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  1. [HSG Elite] Recruitment (Official)

    Please add me on steam [HSG Elite]Hardstyles
  2. Blanket banning

    Yea, No one was banned to my knowledge. I'm just curious how far a server can take the server rules into their own hands with random rules like that. I'm genuinely curious for my own sake. Not just for the sake of these two scenarios. And absolutely not for the sake of making anyone look bad.
  3. Blanket banning

    Exactly. So idk why random dudes who hate HSG need to put their two cents in.
  4. Blanket banning

    I get that. And i'm not saying I don't see why it makes sense. But are they ALLOWED to do it? Considering these sort of server rules are not specifically mentioned that you can ban people for this stuff.
  5. Blanket banning

    Grunt - 1. I played with FFO Xibles last night and had a good time. He's chill. He even added me afterward. 2 - This is the only time i've ever openly talked about the issue on the forums considering it happened a month ago. 3. - All FFO players are able to join my server because as of now I have no reason to ban ANY of them. Even backpack or lt. Kevin. (A licensed server is a privilege not a right that you get to abuse at your free will just for publicity of your clan) 4 - You keep making this a personal issue. Grow up kid. I'm literally trying to get more in depth guidelines on these actions. Nothing more, Nothing Less. I have a feeling you're an FFO member. Otherwise i'm confused where all your salt comes from towards me. 5 - I lead a fair and honest clan - Not a clan full of pussies. Get over it. You don't like honesty then sit the hell down and don't chime in. Just because i'm blunt doesn't make me a bad person.
  6. Blanket banning

    Thank you Dubs.. That's the point i'm trying to get at.
  7. Blanket banning

    Pls learn the difference between a Custom server - and a licensed server Bill. You are missing the point. And by ur logic. I already said I inderstand why i'm banned because I told him to "stfu and let me play the game". But none of the other 20 people he banned have made any offense. So again. All i'm wondering is why this is acceptable to just ban people with 0 offenses against them and some people who have never even been on that server before. You are turning this into an anti HSG thing which I get the part where you clearly know me in some way shape or form and don't like me. I give 0 fucks. I am simply asking the question on where the guidelines are on making up your own server rules at your leisure for a licensed server. If you wanna turn it into a shit talk fest just pm me.
  8. Blanket banning

    Dude you are an idiot. I didn't ask for a "higher power to smite them" - I'm simply asking where the boundary is for making dumb rules on a licensed server.
  9. Blanket banning

    If you ban 20+ people because you don't like one guy. Then you need to get off the internet. I'm not known for contouring to your "safe space" if I don't like you I don't feel the need to kiss your ass.. Take it or leave it. But don't be a 12 year old about it. Lastly. I was banned because I told him "stfu and let me play the game" because he was an SL on my team and wanted to micromanage the fuck out of us. He places the same 4 fobs in every map. So I said " be open to new ideas" - Then on a seperate occasion I called him out for abusing admin cam. So you are saying I should just let those things go? Nah.
  10. Blanket banning

    These are public servers. Not MLG competitive servers. These should be just the vanilla game. Adding your own little rules doesn't help the game grow. It's just annoying. The admin knows what I think of him. Hence why i'm ok with myself being banned. But as for the rest of HSG.. It's a pretty pathetic move.
  11. Blanket banning

    So i'm very curious about the licensed server guidelines. It seems too many people are making up their own rules for licensed servers. I was told I couldn't stream on the Bloodbath server unless I had a ten minute delay or else i'd be banned. Mind you this is a normal licensed server. I'm a streamer. How is that acceptable to put a limitation on a server with a running license to adhere to Squads server rules. Their seems to be too much room for server owners to put too many stupid side rules. Secondly. The FFO server admin ILoveYouBackpack or w.e his name is and Lt. Kevin. Decided that they would blanket ban any player wearing an HSG tag from their server. Which is also a licensed server. I'm probably one of two people that MAYBE could see why i'm banned. But that's because the server is ran by a controlling asshat who needed to be told to stfu in SL comms more than a few times. So he decided to ban 20+ people who have a clan tag but half of them have never even played in that server? This looks extremely bad on the dedicated server list to be micro managed by personal feelings. Why is this acceptable?
  12. [HSG Elite] Recruitment (Official)

    Welcome to the [HSG Elite] official clan recruitment page. Please fill out the following form and add a clan leader on steam. * DO NOT INQUIRE IF YOU ARE NOT A SERIOUS TACTICAL TEAM PLAYER AND 18+* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official Recruitment Form - http://hsgelite.enjin.com/recruitment If you have any questions. Please post them on the FB page. We will reply ASAP. Thank you for taking the time to invest in HSG Elite. We will do our best to continue as a solid platform for Squad Esports competitors. Hardstyles.