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  1. Soooo

    It was just a rough night. Played for a few hours and had crappy squad after squad. Either SL doesn't have a mic, don't speak English or just aren't even attempting to play as a team. Then getting smoked from across the map cause half their team has optics and I can't see more then 100m in front of my. Finally run up on like 5 guys without being seen go to put a 203 right in the center of them but it exploded mid air 10 feet in front of me, killing me and 2 team mates. Spend 10 mins running back up with a RPG and go to hit a few guys running but all my RPGs go way to the left and there was a bunch of other little things too. All this happened like back to back so it made me even more heated. As for the sounds...I thought the sounds before the update were more realistic. /rant over but overall I still love the game and have hundreds of hours logged in but just frustrated that's all
  2. Soooo

    i guess just forget i said anything because I know alot of people are think exactly what I said...but arent going to say it. I know Im not the only one that is have issues all the time with squad.... for like the last 3 months
  3. Soooo

    my point stands...
  4. Soooo

    So im just gonna go on a rant and im sure ill be cut down at the knees by all the people that wanna get in bed with the admins. Yes I know this is an alpha....completely understand. But you are charging 40 bucks for an alpha when most full COMPLETE games cost 60 at most. You guys keep putting out updates and the game keeps getting worse. You guys have changed the bullet drop on rockets and 203s several times now, make up your mind. First it was alot of bullet drop, then it was hardly any, then it was alot again, now its back to hardly any. The rockets impact 50m left of where ever you aim every time. 203s... they just randomly explode 10 feet in front of you. Mic bugs. Get revived and can't change weapon for like 5 mins. Lay down some times and can't stand back up. Reload the rocket, go to fire....click...oh I have to reload again even though i just did. NOW let me tell you im a huge squad fan and i love the community. Coming from a combat veteran of multiple deployments as an infantryman...the sounds... bravo, on point 100%. Its just very disappointing as a fan to see several updates later and seems to be getting worse. Like I said I'm sure someone who didn't read my whole point will instant comment about how i paid the money and its an alpha blah blah blah. So with all that being said I love squad it just...fuck the vehicles, just make the game run for now.
  5. Serious problem with the game

    Yea after posting this I saw the 90 other people posting the same problem
  6. So this started about a monthish ago...it has never been this bad. Since the last update it takes my game anywhere from 5-10 mins to load up....I'm actually still waiting for it to load. Then when it finally loads it comes up with a failed to launch error, and if it does load to squads main menu I get a failed to launch anti cheat and it closes the game. If it does happen to load with no errors the game runs fairly smooth beside now that the new update is out I lost about 15 fps. After each map rotation I get kicked from the server saying "server connection closed". After I close the game out I get a error about failed memory. It doesn't do this with any other game, only squad. Pretty much none of this happened until the last patch. Curious to know why? Now that I'm done typing this...my game still hasn't loaded but I can click battlefield 4 and it loads almost instantly with every on ultra graphics. Anyone having these issues?
  7. Game not loading

    Anyone else having trouble starting squad? Comes up with failed to load every time now and it was just working yesterday.
  8. Weapon mechanics

    I agree with everything said. Also dust more dust. I find myself hearing gun fire and can't even hardly tell when people around me are shooting. In Afghanistan that stuff is like moon dust. You shoot one round dust everywhere
  9. When I deployed to Afghanistan in the summer of 2011 I was just a normal ground pounder. I was a squad leader, so I got issued a thermal scope and mount for any rail system. Obviously everyone in the squad uses it but regardless we had it.
  10. Bangin in Sangin

    http://themanfeed.com/insanely-close-combat-17-bangin-sangin/ Dont get much closer then that
  11. Awesome read about the real side of war

    jesus christ....im the author. I wasn't bashing normal people that didn't join, completely respectful that you want to work versus joining the military. Its all good. I'm very much into documenting my deployments, the real shit that the media does show you. Harden the F*CK up, im just sick and tired of the way people treating veterans. My friend lost both his legs in Afghanistan and to come home to a VA that is ran like shit, it took him 2 years to finally get a sized prosthetic legs. And don't f*cking talk to be about veteran suicide. Ive had 6 friends commit suicide....why I don't know because thats not who they were. Sorry about my language, im infantry. I bring the people real time footage and pictures like funker530 did.
  12. Covering a grenade with a human body will absolutely save everyone in the room. Not sure if you have ever seen a grenade go off. Thermals... we absolutely had them...i know because i had to had to carry that shit and I was just a ground pounder. Today's infantry all have optics, never once have i seen dudes that get stuck humping the LAW have a m4 with iron sights. its 2016....come on. I was playing tonight....wtf happened i used to run the game on ultra @ 45 fps now im lucky to get 20 fps, ever since the update. Hit marks are way off, me and multiple people witnessed me sniping a dude and tag him 3 4 5 times at 100m with the marksmen rifle. He was running in the open and stopped I hit him 2 times, he ran and laid down, hit him another 2 times, got up and ran, hit him one last time. I mean im no wizard or anything but damn...5 direct hits from a 7.62. We were all laughing about how this update seems to be effecting bullet hit markers, and now everyone's fps dropped in half from what they were running before.
  13. http://themanfeed.com/welcome-real-side-war-side/ enjoy
  14. Broken limbs + perks

    Totally agree with seeing the same shit over and over again but hey you know what I do? Just not even reply let the admins deal with that. Move on to the next idea