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  1. Allow IED place on player/suicide vest

    I miss Gary, too. Nothing as scary as seeing it come around a corner in a narrow street.
  2. Gas attacks?

    Smoke rounds are an essential piece to making mortars useful. Gas rounds I feel are unnecessary. If they were to be implemented, how who would get gas masks? If only US/Russia, then it makes it impossible to for Insurgents/Militia to defend an area since it could just be gassed and cleared out without any attacking infantry present. If nobody gets them, then it makes it impossible for anyone to hold an area. If everyone gets them, then what's the point of adding gas in the first place if anybody can just equip a mask and keep fighting like normal but with less visibility. It would just seem like a pointless gimmick to me.
  3. Submit Your Battlecam!

    I've timestamped them to the exciting bits, so it's only necessary to watch the next 10-15 seconds of each.
  4. Dedicated Squads

    In that case I agree entirely. I swear I've already seen it implemented in some servers already.
  5. Dedicated Squads

    I'm not trying to be rude, but you seriously need to slow it down a bit when typing. Add some punctuation, and read your posts over out loud before hitting post and you'll be fine. As it is, I can't understand some of your points due to key words being misspelled, and I'm constantly getting lost in the wall of words. Some formatting would go a long way.
  6. Teams within a Squad question.

    Well wherever he heard it, it was not an official source and should be disregarded. I highly doubt that the squad member count will increase to 13, since people already consider 9 to be overwhelming at times. Would you or he be comfortable managing 12 other people, trying to keep them all from running off? US Army squads are typically 9, US Marines are 13, according to Wikipedia. If we increased to 13, that would mean there can only ever be 3 full squads per team, and then a squad of 11. In a game like this, more smaller squads are preferable to fewer larger squads since it allows for more flexibility, more tasks to be carried out at the same time, and more complex strategies.
  7. Character customization would be cool, but honestly I can think of hundreds of things that would better make use of development. It's very very low priority.
  8. Dedicated Squads

    You're gonna need to reword that one a bit.
  9. Teams within a Squad question.

    Source on the 13 players thing? I've been lurking every Squad forum on the daily since it was announced, and I have never seen anything that suggests squad sizes will be increased.
  10. Character model skipping

    Could the character issues be caused by a high ping? I don't think there's anything you can do about the framerate for now. FX CPUs do not do well in the game right now because the game relies heavily on single-core performance. You'll just have to wait. But if you want 60FPS you're going to need to upgrade.
  11. Lag and no refund

    I'd say you're not going to get a refund after playing that long. That's well under $1 per hour played, which is what I consider good value. Hopefully you are able to get a new PC soon to play with us!
  12. RPG and LAW folding suggestion

    The reason that happens is due to the limitations of the current inventory system. Each round type must be treated as a completely different weapon. Like LugNut said, this will be changing in the coming months.
  13. Towing of unmanned assets

    Range on in-game mortars is about 1.23KM according to the wiki.
  14. Headquarter

    So commander? Which is planned btw.
  15. FOB ammo abuse

    Make ammo box cost 250, problem solved. I agree with Tarantyco. Don't have radios start with any points at all. This ammo box stuff is way too abuseable. Infinite FOBs and ammo boxes popping out of 3 guys doesn't make sense from gameplay or realism perspectives.