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  1. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    All I can say is RIP America, also no news of the animation update in this version?
  2. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    So uh
  3. Are founder tags still being distributed?

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, thanks Suicidal <3
  4. Are founder tags still being distributed?

    yes, I have it in Steam and sent the 2nd key to a friend. I also received the email with the OST key.
  5. Are founder tags still being distributed?

    As per title, are the founders stuff still being distributed on the forums right now?
  6. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    On the topic of HMGs will there be 3rd person animations similar to small arms animations? I.e. we can see the hands tossing the empty box and grabbing a new one, feeding a new belt, etc. Will there be barrel change animations? If not how many meals does Chuc need me to pay for to make that happen?
  7. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    That sounds exactly like insurgency mode, which I would not mind at all. Though that sort of gamemode would indeed require asymmetrical factions such as Polish resistance vs Wehrmacht or Chinese guerrillas vs Imperial Japanese Army.
  8. On the topic of SVBIEDs

    Yuuuuuuuus, nike footwear best combat footwear.
  9. On the topic of SVBIEDs

    That's a shame :/ Will there be more maps set in Iraq besides Fallujah?
  10. On the topic of SVBIEDs

    Will the Insurgents in Logar Valley look different than the ones in Fallujah?
  11. On the topic of SVBIEDs

    Because of the precedent set by what seems to be a self-censorship. For me it goes back to when the Insurgents where named rather than the Taliban (which we can all evidently see they are). And while yes, the naming convention had little gameplay value, at the same time I didn't feel there was any strong reason not to name them the Taliban as they are in PR.
  12. On the topic of SVBIEDs

    Uh, not sure which thread you mean by that, but ok. But yes, I am pretty disappointed, I have a feeling that this is only one aspect of the bigger issue of controversy, which could very well be its own thread. Even then, SVBEIDs are so iconic and fun that I feel any controversy would have no bearing on it, especially as SQ is crowdfunded and answers to no publisher. I agree, especially if there are going to be maps along the lines of Fallujah and al Basrah where Blufor armour reigns free in open ground.
  13. On the topic of SVBIEDs

    SVBIEDs and VBIEDs, acronyms for (suicide) vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, have been used by unconventional fighting forces since the 20th century. And while SVBIEDs and suicide tactics in general have been perhaps the greatest controversy of modern military history and strategy, increasingly so in the current War on Terror, they are nonetheless an important aspect of asymmetrical warfare worthy of study and depiction. In fact it is depicted in Squad's predecessor, and it is the most powerful weapon available to insurgents (not to mention that it is uber fun to use). Simply the existence of the bomb car or Big Red or the Gary asset on a map can put a tank crew on edge, who are watching, waiting, listening for that distinctive roar of the engine. The mere sight of a Gary to a pinned down insurgent rouses something deep inside a PR vet's heart, compelling him to leap up and cheer on with shouts of 'ALLAHU ACKBAR". And when that driver, holding down the W key like no tomorrow, comes bearing down on the fleeing armour, the players inside both vehicles know that it will only end in two fiery ways. For there is no more of a enjoyable sight than a SVBIED blowing up the armour pinning down your cache and no greater relief than to escape unscathed in a tank as the burning wreck of a Gary disappears into the retreating horizon. Thus, it is why I am so disheartened and disappointed to hear that a feature and weapon so unique and fun "that it is PR's roots" will not be included in SQ especially when it is a feature that is a no brainer for insurgency mode, and one that we were led to believe was to be included. I've read through the locked thread and don't feel I am satisfied with the answers. So why? Why is the most fun aspect of insurgency mode not being included in the game?
  14. A new Levelcap Video on a New Build

    Regardless of how LevelCap plays SQ or whatever, the one thing i can appreciate is that he speaks and behaves in a cool, calm, and collected manner.
  15. Coming from PR where for many rifles with iron sights, which are supposedly great for medium to long range engagements (i.e. Lee Enfield, M14, Mosin), it is damn near impossible to align a stationary tiny pixel of a target to a slightly larger pixel of a sight picture let alone a moving target, I actually like the zoom. At the same time I don't think its that difficult to shoot targets without zoom (especially as AR :3).