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  1. Looks like hyper threading is in!

    I run the same processor but the usage you show in this thread isn't indicative of the stability in performance because HT is meant for specific applications that support it. I'm reluctant to switch back to no HT but I'll do that because I noticed dips as well. 4790K is such a great chip, have it since two years now. non-HT 4790K
  2. D3D device lost error on better CPU?

    Uninstall steam, go under %appdata% local in explorer, delete squad folder and UE4, redownload install. Check your power supply, you'd need minimum gold rating on a reputable brand (seasonic, superflower evgas, corsairs), then check your motherboard settings. Motherboard website, donwload the latest uefi/bios, upload it on a flash drive, update your settings. Load everything back to defaults, disable XMP, since you have a K CPU, make sure your power settings are all on the max, if you have an auto overclock function on your mobo, just use it. Then enable XMP. I'm assuming that your BUS speed is pumping much more your GPU therefore D3D device disconnected is presumably only your graphics card that lost the connection to the monitor in the chain, could be motherboard to GPU. Make sure you're running pcie 3.0 or 2.0 if unavailable on both slots, use pcie 2.0, disable C states and EIST which introduces variable voltage according to load. Assuming you're running a non-overclocked CPU, you'd have to determine it's stable enough through a stress test using for example OC scanner or a graphics benchmark like 3D Mark. In the event it isn't stable, then check again the settings for a stable voltage if it's not done automatically. Check as well what temps you're running at with HWinfo, you'd need a proper cooler. When your CPU is deemed completely stable, a fresh reinstall of windows is recommended but not required. Make sure you download the latest chipset even if it's the same off your motherboards website, high chance this the solution. Then make sure you have also everything else linked, usually Intel Management Engine. Another strong possibility is that you would need to download the Intel Graphics driver related to your GPU because there's a high chance that ingame PhysX is procesed thru the CPU, which doesn't have a driver (iris graphics). Try setting PhysX in the nvidia control panel to your GPU instead of Auto. Then afterwards, try changing the cable connecting your GPU to your screen to the newer certification on 1.4 even if you get 2.0 it's reverse compatible, 6ft or less. If the issue still subsists, then under resolution try setting your color format to RGB limited before full, try full if you can, leave all the other settings on default except single display mode, don't use optimal power which causes issues, rather choose adaptive or max power, maximum frames 1. Check your other games, yet Squad is particularly demanding in a good way, so there's also a strong possibility that the settings that you enabled overloaded the pipeline in terms of video memory and you're saturating the maximum amount of memory that you have esp. considering that you have 8gb of memory and winblows requires 4GB free to operate. So get a brand new set of 16gb mem sticks, again depending on your chipset either ddr3 or ddr4. Don't just add another stick of 8gb even from the same brand because you'd need a two pack for the best compatibility. In addition your RAM bandwidth may be limiting the pipeline to the GPU. That's all, 1) reinstall chipset driver (even graphics, optional troubleshooting) 2) A set of new RAM sticks 3) Cooler? 4) Run a benchmark for a stability 5) power supply upgrade? 6) display cable (try displayport if your monitor supports it) 7) try a fresh install 8) get an SSD at 256g minimum, recommend samsung make sure your motherboard supports SATAIII at 6gigs (the HDD lagging behind could be the cause as well) 9) try capping your framerate using afterburner RTSS which is bundled 10) upgrade gpu or try a lower resolution to see if the issue persists, Just get the crash dump in the app data file and open a ticket on this forum to devs.
  3. How is the cheating?

    I play Squad since it was released in December 2015, so that's even pre-EAC and I've seen it all. The fact of the matter is that many cheats are still being sold today with obviously a leeway of ban time frame whet games, more specifically servers with Battleye have close to a 100% success rate as soon as the cheater logs in a server. Some of the most talented coders still don't have any response to Battleye to this day and this is one year and counting, when EAC is still seen as exploitable within that community, but improving. In Rust for instance, and likely in Squad as well thru logging, tracers or logs where players are shot can be indicative of aimbots, ESP players are very crafty and it sometimes goes as far as displaying the ESP even on a cellphone on another device, videos and proof exist online and I'm not making anything up. I'll agree that the game is relatively much more cleaner but I'll argue the fact that it's completely secure (which would be less than a minute before detection to discourage repetition), because you're looking at zero tolerance to discourage that russian roulette of being caught, as cheating is some form of addictive adrenaline high and rush where cost doesn't matter to players, not even raging or being perceived as a better player, just that innate feel of superiority.
  4. How is the cheating?

    Cheating has become an incredibly lucrative industry, being more complex in application and sometimes customized to bypass security measures as far as privacy concerns go. EAC is a joke and only Battleye is the most effective anti-cheat. Developers, I'd recommend switching to Battleye. Games with EAC, for example Rust compared to Batteleye, say ARK, the impact was very clear. Games like CSGO are corrupted even sometimes to the highest level from match fixing gambling, drug performance enhancing, even high profile players were caught by ESEA, yet it's still prevalent due to apathy. Certainly measures exist but when you're dealing beyond ring0 into increasingly sophistacted measures, a game like Squad that aspires to be relevant to a certain degree in the competitive scene, with some level of difficulty involved in the game in itself only deserves the best which is Battleye. Battleye is instantaneous where EAC is more onhands in terms of the half-life of play and even now, as an early access game, issues of stability from EAC sometimes affect the game when conversely complex heavy games just like ARK can handle the load, but EAC is not fool proof within 5 minutes logging in a server where Battleye is instantaneous. I understand measures of spectating are implemented and on access memory measures are lauded by EAC, yet EAC is very much filled with loopholes in terms of ironclad protection in this day an age and perhaps that time-frame as a gamble doesn't matter to players who keep purchasing new copies boosting revenue in an unethical way to the detriment of other players, although EAC does permanently ban after several instances. I'm just writing to devs because many games became a pure joke because of hacking and this isn't even due to game population or cost, it's all about credibility. The level of cheating is very sophisticated. You may conduct a comparison test of for example Rust versus ARK with a third party tester and you'll see that Battleye is the best anticheat available since early 2016 when they stomped in ARK, you can see many success stories from H1Z1's community cleaned up as a result. Rust in the meantime, even as a different game focused more on pvp, just faltered so much. I just want you to garner feedback and don't be biased or hardcode anything from EAC which by the way may have caused those infamous crashes (the memory errors perhaps), in the meantime switching to Battleye will make Squad a much more credible and valuable game to invest yourself on because those loopholes will always be present on EAC, from 30 minutes to a week.
  5. Just wanted to add the "Horde" style of loose formations, well shown in strategy games like Total War: Attila = Huns, TW Warhammer - Chaos The bases are much more dispersed and the "order" in provinces is affected Alot can be balanced and played with fobs, example more fobs can be set by loose disordered factions and ambushing with traps or the like can be set while affecting the strength of reinforcements (eg vehicle spawn frequency), see it as tactical or itemized bonuses that go beyond fob placement without going borderline into buffs and the sort. The balance of 1v1 isn't affected but the actual positioning affects the likelihood progression of point captures Loose bases are easier to set and long term ones get stronger affecting the rate and dynamic, it's similar to an insurgency within a context of a stronghold versus a unilateral line vs line approach which is realistic for army formations The ticket imbalance in the insurgency mode captures that well, that 300 spartan feel. I'll agree with France as oldest ally of the US while playing a large part in the balance of the EU (which considers getting an army of their own) therefore, a mix of NATO or UE forces without any particular style or creed while realistically blending in, because you gotta consider the realism of the actual force in the context of US and Russia. With regard to China, check their history in the context of the existing factions and maps, they have a wall for a reason.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised to see devs increase the requirement of riflemen to unlock specialist roles from 2 to 3, in fact alot of players just choose riflemen the scope. The addition of the scout class is welcome, let players be childish in fact you often see squads where players wait to join to choose a class I'd suggest adding some form of random class attribute, in the event of matches you could discuss which combinations matter and which players are best fitted to either role yet very few players play their class effectively because you'd need to play well as every class to understand how your class stacks up towards the dynamic on the terrain, this is obviously implying a squad is cohesive and wants to improve AS A TEAM (versus random reactive pubbing) that's why imo playing is rifleman is the most cohesive role and squad leads simply push specializations to mitigate risk because let's face it, the roles are effective only within optimized applications firing rockets at the right time within ammo crates sniping/suppressing at the right spot, distance and angle, not rushing/rushing launching grenades supportive at the right time and right spot medic is a complete class on its own because it just illustrates that teamplay is prioritized to frags but it involves decision making in terms of healing positions of team mates that expect an auto assistance without being some slave spec is great but my goodness playing as rifleman allows you to focus so much more if you actually care about playing effectively
  7. Another case of players playing for esthetics: "I want to see my country represented and gush and feel proud about X" Another Insurgent army Current composition: US Russia Insurgent Militia British = too diverse falls under Nato allied to an extent China = not politically as divisive and sensical in a geopolitical stance Middle East Forces = too segmented and proxied to differentiate Other European force = Nato/UN blue helmets yet diplomatically man in the middle between US/Russia African Forces = not sensical on a geopolitical stance in terms of sovreignty, even insurgency seems far fetched with regard to milita budgeting with currency controls Another US Branch = overspecified with the current spectrum, yet interesting however as a subset within US is fine Israel Defense Forces = politically controversial in the sense that flame wars could be led pushing other emotional agendas out of scope Let me just suggest the model of counter-strike where you had an alliance: 1337 crew & guerilla: Middle-Eastern fundamentalists Phoenix connection : militia arctic avengers: sweden History repeats itself and ultimately what a faction needs is some form of separatist and fundamentalist component which indicates a dissident rebellion within a global allied context which still stays relevant in the sense that an alliance versus organized warfare can be suggested within the context of maps and current factions because what squad needs is this emotional component in the sense that a style is played, just like terrorists were played with AKs they actually triggered a sense of style and blasting a push of toppling down a preconceived established order. That's why I'd say another faction of insurgency but global with all terrorist groups designated in the classes for variety because let's face it, these groups are not organized and the last thing you see is equivalent roles and factions between forces and it's this kind of diversity and unconvential formless warfare which creates the conflict between two opposing forces, inject the philosophy behind the actual context non-political comment, just pure gaming and exp. What squad needs is more soul, less rigid constructs inherited from arma and other milsims or the pure arcade gamesphere, let bygones be bygones, ashes to ashes.
  8. Your point being? Managing stress or rather channeling adrenaline in the most effective way is the whole point of being SL. I'd relate in terms of managing two perspectives without having a clear visual from the other end, just assign a fireteam leader to keep you update. Obviously SL power stays sovereign in a way but this could beg the question on whether we could hierarchize vehicle roles and even further add another channel within the squad. Fireteam/Vehicle channel. Kudos Socrates your channel is well known
  9. Birds Taking Off

    I stopped reading at grizzly bears and sheep, you gotta be kidding Just one addition which is easy to implement chirping birds on forest maps at the start of the game, should simply stop as soon as a gunshot is fired; and not sing again until no shots are fired over 10 minutes or so, it's easily implemented within trigger areas of the map where the player is and densely populated with trees No need for models, it's just an addition to audio
  10. Logistics explosion wipeout

    Yeah well implementing a higher penalty on logi explosions would slow down the game in a more tactical way in terms of FOB placement (double think that early game insta fob spawn rush) Would contribute to more cover from the other vehicles as a convoy precaution It doesn't make sense how some vehicles get destroyed by rockets and the team is wiped out And a logi filled with ammo just takes slowly fire. As much as stamina and respawn timers are used to insert some balance and tempo in the game, the logis play an important part imo, same goes with the resupplies... The whole logistics component has tremendous potential
  11. Rifleman is the backbone of the game, too many players want to feel special and get dazzled by their special ability when having a second grenade, focusing on killing and covering team mates to complete objectives is what's expected
  12. I'm bothered with squad leads that just act retardely placing fobs as an automatism without any forethought and see it as the only solution and just play the game in autopilot in a straight line
  13. You really poured your heart on this thread, let the games greatness speak for itself I'll be joining you in singing kumbaya later on
  14. Got "That Feeling" again.

    That feeling is always there, it's just players that get jaded and games that get deprecated It's called spirit
  15. I play on all servers, french, german, seattle, la, dallas, singapore and seriously bigd gaming and australia just seem to be much more "laidback" and relaxed It's probably the weather or the style but aussies don't get adrenaline rushes that easily I'm not justifying maniac and nervous wrecks but you gotta experience it to believe it, therefore the game plays out in much more chill way (beers)