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  1. New Website Launch

    Looks like this in Edge.
  2. Why it is so pixelated?

    The game is an eye strain simulator.
  3. what happened to the sound?

    I have and it works very well. The problem with spending money on this is that everyone has different ears and the solution you're buying might not be good for you. With HeSuVi you can switch between them and the installation takes 10 min anyway.
  4. what happened to the sound?

    Don't waste your money, you can simulate such technologies for free now. https://sourceforge.net/p/hesuvi/wiki/Help/#installation
  5. Try HeSuVi with Equalizer APO to test different virtual surround implementations without actually needing any hardware. Sennheiser GSX is a very popular one and with this software you can get the same thing for free. Sound awareness is very lacking in Squad, regardless of sound card or headphones. The realistic volume design just breaks it and the positioning isn't good anyway. PR had much better sound awareness, even if the samples themselves weren't as high quality.
  6. Battlefield V

    Some of the kits had appropriate guns, but literally from the link you posted yourself above: "The M1911 (just referred as "Colt") is the standard sidearm for all Allied forces. Its portrayal is highly inaccurate, shown as a double-action handgun, and firing from an eight round magazine." "The Lee-Enfield No.4 MK I is the standard weapon for the US Army, British and Russian Engineer classes. A bayonet version is available in the expansion pack Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome for the Allied Engineer classes. The US Army should be using the M1 Garand or M1 Carbine and the Russians should be using a Mosin-Nagant carbine." "The Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.I(T) is the standard weapon for all Allied Scouts. This is highly incorrect, as it should only be available to British and Commonwealth soldiers; it also has a capacity of five rounds, half that of the real rifle. The American Scouts should instead be armed with scoped Springfield M1903 rifles and the Russian scouts should be armed with scoped Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifles." "The extremely rare Type 5, which never saw service, somehow replaces the equally incorrect Karabiner 98k as the standard weapon for the Japanese Engineer class. While it has the correct 10-round magazine capacity, it also has the very incorrect detachable magazine when it should be non-detachable and loaded with two 5-round Arisaka stripper clips." "The M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle is the standard weapon for American, British, and Free French Assault classes. The Brits should be using the Bren as their main LMG and the French could use the FM 24/29 as they considered it superior to the BAR." "The Panzerschreck is the standard weapon for all Axis Anti-Tank classes. While it's moderately logical for the Germans and Italians to use these weapons in the numbers they do (a better choice would be the Panzerfaust), things take a turn for the surreal when Japanese soldiers wield them during the Battle of Wake Island." My last post about this, Battlefield never had authenticity. Look at any of the reviews too.
  7. Battlefield V

    So basically you want to move the goal post so that 1942 passes it but V doesn't. 1942 had entire armies using weapons not used by that faction at all and completely wrong weapons for classes. If you move the authenticity goal this low then V passes it too - there's nothing in the game that wasn't there in the time period. I wish people just stopped being upset about this, we're getting another Alpha test next week.
  8. Battlefield V

    Really, where was that? That would be a big change from all other Battlefield games.
  9. BFV Closed Alpha

    The gunplay is really good, very little 3D spotting as well, the new mark instead of spot mechanic is great, 2D spotting is just a last-seen dot and doesn't move. But still a lot of rock paper scissors, map design too limited etc. Overall a really big improvement, not sure if it'll be actually enjoyable though, played only for 1h.
  10. Historical accuracy in war games

    Well you were claiming that the idea of no frontline women is now over turned, or at least influenced. There aren't many women in video games overall and there are tons of misrepresentations and inaccuracies all over the place. I feel horrible for seeming to side with EA, but the way I see it is that EA wants money. DLCs failed or cost too much resources to make and they split the community. Nobody cares about subtle weapon skins because you don't really notice them. Gameplay advantages sure give you a reason to buy items, but the community clearly hated that and BF2 flopped. So they got rid of DLCs and ramped up the customization, they don't care if it's WW2 and choices are limited, they want money. That's the way I see it despite the retarded comments from some of the DICE and EA staff.
  11. Historical accuracy in war games

    No it's not, all the facts stay the same because no sane person makes conclusion about history based on a multiplayer portion of an arcade game...
  12. Historical accuracy in war games

    There is no immersion either way because of how unrealistic the gameplay is. Please give me examples of this, which facts did the hundreds of unrealistic WW2 games made before today overturn?
  13. Historical accuracy in war games

    I'm on the side that doesn't see the big deal as these games have never been historically accurate in the first place and offer absolutely no value at describing how the war actually was. We're playing a video game for fun, it was made for profit and somehow people mix in "respect" and "historical accuracy". If you're into history you need to study it instead of playing a video game expecting to get a history lesson, especially an arcade multiplayer one.
  14. Battlefield V

    BF:V came out 14 years ago, times have changed. Battlefield is not immersive, no matter how authentic the setting could be. EA has tried milking more money out of their games for years. DLCs are too much work and split the community, nobody cares about BF1 weapon skins because you hardly ever notice them, BF2 p2w loot crates were a complete failure. EA sees games like Fortnite and PUBG doing well, they decide to drop premium + DLCs and ramp up the customization options.
  15. Battlefield V

    Sure, but authenticity doesn't add anything to Battlefield. I understand it matters in a realistic game because people want immersion and silly looking models break that. However, in a highly unrealistic arcade shooter there will be no immersion anyway, authenticity or not. So why does it matter?
  16. Battlefield V

    That video description made me cringe, let's all pretend Battlefield ever was about historical accuracy and realism lol
  17. Battlefield V

    I'm actually somewhat optimistic for this one, based on what gameplay details I came across. Maybe they've made enough shitty BFs to finally come up with a good one. There is ton of stuff that can go wrong though.
  18. RAM upgrade advice sought please.

    Don't waste your money on buying new DDR3 RAM, either get another used 8GB stick as cheap as possible or don't buy anything at all.
  19. Couple of months after the big V10 launch we're back to V9 numbers, that ""rise"" is literally just today because the month just started and "Last 30 days" actually means "This month".
  20. K/D RATIO

    Change these things to make the meta more dynamic: -1 ticket lost when you go down, another when you give up -less of a ticket loss/ gain for flag caps and FOBs -disable HAB spawns when enemy close -let us pick up kits of fallen squad mates, limit their ammo - last survivor being able to revive others makes fights more squad centred -squad spawn waves so people spawn in together - when a squad member selects a spawn point it starts a 60s spawn timer, every time member selects it the timer is reset but is less, 60-20s
  21. K/D RATIO

    If you compare the ticket meta to Project Reality you'll notice that in PR it balances the tickets out if you have a deficit of 15 kills when you successfully cap an enemy flag. Meanwhile in Squad it balances out at 42 to 78 kill deficit. That's a huge difference, that's why it makes sense to sacrifice lots of players if you manage to cap an objective, that's why it often turns into "who can throw more people at the objective".
  22. Optimization patch release date ?

    Proof: same fps on the same map with the same amount of people at the same in-game time but with 40 vs 320 ping. Hypothesis disproven.
  23. Here's how you do it - for each gun you determine its killing range and then apply suppression effect if outside of this range or no direct visual of target. The point is to not award people for missing, punish long range kits for being too obvious and provide a direct counter play to optics. Couple of scenarios: 1. Unscoped rifleman Vs. Marksman at long range: rifleman gets to cause suppression because he's too far to be effective, marksman is not rewarded for missing at all. 2. Unscoped AR Vs. Unscoped rifleman at close range. Only apply suppression if either of them hides and the other guy keeps shooting close to him, the effect goes away fast if the guy decides to peek again. 3. Unscoped rifleman Vs. Scoped rifleman at medium range. Towards the end of unscoped guy's killing range only apply suppression if scoped guy isn't fully visible. For the scoped guy this distance would be much bigger since his gun is still well within killing range. If you do it this way then flinch, added sway and some blur would be acceptable. If you decide to add these effects regardless of distance, visibility and weapon it'll be incredibly annoying.
  24. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Name tags had a hard limit of up to 64 players and when 1.0 came out with 100 players it caused more TKs because name tags for 34 players weren't showing. It was hardly a decision. Not being able to see the role of someone you're looking at is still bad for gameplay. IRL you'd be partnering with the same people, following practised procedures or whatever. If the game is trying to make random people do teamwork then such a lack of info is bad. Rally point change that came with 1.0 was horrible and no one liked it. That's why it got completely reworked. The FOB destroying change only works well because you can overrun them. Don't remember any big outcry after it happened. These are all bad examples. Meanwhile the heavily anticipated year+ delayed Squad patch has barely increased the playerbase and finally brought the big divide in the community to the front.