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  1. Combining and mixing different mods

    Just a question If a faction mod or a map mod gets popular is there a chance it gets added to the main Game.
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

  3. Bluedrake posted this video

  4. [DDF] DUTCH DEADLY FORCES zoekt members!

    Naam: Robin Hollaar ING: RobinLollig leeftijd: 17 Microfoon: tuurlijk Ervaring: (Project reality 7 jaar) (Squad sins kickstarter) Steam account: RobinLollig Tallen: dutch en english
  5. Greetings from Holland

    Welcome And yeah a dutch server would be nice to have. B)
  6. yeah it seems to be AA_CVNG_AA
  7. [Visual] Empty mags have rounds in them

    Will this change so we don't see any bullets inside the empty mags ?
  8. So I just received my i5-6600K....

    Does it work ? and how is the performance ? in squad
  9. My first Squad gameplay video

    (3:42) Nice headshot haha saw the blood flying off. looks really cool.
  10. Hey guys When i am playing squad my amd cpu is using 40% a 50% 30 Fps in squad But then randomly it goes down to 5% a 10%. 2 / 10 fps in squad It's not happening ones but randomly sometime every 5 min sometimes 40 min. Is this a know bug. I know that the amd cpu where not working 100% but this is kinda ........ :( But i am still having fun. Is there a fix or any tips/tricks ? ^_^
  11. Steam DXGI_Error Crash Windows 10 64 Bit (Screen incl).

    C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Logs Logs will be handy.
  12. Squad V3 : HALO jump

    i hat the same thing same map. Spawning on a rally also spawn in the air. Haha had a nice view of the map :P .
  13. FIXED My steam was is windows xp compatibility mode i changed it to windows 8 And restarted my steam now squad runs Hey guys when i start the game it will give me this error. Does any 1 know how to fix ?? :mellow: ( Fatal error: [File:D:\UE4\Squad\Source\OnlineSubsystemSquad\Private\OnlineSubsystemSquadModule.cpp] [Line: 213] SQ-ONLINE: Unable to load Steam online subsystem! )
  14. Control Panel System and Security Windows Update There should be a button to enable