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  1. If you look at the sky perhaps.
  2. Mini-map

    OT: A more realistic Battlefield 2 still doesn't mean it's not arcade. I'd argue that what Project Reality achieved was add way more multiplayer consistency with player driven logistics, player made spawn points, more kits, squad and VOIP system, etc.. Project Reality has a minimap for vehicle drivers so they can navigate easier, which was the point that thread reviver was arguing for. What Project Reality and Squad both are missing is a HUD element similar to ShackTac showing the position of your squad mates. There's far too little squad cohesion and pressing map key every 5-10s is a ****ing stupid arbitrary thing. Squad even has a problem with the map always showing on the right side so people with 21:9 or triple monitor setups can always have it open while the developers said they don't want maps to be shown separately on 2nd monitor.
  3. I agree with the general idea but I don't think increasing damage dropoff would do much, all the close to medium fights would still be over before you blink. We need more new features like the one OP proposes first instead of increasing randomness or tweaking arbitrary values.
  4. SW:Battlefront 2

    Multiplayer beta was garbage, watched a guy play the campaign - also garbage. At least we got some memes from it. New controller customized for star wars battlefront 2
  5. Potential Squad Purchaser and need info please

    You should also list your PC specs so we can tell you what kind of performance to expect.
  6. can i run it on this pc

    The bottleneck is CPU load on full servers, try playing a match on a full server, then judge performance.
  7. Thoughts on these Specs

    Upgrade if you get it for 300€ or less, else wait and do it properly.
  8. Thoughts on these Specs

    HDD, i5 4th gen and DDR3 in 2017 looks pretty bad.
  9. Actually a good discussion, I'm all up for these kinds of mechanics making shooting and killing harder, adding more depth to gunplay and such. I'd argue that adding them, when done right, would 1. increase the skill ceiling and skill disparity between average and decent, good and great players. 2. At the same time when you make it harder to kill you'll lower the overall amount of kills.
  10. Some really good ideas, wish the devs would implement this in a reasonable way.
  11. too blurry

    Yeah, that's about same as what mine looks like I guess. The problem is visible on this pic, part of distant objects aren't rendering properly. Even the truck's antenna is only half there, same with tree branches behind. Now get some enemies in there and they blend right in with half rendering stuff.
  12. FOB&Rally - Balance/variety

    Agree with the restrictions. Rallies should only stay up for a minute or so, 50m seems like a good margin too. Needs at least a 5min timer though. Spawn killing in the HABs is just a lazy garbage mechanic leading to gameplay worse than any CoD.
  13. NEW Supply truck (different than Logi)

    You're suggesting things that exist in Project Reality. Any transport truck holds a small supply crate and couple of ammo boxes. Functionality is the same, request kits from the supply crate and rearm at the ammo boxes. HMMWV only holds 1 ammo box. Would like to see it happen too.
  14. too blurry

    Can you take some screenshots with "HighResShot 1" console command and upload them, I've yet to see Squad not being blurry/ pixelated at distance.