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  1. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Name tags had a hard limit of up to 64 players and when 1.0 came out with 100 players it caused more TKs because name tags for 34 players weren't showing. It was hardly a decision. Not being able to see the role of someone you're looking at is still bad for gameplay. IRL you'd be partnering with the same people, following practised procedures or whatever. If the game is trying to make random people do teamwork then such a lack of info is bad. Rally point change that came with 1.0 was horrible and no one liked it. That's why it got completely reworked. The FOB destroying change only works well because you can overrun them. Don't remember any big outcry after it happened. These are all bad examples. Meanwhile the heavily anticipated year+ delayed Squad patch has barely increased the playerbase and finally brought the big divide in the community to the front.
  2. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    It's Ok to go for a prebuilt, it's just that they overcharge you for things when you could buy components and pay someone to put it together for you. 1. Do NOT go for a liquid cooler for your CPU. It costs more, the 120mm likely performs worse, is louder and above all completely unnecessary. Get the default AMD Wraith and you'll be all good. 2. Just get the better RAM now, you'll be getting 10-15% better performance if you go from 2400 to 3200 Mhz as Ryzen is very RAM sensitive. If you were to go for a 1070 over the 1060 you'd be getting about 30% more performance for $300 more, that's $10/1% increase, meanwhile going from 2400 to 3200 Mhz RAM is about $4.8/1% performance increase. This is another concern - they don't list full specs for their RAM which can be very important. You need to ask them exactly what you'll be getting! 3. Although they don't charge much I would not pay for overclocking. With Ryzen Master it's so easy to OC you don't even need to access BIOS and can do it within an hour.
  3. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    My concerns when looking over some of the builds: -weird 120mm CPU liquid cooler by default makes no sense, go for cheapest air cooler instead -GTX 1060 6GB by default is the NVidia blower style card that might be running into thermal throttling (frequency dropping after reaching a certain temperature) -the other 1060 6GB is an EVGA mini card which might have the same exact problems -Performance Memory by Major Brands may vary in quality by a lot and they don't even give the exact timings -600W is too much for this build, even 500W will be way more than required -do you actually need an Optical drive? I threw together this build that could possibly be cheaper, yet has faster RAM, better cooled GPU, possibly better SSD and an appropriate CPU cooler. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KcCcq4
  4. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    Can you give us the exact build you're going for atm - complete part list, I see that CyberPower adds some questionable parts.
  5. GTX 1080ti Temps

    Nice, maybe I should finally install that missing exhaust fan for my case...
  6. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    You'll be fine, nobody runs Squad great anyway. The reason you got it cheap is because there's revised version of Ryzen CPUs coming out with better clocks and lower price.
  7. GTX 1080ti Temps

    I have the same GPU, it got to the standard 74°C within minutes in Squad Al Basrah. Do you have any videos of you playing with the GPU temps shown, seems very odd. My case fans are barely active though, I prefer the silence.
  8. GTX 1080ti Temps

    Who cares, if you're not throttling you have nothing to worry about.
  9. GTX 1080ti Temps

    Why are you worried about 75°C? Get Afterburner, monitor frequencies, enable logging and see if it's throttling at all.
  10. Why you should always be recording

    Did you add the source in OBS? It's superior to ShadowPlay with way more options, quality, file size etc.. I lose 6% performance, tested in 3 different games when I'm recording at 1440p.
  11. Sprint and lean

    I read it, sprinting cancels it so you can't queue it while sprinting either. Maybe doing so would make sense if you use hold to lean though.
  12. Sprint and lean

    Sprinting cancels leaning, it's as straight forward and intuitive as it can be. Seems like you got used to the clunky system in the first place, nobody expects to still be leaning while you're sprinting. We had multiple feedback threads saying this and they finally did it correctly.
  13. No more reshade, Any AA update?

    And I'm still waiting for screenshots where visibility is good and further explanations for why 1.5 super sampling is used if the visibility is so good anyway
  14. Just look at your motherboard's manual and set proper curves.
  15. Please Fix the visibility.

    The problem is Squad chooses to render the background if object isn't big enough to fit. Targets are disappearing, but if you're moving your view you notice them pop back in.