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  1. 38th Infantry Division Power in Numbers We are a clan that focuses on having fun over anything else. Although we consider ourselves a casual clan, we do like to keep order. Therefore, we do have hierarchy, awards, and strive to play in a realistic manner. You do not have to be great at the game to join us, you just need to have some experience playing Squad and you need to be able to listen to your commanding officer. There will be scheduled dates and times where we will get together in order to play Squad. You will not be required to attend all of these events. However, we will remove you from the roster if we feel you are becoming inactive. Also keep in mind that Squad is not the only game that we play. Interested? Join our Teamspeak server. 38thinf.teamspeak3.org
  2. Hi, My game will not start. - I updated my GPU Drivers - I ran Steam in Administrator Mode - I ran the game with steam closed (It just starts steam when I try to launch the game) - I Reinstalled the Microsoft Redistributes - I reinstalled my game - I restarted my computer PC Specs: GTX 970 Intel i5-4590 8 GB Ram Squad Log File: http://pastebin.com/CA1R5kPG Here Is what Happens: https://gyazo.com/9431baef06d87f9aeb56f2256a40d6e5 This is very annoying. Could someone help me out?
  3. I fixed it. After closing all of the apps running in the background of my computer it started up.
  4. Game won't launch

    I fixed it. I closed as many programs that were running in the backround as I could and then it started. Make sure only the program's you really need are running.
  5. Any other suggestions? I don't want to have to get a refund.
  6. Already did that, as mentioned in my main post.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I checked, there is none.
  8. Failed to initialize Steam

    Any fix? I have the same issue. I tried all of this.
  9. Did you find the problem? I have the same GPU as you as well as the exact same issue.
  10. Game won't launch

    Ah I've seen both of these threads already. Just tried it all again. Nothing seems to fix it.
  11. Game won't launch

    Here's Mine: http://pastebin.com/CA1R5kPG
  12. Game won't launch

    I have this exact problem. I'm running 64 bit.
  13. Hi, Just bought the game, run it through steam, the standard loading box pops up for a few seconds. Then a black window opens for about 2 seconds, closes, nothing else happens. This is everything in my Squad.log: http://pastebin.com/gwHmmUw0 I just want to play the game! Thanks, Zenoxe
  14. I tried that, it just starts steam, even after I close it using the task manager.
  15. I tried that, it just starts steam, even after I close it using the task manager.