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  1. I'm very interested to see how it plays out. I wonder if the devs will make any changes to the claim system for this test. With the current system I can only see the following scenario play out: 2/3rds of each team is in vehicles, having a blast, while the last 1/3rd is stuck shoveling and manning super FOBs on the hills inside the cap zones.
  2. Once we have a way to make dedicated squads then logistics shouldn't be a problem. Out of 40 people there is usually one person who would probably enjoy running supplies, but there are too many game mechanics that prevent him from doing so. My suggestion: When we get commander, allow him to designate a logistics squad. This designation will override the claim system so that the SL can take a logi without 3 other players in the squad. This way the logi guy has SL comms and doesn't need to pray that 2 other people join his squad.
  3. 3 noobs with 3 vehicles, or 3 noobs with 1 vehicle between them. I'd rather have the latter. The claim system at least stops vehicles from being used as transportation for a single person. However, it does need a serious overhaul. Different vehicles should have different requirements. Vehicles with weapon systems should only require the 2 needed to operate both positions.I think that vehicles like unarmed transport trucks should still require 3 or more, so that 2 dudes don't take the truck intended for 13 when they could have filled it with more people, or taken a smaller vehicle.
  4. These can all be explained by flaws in the game. Foliage LODs are not as good as they could be, and may not give the concealment that you think it gives. Plus, lower settings makes it lose it's effectiveness. Smoke was nerfed a little while ago and is not very effective anymore. It's very easy to see enemies that try to hide behind it. If you were Militia then it is really easy for enemies to spot you. Their camo is broken currently. Do you know, 100%, that your cases were just one enemy and not an enemy squad who got the drop on you with different angles? That guy in the building either was lucky or was making use of a good system for when you're surrounded by enemies. Kill an enemy on one side, then immediately turn back and clear behind, then repeat. That way it is harder for you to be flanked. Peekers also get a slight advantage due to lag compensation (not sure if it applies to Squad, but it's likely). The peeker will see the defender a few milliseconds before the defender sees the peeker. Google it, there's videos on it.
  5. They haven't announced a price point as of yet, but since it's for sure going standalone, which means there will be a cost. If it's 10-15USD and changes the game up enough then I'd pick it up, but if they're going to go for $30-$40 then I'm gonna skip out on it.
  6. But why. What's the point of it then.
  7. Building in cap zone, boarding up the windows, and defending the stairs is usually a lot of fun. Just make sure it's not your only FOB in the city.
  8. I heard the devs say that it's a big with the current animation system. It should be removed in V10.
  9. Guys, pilotable fixed wing aircraft have not been promised yet. They are a "maybe in the future" as of right now, due to the map sizes being too small for realistic flight speeds. Devs have said that they have low-poly plane models ready, and are considering an automated Call of Dutyish (not meant to be insulting, just the best comparison I can think of) CAS strike. I really hope they change their mind on the realistic flight speeds thing. Speeds were fine in PR, but another concern is the unlimited view distance. Hopefully 8x8KM maps will allow for proper jets and can become the new standard.
  10. I can just imagine all of the noobs freaking out, wondering why the F key is broken, then driving into a river to their death so that they can be infantry again. Have it so that the person who empties the logi is stuck in there until it is resupplied. Then if a squad wants to use a logi, they have to refill it for the next group, rather than just leave the empty truck near the frontline. Although I can see a reduction in FOBs supplied because of this.
  11. If you get a volunteer who wants to do it, it works fine, but I wouldn't really call that a dedicated logistics squad. Like Tarantyco said, it does not work very well if the SL is the one in the logi since it leaves at least 2 squad members with little or no direction. Idea: What if when we get commander, he can give an SL approval to bypass the 3 men/vehicle limit (still keeping vehicles limited to 3 per squad). I feel that would be an easy workaround to make almost everyone happy until we get a proper overhaul of the claims system. Squad members would still need approval from the SL. This would allow for APC squads with no extra players, as well as a dedicated logi squad.
  12. Would it be able to handle all of those players in a concentrated area? Squad matches typically only use 10-20% of the available play area. Would it be able to keep up with fast FPS gameplay where every millisecond of latency counts? Also, one of the struggles with squad right now is clientside performance. Would this system help at all with that?
  13. I disagree with radio also being transmitted to local. IRL you will be able to easily tell if someone is talking into their radio, or talking to you. In a game like this you'll have to say "no, not you" to the people around you, nearly every time you speak. Things will get very confusing when using squad comms, and organized squads WILL switch to Discord or Teamspeak.
  14. Scout could have a single yellow (or some other color that is not green) observe marker available to him, so that he can quickly and accurately relay locations to the SL. The SL can just place a red marker over the scouts marker if the location needs to be saved. Scout's marker should not appear on the compass. If the SL needs to use the scout's for arty or something, then he can simply place his own marker on top of the scout's. I also agree with Exodus, and the marker should only be seen by the SL. 2 markers would provide too much accurate intel during a firefight.
  15. Like other guys are saying, check your maps before you fire at a distance! I'm hoping that they remove nametags altogether unless you are very close and are focusing the center of your screen on top of them for a second or so. Awareness of your surroundings is (and should be more) important.