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  1. You're mostly right, but if you look at synthetic benchmarks Ryzen is faster than Intel's 8 core that sells for $1k. Even single threaded performance is better and the difference between that and 7700K isn't that big (although 7700k is still obviously better at IPC). So despite a game not being multi-threaded well because Epic are jokers I think big gains can be seen here too, just not as big. People don't complain about their 6600k and that level of performance is achievable.
  2. Again you don't really know PR. This kind of stuff is very much possible in PR, it's just much harder to pull off because you need to rely on: constantly changing position, distracting enemies, predicting what enemies will do and finally being in the right position to make the kills happen. Compare this to Squad where 1-2 shots can get you out of a lot of horrible situations. One requires tactics and outsmarting your enemy, other is moving your mouse better than the enemy. Guess which one feels better to pull off. And yes I know you can still outsmart and outmanoeuvre enemies in Squad, but bottom line stays: couple of shots negating lots of bad decision making is something that shouldn't happen.
  3. Ashes Of The Singularity gets a Ryzen update - this is what optimising for Ryzen does to the performance:
  4. This is already an indication of the game going wrong and promoting the wrong things. When individuals have an important impact on the game based on their shooting skills the game has failed in what it promised to achieve. You have no idea what you're talking about here. Either you haven't played much PR or you don't really understand the mechanics at all. Lonewolfing with scoped kits rarely, if ever works in PR because it takes a lot more and a lot longer to kill someone. In Squad though it can easily work since as you said yourself a good shooter can have an impact on the game. Plus a scope is a big hindrance at short ranges in PR, while people often prefer it in Squad even for that. The point: people arguing with you would like to see the skill not being in the shooting itself but rather in the events leading up to that. Moving from cover to cover, looking over your squad mates, managing stamina properly, keeping up the squad cohesion, supressing, overwhelming the enemies, coordination with vehicles etc... What we have now is boring, unrewarding and shit.
  5. No, Squad is so not that, sorry. And I'm not mad about aim in an almost hit-scan pixel hunting lol. I'd simply like a game where intelligence, teamwork and coordination wins over who can move their mouse better. I have other games for that.
  6. You do realise that many people supported Squad because they wanted a new PR like fps? Telling us to go back to PR isn't really valid. Read over the KS if you need a refresher. We have so many games out there with plain shooting mechanics that are unrewarding and boring, why should Squad be another one... You see, we'd actually like more challenging and intelligent gameplay because that would actually make it rewarding.
  7. What FishMan proposed is hardly like deviation and could be implemented in a great way to slow down infantry engagements, which are over very fast atm. In PR you actually have to use your brain and ask yourself if it's worth to open fire. In Squad you should always shoot, if you don't, somebody spots you and you die instantly. I would hardly call sprinting, stopping, holding shift and 2 tapping anybody skill. It's also the opposite of intelligent, satisfying gameplay. Anybody can do it as long as they happen to get in the right position, it's boring.
  8. I would also like to see this kind of stuff + many others that have already been suggested to make the game more in-depth and interesting instead of very vanilla and boring run and gun we more or less have now.
  9. Also bulge size: black > white > asian.
  10. Yes, I'm sure deleting old installation folders will increase his fps by 30 to before V9 levels and obviously this has a lot to do with reducing input lag...
  11. If you changed nothing, but when V9 came out your frames dropped, what do you think the issue is?
  12. It's really 3.5GB and you should at least check to make sure it's not the issue. Check "stat unit" in console too and see what's the bottleneck.
  13. That's great but it doesn't solve Squad having shit AA options, so when will this end?
  14. Animation system that will hopefully rework infantry gameplay and weapon balance, fixed AA so it doesn't look like crap and up the quality of grass, trees etc. so the game looks passable.