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  1. Squad Vehicle Radio

    add it owi
  2. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    i tried the brtest version and performance was absolutely atrocious. hope i won't need a new cpu and this a new motherboard and thus new memory. ugh
  3. Regarding V.12

    nothing probably would have been better considering the people who just got back from work or school in the afternoon and tried downloading the playtest to have it finish downloading and then it uninstalls itself and start downloading v11 again and someone just wasted like 5 hours of their day.
  4. what happened to the sound?

    Dude, just call it surround sound software. The Razer software works very well but the bass is way too much. That's all it is.
  5. what happened to the sound?

    I really shouldn't have to jump through these hoops and aquire 3rd party software for a game's sound to work but ok I guess.
  6. what happened to the sound?

    Something's ****y with sound direction that's for sure. Far-off shots have a different sound effect but don't sound too much quiter than close ones. In some cases they seem louder. And it's actually impossible to tell whether any sound is coming from directly in front or behind you. Which can lead to major confusion when you think you hear an enemy vehicle creeping over the hill in front of you but it's actually about to **** you from the rear. HyperX Cloud
  7. The Weapons Thread!

    I really hate the idea of moving the game's equipment into "muh future technology" meme. Go backwards, when things were cooler
  8. would post to reddit but not unbanned there yet
  9. September 2018 Recap

    Yeah. At some point the older player models like the Militia here should be refreshed. Starting to look kinda flat. The US models as well. Hell, even the older vehicles could really use some touching up. Problems in their models have been present since their release, I believe. Can we expect to see acceleration in development? Which I think was said after v11's release...
  10. Recap = September

    nah. gatzby said they were finishing up the recap on reddit
  11. Change the menu music to old rock.

    nah we need a squad anime opening
  12. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    Then he landed a headshot, is that so hard to believe?
  13. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    You hit him twice and you were low on health.
  14. Russian Uniform Authenticity - Suggestions

    Finally, a good thread. Even the current models are inaccurate for the time their supposedly portraying. With the snowboarding goggles, being marines, and having desert camo only issued to engineers.
  15. Right now Insurgency isn't considered to be very fun among a lot of players and I think that's because since BLUFOR knows roughly where the cache is immediately, it quickly turns into a bloodbath around the point. The intel point system should make it so the insurgents try harder to fight a war of attrition and open up more tactical options as opposed to "superfob the cache and try to kill as many enemies as possible"
  16. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Enjoy a game that will probably only have a few servers active at a time and that no project reality developers are actually working on
  17. The Wrench - July 2018

    i can't believe owi is actually dropping Modding 2
  18. Direction Indicator when hit

    With aim punch coming, I think a better idea would be to have the player slightly lurch in the opposite direction which they were hit from due to the force of the bullet impact.
  19. I'm not sure were you're getting this from. Just be able to drop your kit as an insurgent or pick the civilian role in the spawn screen and operate as one would in Project Reality. Also my freezing wasn't caused by my CPU, it'll do that sometimes when my internet connection starts getting iffy.
  20. >Player controlled >A.I ok samwise
  21. "killable" backpack?

    Nope. Out of curiosity, someone in a squad I was in once tested it by shooting someones backpack from the side. It had no hitbox.
  22. Q: I strongly recommend the devs reconsider their stance on adding player controlled civilians to the INS faction. As it would give a much needed counterbalance for insurgents and open up a new layer of tactics.
  23. Other Tanks in Alpha 12

    What Beginna said, Fishman's BTR.
  24. Other Tanks in Alpha 12

    The last time a community member modeled a vehicle wanting it to be put in the game, it ended up being all for naught anyway.
  25. Other Tanks in Alpha 12

    >learn 3d modelling and/or programming to develop a vehicle which will come in time anyway no. that is not a reasonable reaction