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  1. that happens to me more than i'd care to admit.
  2. Are you absolutely 100% those aren't just picture of painted scale tank models?
  3. >Sunday UUUUGH
  4. No grenades.
  5. Un-shittify Militia camouflage.
  6. Also the scratches on the right look like they say "Marc" There is a 3D artist named Mark but not Marc. Could it just be coincidence?
  7. Would look best and more PR-y if there was a late afternoon lighting setting.
  8. If the game was fun, I don't care all that much. But I also sometimes feel, "We'll kick their ass next time. And if we don't kick their ass then, we'll kick there ass after that."
  9. Man, we haven't an actual dev recap in eras.
  10. Thanks again. I tried another mechanized inf./fire support squad and we lasted way longer and had much more influence in the outcome. Saved a lotta lives.
  11. For future camo curiosities: http://camopedia.org/index.php?title=Main_Page
  12. Gotta angle yourself.
  13. Most helpful reply yet. Thanks.
  14. What even IS a gcv?