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  1. =We Fight Together= English We are a mature dutch speaking gaming community, with a focus on Squad & Arma 3. Are you a mature team player and in possession of a microphone and looking for a Dutch speaking community? Join us now! Dutch We zijn een Nederlandse squad / project reality clan. We komen zelf van Dutch Deadly Forces. Dit was een Nederlandse squad clan maar deze clan is gestopt. We doen ook andere games zoals arma 3 en dayz. We zien dat er een groot gat is in de Nederlandse squad en project reality community en die moet gevuld worden. Heb je interesse kun je een recruitment forum invullen op onze site. En je kan ons natuurlijk altijd joinen op Discord. Recruitment We Hope to see you on the battlefield =WFT= Team Website - www.wftclan.nl Discord - http://dc.wftclan.nl Steam Group - Server Rules - Are showen on discord text channel. Onze Gamer Servers Squad Arma 3 Post Scriptum
  2. [DDF] Dutch Deadly Forces DDFclan.nl

    [DDF] Clan is not active anymore The clan has been abandoned.
  3. Combining and mixing different mods

    Just a question If a faction mod or a map mod gets popular is there a chance it gets added to the main Game.
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

  5. Bluedrake posted this video

  6. [DDF] DUTCH DEADLY FORCES zoekt members!

    Naam: Robin Hollaar ING: RobinLollig leeftijd: 17 Microfoon: tuurlijk Ervaring: (Project reality 7 jaar) (Squad sins kickstarter) Steam account: RobinLollig Tallen: dutch en english
  7. Greetings from Holland

    Welcome And yeah a dutch server would be nice to have. B)
  8. yeah it seems to be AA_CVNG_AA
  9. [Visual] Empty mags have rounds in them

    Will this change so we don't see any bullets inside the empty mags ?
  10. So I just received my i5-6600K....

    Does it work ? and how is the performance ? in squad
  11. My first Squad gameplay video

    (3:42) Nice headshot haha saw the blood flying off. looks really cool.
  12. Hey guys When i am playing squad my amd cpu is using 40% a 50% 30 Fps in squad But then randomly it goes down to 5% a 10%. 2 / 10 fps in squad It's not happening ones but randomly sometime every 5 min sometimes 40 min. Is this a know bug. I know that the amd cpu where not working 100% but this is kinda ........ :( But i am still having fun. Is there a fix or any tips/tricks ? ^_^
  13. Steam DXGI_Error Crash Windows 10 64 Bit (Screen incl).

    C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Logs Logs will be handy.
  14. Squad V3 : HALO jump

    i hat the same thing same map. Spawning on a rally also spawn in the air. Haha had a nice view of the map :P .