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  1. Server closed connection

    Hey guys, Everytime i join a server, doesn't matter which one it is i get kicked out of the server with the message; "Server closed connection" I get this after 1 - 5 minutes of playing on the server. i was asking myself if other people have this problem as well and if there is a fix? Thanks. regards, Hagen
  2. Alright, it did not work. Without restarting my PC i get this message when i am trying to start up the game. Once again, after i restart my pc the game doesn't crash and runs fine BUT sometimes my PC turns itself off. This is the message i got: Fatal error: [File:D:\UE4\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\UnrealEngine.cpp] [Line:1397] Detected negative delta time - on AMD systems please install http://files.aoaforums.com/I3199-setup.zip.html So i tried to download that, but then when i download it it says that it doesn't get supported by the AMD processor driver...
  3. I have got windows 7, i found it in the control panel and changed it to high performance, i will come back to you shortly if it fixed it or not. Thanks