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  1. So you want Squad to be DayZ? Sorry to say, but this game is NEVER going to be anything like what you just described.
  2. Once we have squad lock next update it'll be better too. People will no longer be able to join SLs that have no intention of leading infantry. Just 3 guys in a mortar base leaves plenty of people for objectives.
  3. Rallies should remain relatively the same until until we get transport helos and the ability to airdrop supplies. After that, I'm all for nerfing the crap out of them. They should be a tool to get the Squad back together again every once in a while, not a respawn used every time you get yourself killed out in the open. My ideal system is to be on a timer rather than respawn based. Once placed it will stay usable for 60 seconds or until overrun. Re-arm should be 3-5 minutes. Again, something like this would only be possible after trans helos and improvements to logi system, otherwise squads will be totally screwed after they lose their SL.
  4. In a game on this scale, with the assets that it has, being able to distinguish threats based on sound matters a lot. Adding background atmospheric sounds would just cause confusion, because you would not be able to tell which sounds are relevant and which sounds are not.
  5. +1. The "No FOBs on flags, no exceptions" mentality is only a thing in Squad because it was carried over by PR players early on in Squad's lifetime. Not many people question why, they just think that's the way things have to be. Same with marksman in some cases. The reason it was a thing in PR was because spawning on the FOB would be disabled altogether by even the smallest enemy presence. So it made sense that you didn't want the FOB on the objective since enemies would almost always be close enough to deactivate it. In Squad, however, enemies need to be much closer and in larger numbers. Even then, it is usually still possible to spawn on the FOB with a small time penalty. Then you have the structures which can be built onto the FOB to greatly help with defending the objective, like sandbags and infinite ammo crates. Why split your forces into defending a FOB and objective when you could defend both in one spot. In Squad it just makes sense to build on active objectives. PR it didn't.
  6. I like how it is. Changing systems would make long range engagements too easy since all you would have to do is wait for your sights to come back and then you can make the exact same shot again. I guess I also like the manual aspect of it. Makes it feel different than the typical FPS, and also slows down gameplay a little.
  7. Press Shift + P to enter camera mode. When changing to other maps you may need to use the command "AdminAddCameraman YourNameHere". Complete list of camera controls are available here: http://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Administration
  8. Now that you mention it, this is a pretty big issue that I keep forgetting exists. Logi can be heard from well over 200m away while these things are silent 50m away. Definitely something I'd like to see addressed if possible in the next hotfix.
  9. Inb4 thread locked. Marksmen scopes are currently placeholder, and higher magnification scopes will be added in the future. For future threads please do a search on your topic first, as topics such as this one have already been discussed to death in the past.
  10. V10 no. Unlikely, but who knows what the devs will start working on after they complete Animations and Core-inventory. We do have tanks and helos in the works now, so I don't think it would be that outlandish to predict new classes to go with them.
  11. I would personally consider it different for a couple of different reasons. 1: As you stated there are may more paths that American vehicles can take in order to get to the city unharmed. 12 routes is way more difficult to block then 3. Even if the scouts use all of their mines, it still takes 4 scouts working together to block every route. If Insurgents tried to use their own vehicles, it would take at least 36 tickets to complete the job using techies valued at 3 each. 2: Mines and IEDs can be removed from bridges and landbridges. If a Stryker crew gets lazy and blindly crosses, that's on them. 3: Even if all routes are blocked off, it is still possible for the US infantry to get to the city without vehicles, although it would take awhile. With 12 different routes (and all spread very far from eachother, it is very difficult for the Insurgents to cover every single one and at least some US infantry will be able to get through. Insurgents, on the other hand, rely heavily on the vehicles to cross because the bridges are long and there is absolutely no cover the entire way. If the US has a Stryker or marksmen watching the bridges, it's almost impossible for Insurgents to successfully cross any bridge. Combine that with the bridges being within close proximity to each other, INS main is very easy to lock down with even a single US squad.
  12. Parking vehicles on the bridges which connect INS main to the rest of the map and destroying them, leaving behind immovable wrecks. Makes it impossible to get vehicles out of INS main. I personally think it's a scummy thing to do because there is no way to counteract it besides putting a squad on 24/7 guard duty. If I was in charge of a server I would make it a bannable offense since it is WAAAAY worse an exploit than the water glitch from a little while ago and ruins the game. I can't wait until we get a breacher class with demolition charges so that we can hopefully destroy the wreckages. EDIT: I think it is only an issue on the Al Basrah Insurgent main bridges. Every other map and scenario I think it's an interesting tactic and should be allowed. Still doesn't change my mind on wanting a way to destroy the wrecks.
  13. Yes. Muttrah was one of my favorites for infantry. It's a shame that it was so overplayed, it's a great map.
  14. You should've done some research before you bought the game. We've known for years what direction Squad is going. I'm not exactly sure why you're still here if the game is nothing like what you were hoping for. Do you expect the devs to change the entire direction of the game just for you, when there are already many people here who are pleased with it? I'll point you in the direction of Insurgency: Sandstorm. It sounds like what you want. No gameplay yet, but you should watch out for it.