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  1. help crash

    @beginna open the steam click on settings > In-Game and set the Max Ping 500.
  2. help crash

  3. help crash

    i enter the game and when i click on servers browser the game crashed ... why ?
  4. Help

  5. Help

    GTX 750 8 GB Ram i5 4460 3.20 GHz 64 bits
  6. Help

    in the first i got 1 min to play then the game freeze for some seconds but now 1 sec time play and 10 secs freeze .. if some1 got an idea tell me pls !!!!!!!! im using Intel not AMD
  7. Fallujah...

    It Should Be ISIS Vs The Army
  8. Need More maps with insurgent forces team

    Its Not That much Of Fun Russian Army Vs US Army INS The best i love to hear Insurgent forces team saying "Allahu Akbar" hehe i think most of the people like me.
  9. Need More maps with insurgent forces team

    I Don't think its in the rotation .. i played it 2 times , i didn't see it anymore IDK why but this map is amazing.
  10. Need More maps with insurgent forces team

    "First Light" Pls No .. Dont add maps like first light i can't find the fun in this map , i hate it .. its like fools road .. also i remember map in the night INF Vs Us Army .. why this map removed ? its from the best maps i dont remember the map name ..
  11. Need More maps with insurgent forces team

    I Love to play in insurgent forces team in any Map :D
  12. Need More maps with insurgent forces team

    Insurgent Forces Vs US Army not Insurgent Forces vs Militia.
  13. Im Seeing that there are no much maps with insurgent forces teams 2 or 3 maps the others is militia vs US Army , so war in afghanstan is US Army Vs Taliban remove the militia and set this team as insurgent forces (Taliban) this will make more fun ..
  14. Askin About the Vehicles Update

    IM Waiting it Because its Amazing but I Don't want it to be like BattleField after they add the vehicles .. bcs its bad 1 Vehicle for the Squad and all the soldiers can jump on it , its good
  15. Askin About the Vehicles Update

    Asking* When the Developers will add Vehicles for the teams ? it will be amazing.