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  1. Rifleman --> Ammo Bearer

    Honestly it happens to me plenty of times , especialy in a role with irons , as im forced to do area suppression fire. And honestly if you play so that you dont die , you cant go and rearm and you are forced to kill yourself to get ammo? Besides what benefit is there to playing a regular rifleman for the team, no optics , no sidearm, only 6 mags literaly a waste of a role. And that happens often when there is a well ballanced team of 8 with all roles occupied, you are basicly dead weight and just waiting on somene to leave so you can get an actually usefull role. Not to mention that the squad composition should be 1 sl / gl, 2 TL/GL, 2 AR, 1 MEDiC / 2 AT + 1MRKSMN , and not the way it is now. But back to the point, standard infantry load for going to battle is 13 mags, 6 is on non combat duty, and 3 mags are a signal to RTB and rearm.
  2. Rifleman --> Ammo Bearer

    Any Thoughts on giving riflemen the ability to take ammo from FOB and rearm squadmembers?
  3. I'm sorry but i have stated that i have done some game programming in my spare time and am actually a developer in my job in which i have participated in some banking software actually (as an external developer). If i do a mistake in that i can have police on my doorstep possibly and i find that a heck of a lot complex than this. Every dev knows that working with banks is, well , hell. They aren't writing the engine from scrap. id understand if it was bad implementation but its bad design, and it has more to do with the producers/ managers than developers. Now on the topic of not being able to judge, sorry but wrong i am like you a target base customer, they are developing it for a consumer, the consumer is the one who judges weather the product meets the marketed values FACT, every developer knows this , we all know the famous picture what the designer said , what the customer wanted, what the programmer wrote etc. i know this its the joke of the industry. And let us look at this i actually come here and explain as a common courtesy where i believe they went wrong i am now having to face ad homminem attacks for expressing what i believe is wrong. Fine , but it had to be said.
  4. Yes I am a developer yet not a game developer .. what is hard here to understand?
  5. but it isnt second i never stated i was a game developer , mostly what i did was banking java applications , but come on i can see a mehanic that someone used at least 20 object classes versus some asset files. but i honestly tried and its just frustration upon frustration upon frustration, and its on elements that are clearly working as intended. my known programming languages are(as i learned them ) C,C++ (obviosly who didnt start with this), Bash, Perl,Python , C# and Java frameworks as i progressed through college , did a few games in my spare time but i would never do that for a job. and im not raging on the game or whatever ... but it is my honest assesment.
  6. no it has nothing to do with polish ... sorry but no , First of i am a developer so i can see where something is going by intuition , second i have backed already a few early access games and i am quite happy with the gameplay of them ... second what kind of double standards is this .. if this a good review then you dont write this, why dont you rage on them for reviewing a incomplete game ? sorry for getting you hurt but its the truth , i cannot recommend this game to anybody the games whole pitch is that ist teamwork oriented , not that it does not hinder teamwork , therefore a reasonable person might assume that the gameplay is such that it promotes teamwork from the unskilled player to the vet , sadly the pace is such that the vet has no time to instruct the newbie, and there is nothing other the VON that has any influence on teamwork .. sorry
  7. i tried the top servers ... and it is the games fault ... im sorry but it IS the games fault , concretly the mission maker they had active admins and you literaly have posts alpha to foxtrot and they cant leave the base untill they form a 6 man squad then and only then can you leave otherwise you are kicked for lonewolfing ..
  8. im Sorry but i am one of those that posted a bad review .. the reason is quite simple for a game that promotes teamwork ... it promotes anything than teamwork and i dont know when to start , most of the times its a cluster of noone comunicating and just players wanting a rally point cuz that is the most important thing .. that you dont have to run for 1 minute .... just no First get Rid of the Rally points , Second ... only 4 people can leave the base ... a fireteam I have seen enough arma servers that i know that those communities that force leaving the base in groups actualy end up having teamwork . cuz the players interact with one another , they dont have a choice, and some sort of cohesion exists by the time the can leave . this has none second big problem is the role choice screen ... seriosly wtf ... im sorry but i gave the game an abysmal review and its becouse its too arcadey and it has no gameplay value ..
  9. Bigest Problem

    @Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX if a game sux in infantry , vehicles wont make it better @Saint Sasius those arent tactics ... that you knew as a firstgrader, im talking fireteams , bounding .. etc You cant do that by yourself , it REQUIRES the WHOLE squad to know it tell me when did you do left , right or rear security. As for defending only once did i see a good baricade , and do you want to know what they did ? they created barricades to funnel enemy into killzones every other was barricading themselves in until the enemy dug out those defences and took the compound you want to know why , because the enemy has the whole map to position themselves and you get Fixed in one position Gee i wonder why everyone gets overrun. Also what is the point of squad leading if noone calls out bearings : Contact , Bearing :xxx , By that feature of terrain even if you are leading you defenetly dont see everything Or maybe Arma spoiled me when i can after 5h of playing have 0 deaths
  10. Bigest Problem

    Tried it (redcoats) good on the talking .. still bad on tactics except the core redcoat guys .. those guys know ther shit
  11. Bigest Problem

    Honestly i tried but 25% of matches (or less)are enjoyable My expirience is mostly arma but this is this is insane i have never died so much in a game ever i dont know whats worse the graphics where i cant see anything past 25 m, maps that are short in distances (thats actualy livable barely but OK) But by far the bigest problem is the players, honestly people just go the exact same path like ants. Part of the problem is NOone is comunicating, or they are on TS , if i wanted to play on TS , i would fire up arma not this. The other problem is i noone generaly knows ANY tactics. Literaly i have yet to see BASE of FIRE and FLANKING elements in this game which are solidering 101. Even Heroes and generals at least gives you SPACE to see enemy and manouver on them, im torn on this, i would like to belive this can be a fun game but right now, even with a good group of guys that talk its a BIG probability they dont even know how to secure a compound. In all honesty right now the BEST games i had is when i went lone wolf with an AK and flanked 6 guys all by myself