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  1. Proper 1440p far outweighs any pretend response time issues, just look at the data.
  2. That's pretty great, but you need to buy a monitor with this panel + get his $450 thingy. I wish he'd offer this for more panels.
  3. Where do you even buy it and is there a proper review?
  4. He asks for a budget 144Hz monitor and you give him this
  5. Isn't this the game @+++++ is working on?
  6. lol@ your comparison...
  7. Trick: record the crackling sound and replay the recording. If it's still crackling on the recording and can be heard by others then it's the game, otherwise it's on your end. I've experienced no crackling myself (played with Q701, D5000 and TH-X00).
  8. Everyone suffers from this. Apparently it's UE4's problem since other UE4 games exhibit this too. It's because AA implementation is bad/ broken. If you turn it on your game will just be blurry and you won't see shit. Increasing sharpening won't really help either.
  9. I enjoy the game but I agree with you, bigger maps and better squad system with medic mehcanics would be amazing. I love the weapon handling, hate how fast you die and how funneled the action is. Edit: will there be modding/ mapping?
  10. You really haven't followed gamin in the past 20 years, have you? If arena shooters were the standard people would adopt 10x faster than they do. The standard are casual shooters where no thought is required to play and so people are used to handholding for everything.
  11. I think it's great when a game tries to achieve teamwork and comms between strangers in every round but instead everyone is told to join a unit since no such behaviour is present in public matches.
  12. If you're spawning and dying then perhaps you should take it slower instead of saying it's run and gun
  13. Get DOOM, if you like fps games it's the only single player game really worth getting.
  14. I voted yes but none of these changes actually make it more like PR at all. Nerf rallies, introduce more weapon mechanics to make time to kill longer, enable asset squads, allow picking up kits etc. then we're talking.
  15. Thanks, just read it. Bought and looking forward to release.