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  1. All of those were free mods that later followed with a retail releases of a new standalone game. Many of us supported KS campaign and 1 of the reasons was modding support, now you're telling me mods won't even be part of the game and won't be free, **** that.
  2. CPU Boss/ GPU Boss are worthless websites even if their benchmarks are sometimes right. But yes OP, this game is all about IPC and 3770k should be much better.
  3. So what's the point of it then? People can still force 1v1s by playing a tight angle you can't nade.
  4. Of course it does and it always did, it's limited to 5.1 until you unlock Ultra high. Have you tried playing PR? Cool, I guess ears are different. Our arguments are pretty simple - stereo headphones with good driver and a game using proper HRTF are superior because there's no dead space in-between your X speakers, the sound quality is better because one big driver > many small drivers made by some gaming company. I never liked 5.1 because it sounds so bad when a sound isn't coming from exactly where a speaker is. No problem telling where the sound is coming from here. Same as BF2 with ultra-high.
  5. Wow you assume a lot in these tl;dr responses. I don't even have a headset, I have headphones. I have tried true 5.1 headphones - Zalman way back when BF2 came out. Titanium isn't an external sound card. It's not all about money but when you're paying $100 for that many drivers they obviously won't sound good.. And so many "competitive players" use whatever they get sponsored by, and then use IEMs on LAN, maybe we should start doing that. I am now waiting for the list of stereo headphones you have used to determine if you ever used proper headphones or if you're just a fanboy
  6. Just a plain flinch or screen shake would ruin cqb - first to shoot, first to induce hit penalty would win almost every time. Please think about it more and scale these effects considering an angle you're getting shot at. Hit in front while aiming towards the shooter - no penalty. Hit in the back while walking away - stumble forward. Would be nice if these could result into falling down if you don't tap the appropriate movement key to rebalance yourself.
  7. I agree with this idea. I think it'd be best to let admins set up their own claiming system with squad name and assets claimed. this way each server could set it up according to how they see fit. There also needs to be a way to lend and share assets.
  8. If you put the numbers together they should have more than enough to support 25 full time developers. I understand people still committed to school but Squad could easily support many more than 25 full time developers. Their choice I guess, our money though...
  9. It's more like PR 0.5 and it's obviously a weird comparison since 1 is a mod made for free by few committed people while Squad is a full project with successful Kickstarter, Steam launch and ~25 full time developers.
  10. How many fps you get in Squad depends mostly on how much single-core performance your CPU has, your GPU can be much worse, RAM etc. doesn't really influence much (if anything). If the server is bad its tickrate will be bad and it might lag but your fps are completely independent from that. Same goes for your internet, your fps never depend on it.
  11. Just stop please. You call virtual surround just a marketing strategy but your 40€ true 5.1 are great, yeah right. You're paying so little for each speaker it's a miracle you can even distinguish any sounds. I'm sure the sounds coming exactly from one of speaker's positions are very easy to pin point but your config still needs to play tricks to make it sound like in-between 2 speakers. And that's where they sound bad and are hard to pin point. You sound like our forum friend Sergei, so I'll ask the same of you that I have of him - list all stereo headphones you consider good, have used them and still think your Medusas are better.
  12. It might be due to UE4 not supporting 7.1, you should be able to switch to 5.1.
  13. Can you record proof of this?
  14. That's exactly what the problem is, these guides just tell you to disable or enable HPET (whatever they choose) without explaining anything and it only makes an actual difference for few. Many motherboards don't even have the option and on many others it does nothing, Windows only uses HPET for some applications etc. Waste of effort, just like manually setting process priority.
  15. These HPET and similar tweaks are complete bs and a waste of time. Won't do anything for 99% of people, only placebo.