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  1. Welcome
  2. korengal

    Thanks for the update Chance
  3. I would go with no.
  4. Incredible recap, I think the animation update will make me reinstall Squad for good. Keep up the good work Devs!
  5. May you burn in hell.
  6. Monthly recap is my high man, I need that shit.
  7. I think it's nearing the time to return to Squad, keep up the good work devs!
  8. Incredible monthly recap, so many amazing looking features! I can't wait for the new animation system.
  9. I hope you're still working on this Chance as it looks awesome, keep up the good work
  10. This looks incredible, kudos to actually creating content and having a concrete foundation before announcing your mod.
  12. It looks like it might be time to return, this is what I've been waiting for! Good shit devs.
  13. Have you unticked "Radio Filter" in the audio options?
  14. The 'T' building was usually seen in the middle-east theatre on maps like Muttrah City, I think the buildings being developed here will be similar to the ones you'd find on Iron Ridge that look like this. Excellent work as always devs, time to dig in and wait for that big vehicle update now, I'm certain the wait will be worth it!
  15. vehicles