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  1. That looks like a very nice concept. Is the balcony reachable from the side stairs, I think it would be a good idea.
  2. The 480 and 1060 have identical performance atm, 480 has more VRAM and supports FreeSync. At release 1060 was 10% faster but AMD closed that gap with drivers already. As far as the rest of your build goes: your case already comes with 3 fans, no need to buy extra. You don't need a 620W PSU, 500W is more than enough. I wouldn't buy an SSD from an unknown company (I don't know many anyway, I hope you looked at reviews). If you already own W10 or have a PC somewhere you can just make a copy with Microsft's USB download tool, then install it on your new PC and activate it. With the money saved from fans and PSU you can get a better CPU and a different SSD (again, if you looked at the reviews for yours just keep it). Here's a modified list: And wow have the RAM and SSD prices skyrocketed... When you an you'll almost have to get another 8GB RAM stick.
  3. That's actually a great description. But is it even possible and realistic for the developers to suddenly switch to BattleEye? As you can see the perception is that there are very few cheaters in the game, which is probably true even if EAC is easier to get around than BE (but still requires a lot of know how, unlike VAC). So why should they switch at all? The only downsides of EAC in Squad atm are the tech errors people keep getting from EAC and their team seemingly not caring as much about Squad (SuN removed support for Rust months ago because EAC team constantly put the effort in and got them banned, but Squad cheat is still for sale and only people to get banned are those that go blatant and get reported by admins or those that abuse features).
  4. They didn't, they're just silently hoping EA does nothing as it hasn't done anything about 100 people servers etc. and don't seem to care since it's f2p anyway.
  5. Source? Everything I've seen points to there being no difference and margins staying about the same.
  6. I wish there was a system that would be aware of foliage, shadows etc. and user's settings. So if you turn down your stuff that something doesn't render, the enemies lying in what's supposed to be tall grass would be invisible, people hiding in dark shadows with dark uniforms would simply blend in making it equally hard to see despite there not being any shadows. People hiding in bushes would be mostly invisible even if there's no bush. It has been so ****ing long that this shit has existed I really don't understand how engine makers can't get around it and make it fair for everyone.
  7. Then explain how he's getting less fps with a different GPU if he was CPU bound the whole time...
  8. The point is he's getting lower fps with a better GPU which makes no sense.
  9. Should'be gotten a n RX 480 You probably have some old drivers or something, try doing a clean uninstall and then install the newest ones.
  10. Are you really basing these expectations from an engineering sample review of an 8c 16t Ryzen? Just lol. I'm looking forward to what it can do, no competition is killing the CPU market, Intel is making shit after shit and charging way too much for it.
  11. We need a guy with brain who is able to think and create enterable buildings that would look authentic and most importantly provide good CQB gameplay. None of that 1 pixel window covering whole areas, being able to cover stairs from 2+ directions, not having any cover from grenades or having too much cover. It should never be rock paper scissors (peek 1 angle and hope they're there, if not you're dead from another angle...).
  12. I think this picture sums the problem up quite nicely. I know it's perfect conditions but just look at "100M" sign, you can see how jiggly it looks because it's strating to blend in with the background. Then look at the "200M" sign where the right side of "M" already blended in... Add to that camo and forest background and you might understand why spotting becomes a horrible task in this game.
  13. Unreal developers. Our devs have said multiple times that DX12 is not supported yet, it makes no difference if you try and force the game to run it, it won't change anything because Unreal developers haven't implemented proper support yet.
  14. So many videos like this.
  15. DX12 is not enabled by Squad because UE4 doesn't properly support it. UE4 developers will actually have to put in a lot of effort to make DX12 run better than DX11, by itself DX12 changes nothing. With how their ground up work has been I doubt DX12 will be a good change in UE4.