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  1. March 2018 Recap

    I wonder if they're doing anything with hand signals using mocap.
  2. Alpha 10.2

  3. Alpha 10.2

    This mean no recap?
  4. Alt-Tabbing on loading screen causes freeze?

    It only started happening after V10 though.
  5. Alt-Tabbing on loading screen causes freeze?

    Yeah it's annoying. Speaking of freezing, does anyone else experience episodes in which their frame rate will drop astronomically low before freezing alltogether?
  6. The Wrench February

    Is Karkand just an immortal map?
  7. February Recap

    "HESCO" is likely a copyrighted name.
  8. Medium Ruck model is too small

    But the model looks like exactly a medium ruck, just smaller. I recall seeing a video from a marine saying that's basically what a rally point is, You drop your rucks at the rallypoint iirc and that's what the game is trying to convey.
  9. Medium Ruck model is too small

    Good God, the backpacks are already big enough to make stealth under 150 meters nearly pointless. If they were like this, it wouldn't even be an option anymore. Do soldiers actually fight wearing those? Often?
  10. The Wrench - January 2018 Edition

    absolutely magnificent content this month
  11. Minigun

    Maybe on helicopters.
  12. Eyes animations in v10?

    Yo what the hell? How did I not notice this?
  13. Eyes animations in v10?

    You sure that's not just the guys using freelook?
  14. Just because they went through JOTC doesn't mean they just get to keep the BDU, much less actually use it. What are you trying to say with your second point? If they deployed with existing equipment, it'll definitely be OCP. I don't know how many will ask for it to be printed in MC tropic colors but I hope that does happen.
  15. New uniform =/= new camouflage patttern. The Marines did the same thing not long ago. They're developing a new uniform that will be better in humid environments and whatnot. JOTC must issue surplus Woodland BDU's for their course because I haven't seen them anywhere outside that training center. Here you can see the 25th ID unwrapping some of their new equipment. It's all in multicam/ocp. Bro, in one of the very article you shared, it's stated, ' "January 2018 is going to be huge,' said Capt. Daniel Ferenczy, assistant product manager for Extreme Weather Clothing and Footwear. 'They are going to be pure-fleeted in the [Operation Camouflage Pattern] with jungle boots in a hot weather combat uniform.' " https://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/08/10/army-to-begin-testing-new-jungle-uniform-next-year.html