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  1. Oh please, this has been an issue since first release, there are many threads from many people complaining about it. Just look at all the threads started since ReShade got removed. You probably realised super sampling lowers performance and is necessary to improve visibility even at 1440p so you're just making statements trying to ignore the issue.
  2. Please Fix the visibility.

    I played it 2 days ago, I'm assuming you haven't played it for 2 years at least, that's how long we've had deviation indicator, so no invisible things to wait for. Pointless discussion anyway, the game's visibility problems have nothing to do with design choices, it's just horrible rendering/ post processing that other games simply don't have, nothing to discuss, complain and fix.
  3. Please Fix the visibility.

    What the hell are you on about, what's the last time you even played PR? Seriously, the guns are incredibly inaccurate, people very rarely even go for headshots because of how unreliable it is due to inaccuracy.
  4. Please Fix the visibility.

    No lol the guns are not accurate at all in PR and yes I'm talking about settled deviation.
  5. Oh please, I have a better GPU than you, also play in 1440p and the performance drops by more than 10fps with super sampling, nice bluff though, keep your head in the sand.
  6. It doesn't even fix the problem anyway I play on 1440p myself and although better it's still far below adequate. But if people choose to play at the lowest FOV possible at 21:9 aspect ratio to mitigate the problem it just proves how bad it is.
  7. What should I upgrade on my pc

    You should set up MSI Afterburner with RivaTuner and play with statunit enabled in game to see what might be causing those stutters, then start thinking about what to upgrade.
  8. Separate sensitivity settings?

    Devs pls
  9. Well besides the fact that the existence of something doesn't mean you should use it, it also lowers performance, increases input lag and would be completely unnecessary if the game rendered things properly. The question is why do would you use it...
  10. Please do post some screenshots and while you're at it explain why you're running super sampling if the game doesn't look blurry/ pixelated. It's almost like you use super sampling exactly because it looks crap without it.
  11. PR Vets, vote here.

    No, it was only ever fun for the few asset people, rest had to be bored until the next map loaded.
  12. Please Fix the visibility.

    Please don't confuse a game's big shortcomings with planned balance features. There's a huge middle ground between not being able to see a target and being able to effectively engage.
  13. Ridiculous accuracy.

    1. Focal plane - simply doesn't belong in a video game, we're bound by pixels already. Making it worse is the opposite of a good design choice. 2. Sights misalignment - I would like to see sights misalignment, but let me explain how. I'd like the game to be about positioning, anticipation and pacing (said 100x). We already have sway that is tied to stamina so I'd tie front post misalignment to movement itself. It would be a non-random modern approach to how Project Reality handled deviation, making you consider your movement more carefully and giving you a harder choice whether to shoot or not. Your front post would simply go around in circles, as you stop they'd be getting smaller and smaller. There wouldn't be enough of it to really matter in <20m engagements, you could see it and counter it by shooting to the side making it much harder to hit and it would force you to wait a bit for settled sights. 3. Barrels accuracy - please no, randomness is lazy game design, have well thought out mechanics that prevent you from being overly precise, but not some RNG bullshit where you shoot at the same spot 3x and miss 2x but get a headshot the 3rd time. Nothing but frustration.
  14. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    How would that work? Fire an AA - always kill the jet, some random shit deciding if it's a kill or not, AA can do damage and makes it hard to fly - random AI function says what he does... I just don't see it working well at all, we need player controlled CAS.
  15. Reshade ban

    I'm not arguing for reshade, I'm arguing for the game looking terribly unclear at distance. I'm glad reshade is banned because more people will complain now and the devs might finally acknowledge the blurry/ pixelated mess as a problem. I'm also glad you agree with my point "lowest FOV, super sampling, most maps...".