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  1. buy Squad for free Post Scriptum

  2. I miss it dearly. I wish to be able to observed what's in front of me and close the hatch once we engaged.
  3. June Feedback Roundtable

    Gonna miss not being able to drive up hillsides in 2 seconds on Belaya and get good vantage points fast but ay, better for infantry. There is definitely too much open ground.
  4. How do you use the Russian 30mm Optics?

    When you have time to engage the target because they haven't spotted you, there is no reason not to get it's distance. This was the case when I realized I wanted help, on Kohat where I saw an enemy Warrior across the valley.
  5. How do you use the Russian 30mm Optics?

    The Russian 30mm optic is pretty complicated, I have no idea what the Cyrillic means or why the range lines go climb above the delta optic instead of below. Can I get some help?
  6. why tf so many companies using ue4 if it doesn't have something that would be relatively common in modern fps'? and then why is it there are demo video of people showing destructive environments in ue4?
  7. Little White Helicopter Pt.2

    ****ing thank you
  8. Armored Technical

    that sounds like a bug...
  9. Little White Helicopter Pt.2

    pics or u didn't find jack
  10. Title is self explanatory. It would fit their playstyle better. Pic-related is what I'm referring to if anyone doesn't get what I'm talking about.
  11. VFX Feedback for Bruno :)

    are you working on anymore animations for vehicle damage? it seems there's only really one death explosion for every vehicle and maybe just a few for a vehicle hit by a rocket if i'm not mistaken something like the ammunition cooking off when hit or a huge ball of fire when hit by a tandem warhead?
  12. June Free Weekend

    i can't wait to lead a squad of ducklings and ambush people from 10 meters away because they haven't learned the situational awareness
  13. Thank goodness for modding because that 2-3 will likely be at least 6ish with community help.
  14. if we're gonna get the bundeswehr, i want the gucci pine camouflage for armored vehicles