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  1. Hopefully they get well designed maps.
  2. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    Is that a joke?
  3. I hope they bake shadows, I though they weren't doing it because they were going for dynamic weather with TrueSky. But now that it fell off, why not bake shadows?
  4. AMD is worst for Squad

    We got to the Moon in 1969 but making a video game run well on multiple threads is too hard in 2017.
  5. Asset Rules

    Of course it's a good idea M'Wicca, what we need is a server option for asset squads so you can create an APC/ TANK/ MECH inf/ LOGI/ INF/ whatever the **** else squad and claim your assets, if you're not in the appropriate squad you can't operate them but your SL can choose to share a vehicle if a request comes in. No more stealing, no more early squads, no more admin input required.
  6. Getting 50-70 FPS with a 1070 1440p

    You are limited by your GPU according to your screenshots, even though only by little. GPU has highest time on all screenshots = GPU bound. "Identify What You Are Bound By"
  7. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

  8. Getting 50-70 FPS with a 1070 1440p

    Yes, it's very much worth the difference, stuff is clearer and easier to see. Looks considerably better.
  9. We need a good equipment pick-up system where you can pick up and epipen from a medic to revive him, a LAT from an AT soldier to kill an APC, an ammo bag from a rifleman to rearm yourself etc.. It's far too dynamic of a game to not allow for such things. Your medic gets tked? Your squad is ****ed. Too many variables, too many things that can happen to impose such restrictions.
  10. Join us on Discord

    Then unpin this pointless thread
  11. Join us on Discord just put this link in the OP, it's the permanent invite link
  12. need help PC specs

    Yes, it'll all work fine. You can check supported list yourself at:
  13. Can I run it?

    Ok, should I call Squad developers garbage and get banned from the forums then? UE4 has ton of features that allows for fast development yes, but base performance is either crap or Squad devs are crap.
  14. Can I run it?

    No Everything No point upgrading for an alpha game built on alpha engine, just wait and see