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  1. Sorry for the late reply guys. Thanks for adding me! In the meanwhile, this should help to fix the issue: Run in command-line as Admin: 'sfc /scannow'. The command will check through all Windows' files and recover infected/corrupted files with the original file versions.
  2. Hi, I replied also in the Reddit thread. Could you add me in Steam Friends ( and let's check it closer, and fix of course asap. Thanks!
  3. Hi, We've whitelisted the latest ReShade v3.0.6 now. Thanks for reporting it!
  4. Perfect, thanks for confirming this! It seems that access to the Windows temporary folder is for some reason denied in your PC. It could be anti-virus related, what anti-virus are you using?
  5. @klyk, I think I know now what is happening. For some reason writing to the temporary folder is denied. Could you try this: Go to the Steam\SteamApps\common\Squad\ folder in Explorer, right click squad_launcher.exe and choose 'Run as Administrator'. Does the error persist?
  6. Thanks @klyk, added! Could you also still try what @GreatDestroyerDT kindly suggested? Thanks!
  7. Could you add me in Steam Friends ( Let's get it fixed right away for you, thanks!
  8. Could you check that your system clock is at the right time, not set in history or in future?
  9. If you go to Steam\SteamApps\Squad\EasyAntiCheat\, run EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe and choose 'Repair Service' on bottom left. Then run Squad from Steam, do you still receive the same error?
  10. Do you have more than 1MB free disk space on C:\ (or the drive where temporary folder is located in)? Could you screenshot the 'winver' command?
  11. This error happens if Windows is unable to validate code signing certificates. To fix the error, use Windows Update to install the latest updates and restart Windows once for changes to take effect. For reference:
  12. Great! Thanks for testing and confirming it The dxgi.dll crash is related to something with UE4/ReSHade/SweetFX, crashing outside EAC, so please use the opengl32.dll!
  13. Hi, Could you check if SweetFX works for you now as well? Thanks!
  14. Great! Thanks for confirming this back
  15. Hi guys, The latest version of ReShade/SweetFX has now been whitelisted and this error should be resolved. Do let us know if you'd still encounter it!