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  1. Modding - What (Free) Softwares Might I need

    For like, reskins, maybe 3d modeling, possibly landscaping even though that's in UE4 editor. I screwed up on the brazier tutorial I tried several minutes ago so that gives you sense at my modding experience.
  2. Alpha 9.15

    Still no UI tweaking for small monitors?
  3. I have it set on what my monitor is, it still overlaps. Lowering it further forces me into windowed mode. UI don't work on small monitors.
  4. FreeWeekend suggestion

    Nyet. Let them play with the roles. And while you're at it, be a salesperson. Explain how there is so much more to come in the future. I made sure to do that with free weekend players.
  5. Thinking of buying, one question

    Way more often than when the free weekend IS happening. A non-talkative squad can be considered very uncommon.
  6. Weapon Skins

    Yep. Seems to work on only some launchers even if you have all of them enabled.
  7. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Feel free to share whatever stories or experiences regarding this free weekend here. After I joined a squad I quickly realized that the squad leader wasn't really aware what that meant so I asked for an admin to see if they could sort the situation out. They told me that I should show them the ropes so I did just that. After some hot potato antics with the SL role I managed to organize the players and was able to teach them about the compass and bearings as we made our way to the objective. I spotted a lone Russian soldier and announced their position and ordered the squad to engage. After that, we went up to the body for a quick lesson on differentiating the US and RU player models. There was little time left in the round and unfortunately, shortly into the round after that the server closed connection. I decided to join a new one that was relatively full. An AAS match on Al-Basrah was starting. After the last experience, I realized someone needed to show these boots (I think we should call new players "boots" instead of the usual "noob") the basics of the game. So I started a squad and came up with the name "Baptism by Fire" as the only way to really learn the game as of now is to jump in a match and start playing. We took the SPG to village with the objective of slowing the US advance. Along the way, I tried to explain anything that seemed relevant that came to mind. Our SPG was destroyed but we did distract and slow the US team while the rest of our team dug in at outskirts. They eventually took village so we started to foot it back to outskirts. On our way back, a squadmate called some contacts, about a fireteam of soldiers making themselves obvious standing on a ridge, bunched up. They were facing outskirts so we were a little behind and south of them. I believe earlier a player explained not to shoot unless it was required. Demonstrating outstanding patience and fortitude, they waited until my command to fire. Once I gave the order to engage, the enemy dropped like bowling pins. At this point, I considered the boots to more like ducklings to me. Later when I went to pick up a logi, one of ours asked what a logi was. So I simply explained how it was short for "logistics" and what the vehicle's purpose was. They then told me, "You're really helpful!" To be looked up to like that felt so nice. All in all, our squad fought brilliantly despite a good portion of them being new. I'm sorry if you had any bad experiences with the free weekend players but I feel like we should try to teach them with firsthand experience as opposed to just dismissing them. If they have a good experience, it reflects better on the game, it's community, and may also increase sales.
  8. Release - Alpha 9.13

    It confuses me too Essentially that, yeah.
  9. Release - Alpha 9.13

    Bad. AMD A 10-6800k APU GTX 750 Ti 8 GB of RAM.
  10. Release - Alpha 9.13

    I'm looking a 1070 as well. But then I would need a new processor. And if I need a new processor then I might need a new motherboard. Why is upgrading PCs hell.
  11. Release - Alpha 9.13

    How the nick-nack paddy wack click-clack *tap tap* did you get Mestia out so fast?
  12. 16x10 Aspect Ration Problem

    I have it like that. The UI just doesn't work on smaller monitors. My display is 13.3x10.7.
  13. Sound variety

    I think I'll fifth this. Although imo few games do sound better than Squad.
  14. Still overlapping for me, I can't pick the got damn grenadier.
  15. Are you that militia ghost that was on First Light and managed to plant and detonate an IED in the middle of our whole squad?