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  1. Update delayed for one week

    Such wise, much wow
  2. How to recognize a (potential) Teamkiller

    The obviousness is quite big in this one... Got any other how to tutorials ..?
  3. New to PC gaming, could use some FPS Help

    Dont invest in the 960 4gb once again. Play some minecraft instead and save up for a 970. A great card considering the price/performance ratio, besides that its more future proof in the long run :) Justmy2cents!
  4. Squad Gameplay - Intense Round

    Great shooting bud!
  5. what's with the long range engagements ''Stuttering''

    One solution would be to lower your ADS mouse sensetivity though. Or to invest in a better mouse.
  6. Slight glitch on Fools road

    Found it as well on three locations (Fools Road) on fools roud tbh. Thing is once you get in you wont get out. Pretty boring though, its not a heavy visited location on the map.
  7. New to PC gaming, could use some FPS Help

    Add some money and get yourself a GTX 970 mate. I had that card for a time and it did very well!! The GTX 960 is fine but the extra 1,5 gigs could help alot with other games coming this year :)
  8. Added steam server browser support

    Nice to see this browser again.. havent seen this since cs 1.6. I wonder why devs choose to go with lobbies and no dedicated servers with browsers? Does anyone know this.
  9. Thanks for providing some links to already open discussion! Lets move on to the discussion though.. I'll quickly note that the provided discussion is an ongoing one about shortening animations by a certain percentage as a permanent solution. Thats not what i would like to see. The point i want to make is the fact that there should be something implemented in the game which could enrich the experience of Squad as a game. Lets see where we are right now with current gen games/state of mind in terms of design and features, knowing that Squad is still in alpha and we have yet to see what its going to bring on the table. But theres nothing wrong with speculating and brainstorming together as a community to see if we could implement something here for a greater good! We are currently in 2016 and loads of things are currently being served for us wherever you go and look... Everything is catered to us. Go on spotify you'll see suggestions, you go on linkedin, you see people you might know. You go on the internet, and damn trackers follow you like heatseekers. Ive got a strong feeling that everything is being programmed so fucking genericly that shits getting stale. On to games, Squad (for now and known upcoming content) compared to other games. Big maps: done already in loads of online shooters Infantry: done (duh) Sounds: are going in a right direction, though need some tweaking but it sure is amazing in its current state knowing theres loads of time left for optimization. But then again you have battlefield which is the current king imo! Multiple Vehicles which can be controlled in many forms: done already High damage models: done already however this is kind of balanced in a realistic way but not too challenging. Base building: this is one element that is following my vision for Squad and how great this can turn out to be. Make objectives DIFFERENT EVERYTIME and where you have control over your outcome and this automaticaly adds a whole other level of depth on how to approach a certain point. I can say that its going in a right direction but then again, many things are already done in big, though very stale and repetetive shooters. But lets look at it from this side (the competition) and where Squad could implement new elements to differentiate and set a new standard for the other tripple a titles. Knowing that this game is developed by a small team. This could automatically make the competition or other smart teams step up their game to revolutionalize a genre which could use some freshness. Especially in a time where there are many resources like kickstarting etc. To lift projects off the ground. This was impossible a few years ago. Other shooters feel generic, lots of premade elements which are fixed and dont add anything dynamic. We have seen many cods and battlefields and theres little to no noteworthy improvement. Other titles are being released as unfinished and broken whilst having millions and 100 developers behind them. This is where Squad should take its chance, to make a statement towards the industry by creating something new and dynamic. There is a core layout which we already have and know about. Teamwork and large scale warfare with to be added vehicles and AI characters ingame. Lets build upon that to go a step further and do something which could enrich the battlefield experience that is being something the devs strive upon considering the info page on this website. Add dynamic elements in where YOU as a player have control over. Dont make it catered towards you like it has been done for many years untill now. No fixed perks which are either unbalanced or fixed. I think Squad has a great foundation noting the elements they want to implement. But they COULD go further and add less random elements and replace that with some mechanics which YOU can control, resulting in every round being different and where REAL Squads will be challenged and tested to think about every move. This could also increase longevity and push back repetetiveness. This is no hype train talking but i truely enjoyed my first 20 hours ingame like for real, i havent enjoyed fully released games like this for 5 years and knowing that we are still in alpha, stuff might be added which could make this an even bigger bang than it is/might be in the future. These are my few cents which no one could care less about. However, do you guys have something to add in this kind of trend?
  10. I understand that. But hindering the flow of gameplay could be a double edged sword in these scenarios. Waiting for for four seconds to get to your much needed sidearm or w/e hinders it more negatively than the other way around. There's no 1:1 realism there. Just following the same principles as the damage models that are ingame, there to increase levels of intensity and to serve the sentence below thats on the What is Squad? page... This broad scope serves to immerse the player into a rich battle environment filled with challenges and opportunities In short widen the immersion and create new levels of challanges and opportunities for different kind of players. Imo, the flow of gameplay would be hindered if they added others or my ideas and making it shitlike complex like arma did with 160 keyboard lay outs and tons of buttons to bash to execute given/said elements. Btw, im not out for flame wars just checking in how immersion would hinder the game/flow/speed if executed / programmed naturally and easy to use. For instance, they created the squad leaders building element perfectly with the BF series commo rose like menu. Not hard to use, its intuitive and doesnt take 20 seconds to get you somewhere...
  11. It would, but only in certain scenarios where you would expect things to go faster. This i think would in no way push squad into a run and gun sim like doom/cod but just improve the realism ingame. You wouldnt take your time to secure an RPG to your shoulder while bullets are whistling over your head :)
  12. Greatings community, Here are some ideas that I was discussing with some friends while playing the game regarding the current state that its in. I know everything is subject to change and that the devs are adding more and more functions in the game while we move on. I'd love to see some feedback and perhaps some discussions regarding this topic. The main points are: adding an adrenaline like dimension in the game for vaulting, stamina, rushing/sprinting, drawing weapons for quicker, more realistic immersion ! Vaulting: We all know that there is no vaulting in the game right now and i've read some topics that this will most likely be implemented as the game development moves on.To jump over a 50cm wall we have to press jump and duck to cross like back in cs1.6. This usually fails because your stamina is depleted or on a low point due to crossing a field. Imagine a situation where you get shot at in real life, and you have to make it over a wall or ledge or w.e. You'd jump over that mofo and even risk breaking something to prevent getting killed. Closing in on my point now; the devs should add some sorcery in to make sure once you get shot at, you gain some kind of adrenaline and the stamina isnt affected while you jump/duck over a object for cover. Ideas:vaulting does not affect staminavaulting affects stamina, but lower the penalty from 33% or 25%, whatever its at right now to something more acceptable like 5%or vaulting affects stamina while not suppresed/being shot at but it does not affect stamina once you are being shot at. In this version, suppression adds adrenaline and your soldier will make sure to get to safety like in real life. This option would be the most realistic imho. You could go even further in to immersion and add a legs damage penalty by shot wounds or falling from height wich slows the vaulting animation by 50%. But we are getting to deep now, suppresion and adrenaline would be a nice implementation in further gamesthe last option could be an option if vaulting is not added in the game, here you would gain the adrenaline mode once you are being shot at and stamina is not affected by jumping. This would however break the game once you snipe / engage from a distance and opfor could just get unlimited jumping. Making it to hard to hit the enemy.All in all, vaulting and adrenaline would be nice.Running/sprinting for life: Drop the current run / sprint mode as it is right now and add the folowing:normal 'run' (movement by arrow keys)running (movement by arrow keys + shift*) *=default keybindingsI'd love to see the some extra rush mode during a run where you could gain an extra 10/15% sprint speed. I honestly think this would add another dimension in chasing/closing in on objectives to make sure you arrive where your headed towards alive, not dead or wounded. Mix classes up a little and modify the run/sprint speed for every role. An rpg eqquiped with 4 rockets would definitely add loads of weight and should prolly run slower then a normal soldier. Im not sure if this is already ingame. I have not seen any differences in running with classes. Changing weapons: This one should be a dead give-away and probably is suggested many times since the weapon change animations are ruining the whole game. Other games implement a fast animation to secondaries but why not set a new standard, and let other industries follow our example. Instead of having a four second animation from RPGs to your m4/ak/any other weapon. Add the folowing; yes, adrenaline, once again, since this would improve the flow and immersion alot. Once being shot at, your switching/animation greatly increases by as much as something like 50%. Set a difference between switching from RPGs to rifle, this should take longer since an RPG is big as f#ck. However switching from your rifle to pistol could be faster!my second idea would be totally awesome. See to it that theres an option to drop a weapon by pressing some button like 2 times while you are in an animation. When switching from your rpg to pistol in a firefight, you'd drop that fkin bazooka and get to your makarov as QUICK as possible.Third idea is that drawing pistols should be increased if spec ops roles are introduced in the future. Trained special forces could have the ability since they are trained to do something fast. Thats about it for now guys. Im sorry if i mentioned some ideas which might be posted before me, if so, please copy the link and ill delete the idea from my post in an edit. Feedback and support (if you like it). Disclaimer: Sorry for bad Engiesh, it are my the second language!
  13. Why can't i run it?

    Ditch the processor
  14. Squad - Alpha 3.8 - the other squads are worthless

    Great montage I guess? *slowly claps*