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  1. The Wrench - January 2018 Edition

    absolutely magnificent content this month
  2. Minigun

    Maybe on helicopters.
  3. Eyes animations in v10?

    Yo what the hell? How did I not notice this?
  4. Eyes animations in v10?

    You sure that's not just the guys using freelook?
  5. Just because they went through JOTC doesn't mean they just get to keep the BDU, much less actually use it. What are you trying to say with your second point? If they deployed with existing equipment, it'll definitely be OCP. I don't know how many will ask for it to be printed in MC tropic colors but I hope that does happen.
  6. New uniform =/= new camouflage patttern. The Marines did the same thing not long ago. They're developing a new uniform that will be better in humid environments and whatnot. JOTC must issue surplus Woodland BDU's for their course because I haven't seen them anywhere outside that training center. Here you can see the 25th ID unwrapping some of their new equipment. It's all in multicam/ocp. Bro, in one of the very article you shared, it's stated, ' "January 2018 is going to be huge,' said Capt. Daniel Ferenczy, assistant product manager for Extreme Weather Clothing and Footwear. 'They are going to be pure-fleeted in the [Operation Camouflage Pattern] with jungle boots in a hot weather combat uniform.' " https://www.military.com/daily-news/2017/08/10/army-to-begin-testing-new-jungle-uniform-next-year.html
  7. LMG gunner as well. But 1: Digiflora is the best woodland camo in the game. 2: Unlike the US, not every class has a large backpack. The riflemen and others have low-profile buttpacks which are stylish as well as stealthy.
  8. >special forces >in squad this has been discussed
  9. The US won't get woodland camo because the US doesn't use woodland camo. It was discontinued over a decade ago. The better solution would be to model grass or other vegetation into the US soldier's helmets and backpack as well as facepaint. If you want woodland camo, you need to make a Marine faction.
  10. The US team's OCP itself works well on arid maps like Kohat but I feel like we get spotted alot because of the large, sharply-angled backpacks that increase your profile substantially while in prone. He'd be invisible if it weren't for the backpack showing clearly against the background like that.
  11. January 2018 Recap

    i'm really gonna miss the old insurgents, i believe they have the best desert/arid 'camo' based on some personal experiences
  12. Do any of you SL's know good habits and strategies when placing fortifications and emplacements? Share them here please.
  13. What Type of Squad Player Are You?

    the one that dies first
  14. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    It's, "It's gonna release in three weeks" three weeks ago. This is gonna become a meme.
  15. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    fellas whom'st create a squad and then leave after someone joins literally screws over the entire team by crippling a whole squad