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  1. Only some servers show up

    what are the ports? anyone?
  2. We need a Battle Royale / Hunger Games Mod. It will come, sooner or later, but it would be georgeous to see the Developers make an official one! What do you think?
  3. How do you feel, about having "Officially" acknowleged Skins, like Valve does it with CS:GO Skins? This could make a player more disguised, or popping out in certain Terrain. I think this would give the Community something to do, when they are getting boored of playing all the time, but stil want to give something to the game. PROS: - Camouflgage - Developers don't need to make them - Fun for users CONS: - Devs. have to implement that option - Work. If you want to see this in-game, lets do this and bump this Thread!
  4. Hello Recruit! We Started a Gaming Community a few Months ago, and are looking for Squad Players which want to play Squad in a more Tactical way. I don't want to hold you here forever, so i will tell you what our Teamspeak Server and we have going for you: - TS : - Ranking System - Security Bot - Music Bot (whoever needs one) - Chrome TS Extension (Chrome Extension Store) - Android Application - Website. www.happy-forever.xyz Chrome Extension