that "account was already linked to someone else". I had several accounts in Squad forum but I didn't link steam account to any of them. Does it automatically link steam account if I was logged into steam website and then visited Squad forum under different login? What's going on?
  7. city maps?

    USA suburbian towns would be awesome with Chinese army invading California's pensioneers sleepy town or Russian VDV paratroopers falling from skies like in some cheezy american cold war movie.
  8. Humvee Questions

    I actually hope, after one RPG the car would be disabled with crew alive, and won't explode from inside out of blue.
  9. Hack question

    This is BS. Devs said that keys are region blocked. You can't use the russian key while living in brazil, on start the game will check region blocking according to DEVs. You can use russian keys while living in brazil or anywhere else via proxy but latency will make the game absolutely unplayable, pings would be around 800+. Russian hacker will never play on brazil servers either, because pings to brazil from russia are huuuuge(500+ and occasional interruptions). It is unplayable to try join any Latin America game from Russia, so are unplayable to play games from Russia the following servers: Australian and South East Asian countries servers(including even neighboring China and Japan). The only playable regions from Russia are Europe and USA - end. Your hacker lives in latin america or USA and he didn't use russian keys.
  10. Made some new Splash screens!

    but won't game kick from server for messing with game files?
  11. OMG! Who says about "guts"?! Stop deliberately exaggerating and being ridiculous. People only ask of some round specs of red texture on model to indicate dead or wounded needing healing. Germans themselves stated here that in their country even more bloodier and violent games are released no problem now(fallout red orchestra all modern games have it, and actually all old games too, I remember ancient Syphon Filter ps1 game who had red spot texture on shot place and it released in germany no prob too). But even then, just to be safe, to those sensitive countries would be offered different, kids friendly version, where round red texture specs would be invisible. So THEY WILL PLAY this game, texture visibility off on would be client side, so all would be able to play in common server. This part of your reasoning is closed. Plus, there could be toggle round red texture visibility on or off option for sensitive people like you too in more liberal countries. Why are you trying to forcefully impose your will on other people who want this? I don't understand.
  12. Well, OWI could always do separate versions for "sensitive" countries, where there won't be any blood(or green blood). And for the free and liberal countries you would add blood(or toggle for blood) - SIMPLES! Or if you OWI still just won't add it out of principle, maybe you could negotiate and allow small modification file from community that would be manually implemented and used for blood for the ones who really want it and ready to get dirty digging in game files for that sake?
  13. Don't play dumb, you know its just representation of cache in the game. In real life caches are in all kind of shapes and forms. Small caches under the bed or big ones burried underground etc. Just watch documentary videos. In PR, it represents a hypothetical real life situation when using airforces would cause casualties among civilians or would be costly, overpowered and ineffective, so they use infantry forces for operation to clean up villages from insurgents by arresting suspects, searching houses one by one looking for hidden guns and confiscating them or destroying, and suddenly some insurgents surfaced up and firefight commenced.