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  1. Screen Shot

    F12 or whatever key you set in Steam settings to take a screenshot in any Steam game. If you with to take a screenshot with better quality open your console and use HighResShot command. If you wish to disable UI and HUD for the screenshot use DisableHudWidgets and DisableUI commands. The file will be somewhere in C:\Users\userName\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Screenshots.
  2. Shooting from the chest?

    Bullets always come out of your gun's barrel. Your sight is always higher than that. There's no collision so it can get really annoying. Hopefully we'll see several systems implemented that address this issue.
  3. Health should be showns

    Hopefully with updates this generic HP system gets replaced with a proper localized damage system.
  4. Wondering if i can run this

    Nah, no way, not with an A6. You're very far below minimum specs.
  5. Very Low FPS

    Can you stop posting your ignorance please. People not having good enough PCs, you being fine with 30fps or anything else you said isn't the problem. Developers are well aware of it.
  6. reward for winning?

  7. Very Low FPS

    Nothing too concrete, just "happening now", "some will make it in (V10)".
  8. Very Low FPS

    Refund now and re-buy later if optimization is good enough for you. Next update to bring optimization is V10, happening in about a month or so.
  9. Neither. It worked fine in PR because it was terrible for hip-fire and didn't have an undeployed mode which meant it'd have really high deviation. Useless on the move, great for defending.
  10. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    I'd like to see engagements become longer via different shooting mechanics, bullet damage, suppression and newly thought out systems that would all add more depth and make it harder to kill someone. Squad is relatively slow, but when the action happens it's over very fast. Shorter firefights where few well placed bullets kill anyone at anytime dumb down on the tactical aspect. Where in PR you always need to make a conscious choice of opening fire or waiting, repositioning, coordinating, flanking etc. in Squad you almost always just shoot. If you don't the other guy/ squad might see you and do the same. This is by far the biggest thing that makes PR INF combat what it is, it favours decision making over being quick on the trigger. It feels more rewarding and more engaging.
  11. Optimization

    No point benchmarking this when actual bottlenecks are completely elsewhere. Optimization will be good when performance on full 100 man servers is similar to an empty server. That will only matter when the game doesn't look like a 2010 game though.
  12. Virtual Reality and Squad

    I'd prefer a simple VR solution where it simply replaces the monitor, not a big fan of the weird VR controllers and such, gimme mouse and kb.
  13. New Rig Incoming

    IPC and core, thread count yes, but info (rumors) so far say i7 will be coming in at $400+, add to that higher motherboard cost + a cooler and you get a huge price difference compared to $200.
  14. FPS Issues

    I believe it's an R7 260X, so 1 or 2GB of VRAM.
  15. Weapon resting, weapon lowering and automatic adjustment should get rid of these annoying problems.