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  1. Most helpful reply yet. Thanks.
  2. What even IS a gcv?
  3. You can look at my ancient post on it, that might be the most picture-heavy thread on the site. Damn, it looks like a ton of the images have died by now..
  4. Today I tried to do how it's done in PR and create an APC squad, it was better than I thought but it still didn't go particularly well. What are some do's and don'ts when commanding an APC squad, driving, and gunning APC's?
  5. The bullet chirps are eargasmic. Also the vehicular guns.
  6. Literally two entire factions in PR were all African.
  7. For the time being, I believe they are adequate enough.
  8. How about only 2 people to claim as opposed to 3.
  9. I feel weird wanting the Estonians. There are a number of training videos with them for some reason. I like their camouflage, style, and German firearms.
  10. The 74U's sights are awful and you can't hit a single thing on full auto even they're right in front of you. It made playing militia medic awful.
  11. Is it unironically called that.
  12. Try discussing the next game before the round ends and on top of that, I can usually still understand the gist of what my squadmates are saying over micspam, it's not a problem.
  13. +1
  14. It does certainly look rushed but surely you must be able to see why that may be. Bigger, better, more important things to work on atm. Although I know not if they'll ever fix it.
  15. The focus of the recap is the flippin' monstrous steel MT-LB's and Strykers and British. You might as well be losing it over a microscopic stain in the corner of massive room.