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  1. Hi

    I don't always go off by myself I'm usually playing with one or two friends so we usually stick together. I do play with my squad mostly though, I just like to make plays.
  2. Hi

    Lol I wish I could use some of this stuff it has been interesting to say the least.
  3. US Faction OP

    your opinions matter Blitza don't worry
  4. 100 man server. CHECK!

    any ETA on when this will be implemented in the alpha?
  5. Hi

    industrial and organizational psychology
  6. Hi

    Very true, either way glad to be part of this community, great game you are developing.
  7. Hi

    Those are sales but how many people actually play regularly? Is there a statistic on that? If I'm wrong and it is CoD I would certainly retract my statement, even though zombies is pretty fun sometimes.
  8. Hi

    I wouldn't say that the most played and owned FPS in the world is a shit game, and I certainly havn't stopped playing it, but I am glad I am joining a new community. This game is very fun ;)
  9. Hi

  10. Hi

    25 y.o. student Global Elite in CS:GO (14 RWS at my best) / been playing Battlefield since 1942 Thoroughly enjoying playing Squad and posting in these forums. Feel free to say hi, make a comment or ask a question! Looking forward to playing with you all in game. PS If you're a medic please rez me
  11. Lone Wolfing

    My understanding of what a lone wolf is is someone who goes off on to do something. there are positives and negatives to this. If a player in your squad is being a lone wolf doing something that is working then adjust your strategy as the SL. Leaders have to be able to adapt to the situation, if you are following one strategy and are unable to adapt to the situation you will go nowhere as a SL in this game, idc how much PR you've played.
  12. Lone Wolfing

    that is a big problem bud, especially if a SL can't realize that what that player is doing is actually helping the team. What does that say about that SL?
  13. Lone Wolfing

  14. Lone Wolfing

    Thank you for saying something about not saying something in this thread? ....
  15. US Faction OP

    Well met sir.