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  1. New vehicles for Insurgent/Militia factions !

    irregular vehicles are the coolest. here are some i have for militia uaz-469 btr-70 bmp-1
  2. Bring Walking Back

    loved walking/slow movement. handy when low crawling through short grass and trying not be seen. slower movement looks less conspicuous
  3. What is wrong with V12 loading time?

    go into steamapps and set squad.exe to run as administrator in the compatibility tab, see if that does it
  4. Why there are so many sunsets in the game?

    >squad v12 is released >you boot it up and join a server >screen is dark >slowly fade in >in a wooden cart >"hey you, you're finally awake" todd the godd strikes again

    Yeah we could some blowback from explosions and fixing of bodies randomly teleporting and floating when when dead.
  6. tbh, i wouldn't be opposed to tossing a lot of the information. where people are looking, incapacated and bleeding people on map, stuff like that
  7. oh my god, owi just please give fishman a job already
  8. Squad Vehicle Radio

    add it owi
  9. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    i tried the brtest version and performance was absolutely atrocious. hope i won't need a new cpu and this a new motherboard and thus new memory. ugh
  10. Regarding V.12

    nothing probably would have been better considering the people who just got back from work or school in the afternoon and tried downloading the playtest to have it finish downloading and then it uninstalls itself and start downloading v11 again and someone just wasted like 5 hours of their day.
  11. what happened to the sound?

    Dude, just call it surround sound software. The Razer software works very well but the bass is way too much. That's all it is.
  12. what happened to the sound?

    I really shouldn't have to jump through these hoops and aquire 3rd party software for a game's sound to work but ok I guess.
  13. what happened to the sound?

    Something's ****y with sound direction that's for sure. Far-off shots have a different sound effect but don't sound too much quiter than close ones. In some cases they seem louder. And it's actually impossible to tell whether any sound is coming from directly in front or behind you. Which can lead to major confusion when you think you hear an enemy vehicle creeping over the hill in front of you but it's actually about to **** you from the rear. HyperX Cloud
  14. The Weapons Thread!

    I really hate the idea of moving the game's equipment into "muh future technology" meme. Go backwards, when things were cooler