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  1. Release - Alpha 9.11

    Ya'll need to stop hyping me up when I see there's a new update and it's a hotfix.
  2. Has there been any further official discussion on character customization?

    I don't think one kneepad or some strokes of facepaint will dramatically change someone's appearance to the point where you can't tell what class they are.
  3. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    ****IN'... THANK YOU
  4. Health should be showns

    Nah. There's already a little too much handholding with the map and such, I don't want to know my exact health.
  5. New Possible Roles? Whats on the horizon?

    Have ya'll played PR?
  6. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    You're thinking of the militia. How 'bout like a... Norinco M16 or something instead.
  7. Help. How do I fix this bizarre player texture glitch?

    So your telling me this has happened to others? But why hasn't reinstalling done anything?
  8. Help. How do I fix this bizarre player texture glitch?

    It's not at all normal. Currently the militia grenadiers have m81 woodland pants and a partizan top. Even after reinstalling the game two or three times, the texture remains. The normal pants don't have those weird dirty splotches.
  9. Alpha 9.9

    What about that uhh overlapping spawn screen?
  10. True'er representation of RU forces

    The squad devs confirmed a long time ago that they will not be adding the AK-12.
  11. What do you all think about the new Insurgent models?

  12. August 2017 Recap

    At long last my prayers have been answered... New insurgent models...!
  13. SDK Loading Stuck at 83%

    Yeah had to make sure nothing else was running and then it got passed it.
  14. SDK Loading Stuck at 83%