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  1. Now when we go to more than 50 people, the FPS drop. It is the processor that works. to - 50 players this is the graphics card to + 50 is the processor
  2. bug with bullets from 7.4

    look a another video, one shot in the head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2Po7t7iqHI&feature=youtu.be I have 1200 hours of game ... I know good squad and this bug is from 7.4
  3. bug with bullets from 7.4

    Yes but I was almost sure I touched 5-6-7 times before he dies
  4. since 7.4, enemies die just after 5 balls. Sometimes 2 , sometimes 3 but it usually dies no more 2 balls as before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwKqN_CZJHI Tanks you
  5. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    2 Games (sumari ass v3/40players) -> 1 Fatall Error Tanks
  6. 1visible Best score

    Look That.. My best score 94 Kills. I wait your likes
  7. FR - We form a team ?

    English Hi everyone, we are looking for players on Francophone Squad. You can find us on our public TS: ts11.verygames.net:51983 You can also add me on Steam- ID: 1visible We are waiting for you. Good game French Salut tout le monde, nous sommes à la recherche de joueurs Francophones sur Squad. Vous nous trouverez sur notre TS public : ts11.verygames.net:51983 Vous pouvez également m'ajouter sur Steam- ID : 1visible On vous Attend. Bon jeu