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  1. It usually just motivates me to try to fix the team next round. If we lost because of weak SLs I'll usually be SL next game and try to change things.
  2. It's a niche game for a niche audience. The devs know what they're doing. As soon as you casualize/simplify the game with your suggestions, the game just becomes a generic Battlefield clone and loses what makes it unique. Based on your post, Squad is definitely not the game for you. Sorry if I come off as hostile, your post triggered the shit out of me. Squad is on it's way to becoming the game I've always dreamed of, and this post is basically everything I absolutely don't want to happen.
  3. I'm sure that won't be too much of an issue. Squad locking is confirmed, so I'm sure a "first_____ squad stays" system will be endorsed by admins sooner or later. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4wze8g/ability_to_lock_squads/ EDIT: I'm hoping the devs can create a proper system for vehicle squads, better than PR's makeshift one. PR's generally worked fine, but it is too dependant on admins and etiquette.
  4. What wrong with that? 2 CAS 3 Trans 2-4 MBT 6 APC Still leaves 35 infantry across at least 4 infantry squads, assuming we have 50v50 by the time helis launch.
  5. Seriously, check out Project Reality. Vehicles are actually used properly. Once we have some way to organize vehicles (asset squads or some other solution) things should be fine. In PR we have multiple dedicated pilots who fly transport all game, and enjoy it. Whenever you need a ride there's someone who can come get you within 60 seconds.
  6. Definitely. Stryker has no advantage over the CROWS Humvee on Sumari. Same firepower, goes down just as easily, more expensive, and is an easier target to hit.
  7. +1 I squad lead quite often, and even with quite a bit of experience it is too easy to lose track of what your vehicles are doing while simultaneously managing infantry. Squad locks + claim system overhaul will drastically increase the quality of teamplay.
  8. There is no squad limit currently: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/81468944269662140/180A3EB7F6A2184B7B7CEB237DD021B1990B224C/ Pretty sure that there were around 20 this game. There was a bug where nobody could join squads, only create.
  9. 1/50 players flying an A10 would not take the focus off of Squad play at all. It enables the possibility of CAS and ground troops coordinating air strikes together. Once MBTs come in CAS can keep them in check.
  10. Once we can customize our weapons to a degree I would like this. I don't want to be forced to use a scope on a class like medic.
  11. I use them all the time, but it feels like they mostly go unnoticed by my squad unless I tell them that there's a new marker. I really wish we could get the line from PR back. The one that goes from you to the marker. Makes it super easy to see where the marker is, and approximately which direction without having to zoom all the way out or look around on the compass. Will make logi runs so much easier, and the same for trans choppers. Something else that I would really like implemented is an icon on the compass showing which type of marker you are following.
  12. Unless the test tomorrow goes flawlessly, V9 is not releasing this week.
  13. Not even sure if you read my entire post. I'm not talking about a single soldier killing all the fresh spawn alone, I'm talking about a single soldier taking down an FOB alone, which is only possible by shoveling down the FOB while simultaneously defending himself (which is impossible). Now with HABs, enemies are not spawning directly onto the guy who is shoveling, removing the need for him to defend himself. I'm not saying that his chances of going undetected are 100%, just that will be better than before HABS. Don't get me wrong, I am excited for HABs and really want to see how they will change the game but I am just addressing the quote that was being discussed earlier in the thread: Even though it is more visible, a single enemy will not as easily be able to take down an entire enemy FOB as he cannot kill every new spawn while also taking down the radio, unless the defenders have really poor placement of course. It will definitely be more difficult for multiple people to take down an FOB, but for just one guy? I'd say that his chances of taking it down have improved. "Nothing short of removing the FOB status bar could make that possible, stop being ridiculous." You are overestimating the situational awareness of players in public games. I've had a ton of instances where I am the only one to notice that the FOB bar is going down, out of 5+ people within FOB range. Many players will just spawn in and immediately run back to the front line, not checking HUD elements because they are still thinking about how they just died.
  14. I'd assume that the HAB would take longer to shovel up and down than normal structures. Should end up taking as long as it takes to deactivate spawning on FOBs in V8.
  15. I really don't see how it would be any harder for a single enemy to take down an FOB. There is still only one spawn point and only one radio, even though they are now separate structures. Before and after V9 a single soldier still needs to choose between killing the soldiers spawning in, or digging down the FOB. He cannot and never could do both. If anything, it should now be easier for a single soldier to dig take down an FOB alone. In V9, there is no risk of enemies spawning in directly on the radio while the soldier is digging. They will spawn somewhere else, potentially far enough away that they would not notice that their radio is being dug down.