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  1. Hi, Could you try re-installing the EAC service manually from SteamApps\common\Squad\EasyAntiCheat\EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe? In the window's bottom left corner using the 'Repair Service' -button. Does this help? Also try installing the Windows Service Pack 1 for Windows 7.
  2. Hi, Could you add me in Steam Friends also @DeVilTaZ? Thanks!
  3. @CheesusCrisp, Really sorry to hear that Could you add me in Steam Friends ( to troubleshoot this further? Also could you try starting Squad from Steam, then terminating in Task Manager the Squad game process in about 10sec when it stays stuck? (If killed within 30 sec, if we blocked something crucial it should show an error dialog)
  4. Thanks guys! Let me know if any other errors would still pop up!
  5. Thanks @suds! Confirmed that the missing servers in browser is caused by EAC blocking a trojan virus' dll (abengine64.dll). Hopefully now running the Malwarebytes anti-virus scan will find and remove the infection Let's continue more in Steam Friends. @Daytrader, awesome! Thanks for confirming this back.
  6. Hi, let us know if it wouldn't work now, thanks! @suds, Could you add me in Steam Friends ( to debug it further? We should be able to fix it then on spot now.
  7. Hi, That's great to hear! Could you still confirm that after now it still works for you? We've pushed couple of anti-cheat updates moments ago today. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for your reports and the information about Sophos anti-virus. It seems to be causing an incompatibility issue, we're currently investigating and will release the update again once we can confirm the incompatibility problem has been resolved.
  9. Great thanks!
  10. Hi, If these helpful instructions from Jaghammer doesn't resolve the problem, could you add me in Steam Friends ( to troubleshoot it further? This way I'm sure we can get the problem fixed asap for you. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi, We've pushed a small anti-cheat update live now that may help with this issue. Could you see if the problem still persist? If you still cannot see the servers in-game, could you add me in Steam Friends ( to troubleshoot this further and to get it fixed for you asap? Thanks!
  12. Hi, Let's continue troubleshooting this in this thread: Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, This error is happening due to starting Squad again before the first process instance started. Please kill the first hanging Squad process before starting the game again. Did the hanging process problem only beginning recently?
  14. We've pushed another anti-cheat update today that hopefully resolves fully the issue. Please let me know if it'd still happen, though, thanks!
  15. Oh damn Are you running any special 3rd party software in background, like Razer Cortex or something similar? Just to see if closing any of those programs make a change while we troubleshoot this further.