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  1. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    My god. Wonderful. Saved, snatched, yoinked. You're on fire Fokke!
  2. Can I run Squad on my PC?

    No, just no. Your system is well below minimum requirements. You'd be looking at 20-30fps if lucky and at those frames the game is just not enjoyable in the least. I'm not the best resource for this, but comparing it to my own rig with oc:d I52500K (minimum req cpu) and a 960 (a little above minimum gpu) and I'm rocking 50-70fps on mostly low, I can't see yours fairing very well.
  3. What is really going on with Squad?

    That's just a silly statement though. Once V12 comes out, whenever that might be but 2018 nonetheless, the list of things to come is getting very, very short for it to be mostly feature complete and be out with a 1.0 / beta optimization phase whatever they'll call it Post V12 we're expecting Fallujah, Choppers, 100 players aaaaaaand that's about it. Another optimization pass, maybe even comboed with an engine upgrade, which might take a while. But really, big features wise at least we're on the final stretch, there's no going around it. A billion and 6 smaller things and a lot of big features to come post 1.0 as well, so for it to be fully complete and devs stop working on it, sure that might be a few years from now, but Beta / 1.0 is getting creepily close. And all things considered, the time they've taken so far has also delivered a lot of shit the Kickstarter for example didn't originally promise or reach, but because the game has done and sold fairly well they've allowed it to feature creep itself into a bigger game, which takes longer to finish.
  4. Hardcore Mode/Suggestions

    @Dr.Stone this game might interest you, it has all of the things you're asking for... and more! Link to game
  5. Playing with friends?

    2. Best experience of Squad is had squadding up with everyone else in the server for a full squad, if you're not interested in any of the specific tasks suited for smaller squads such as what Lee up there stated, I'd recommend just jumping into a squad together. You'll still be in fights together and be in constant communication, but it just involves a couple other dudes and you're not quite as handicapped as combat goes.
  6. trial

    What card is it / what's the rest of your rig and people can give you an estimate of expected performance. As with all games on Steam, you can buy it, play for under 2 hours and get full refund no questions asked.
  7. How To Not Suck at Squad - Finished version for V11 Last repost I promise!
  8. Very nice! Spam that whenever a bigger sale happens (in a month)
  9. Why cannot my game start

    10/10 love story, would read again
  10. v.11 iluminate fps issue .

    ...motion blur toggled on in options?
  11. Alpha 11

    yes, it's possible. What's your rig? Impossible to compare to another game, especially one in a completely different category, scope, engine etc... E: looked up your rig and if you're still at the i7 6700hq 8gb ram and 950m gtx, your frames are about what I'd expect. That's a laptop and on the older side as well. For comparsion's sake my rig is i52500k 16gb ram and 960 and I'm on the low end of machines that can run Squad decently (45-70fps). My rig is just on the verge of being minimal requirements to Squad or even a little below and your machine is by those benchmarks a good nod further down from mine, especially on the 950m vs 960 scale so hitting around +-30 seems reasonable for this game. Sorry pal, but an upgrade is in order sooner or later. Optimization will only get you so far, the game is going to be demanding one way or the other, just by the sheer number of players in the server and things going on.
  12. What moves Squad into Beta?

    Tanks, helicopters, commander, suppression overhaul, spawn/logi things, medic overhaul, finishing the vehicle damage system, breaching/doors, territory control & randomized AAS, 100 player servers are the big factors that I'd consider Squad needs to be "mostly feature complete" and comfortably call it a Beta, or even a 1.0 full release. In the scope of V11 and the content with it, that doesn't seem very far off at all, game modes and 100 pop servers are probably the biggest ones there, but still doable by the end of the year if all goes well. Fallujah is pretty happily underway as well and while I wouldn't say Squad "needs" new maps to call it feature complete, I'm sure no one is going to complain about more and now that Kamdesh is done, I'd imagine there is already another new mystery map in the works besides Fallujah. But yeah, it's getting eerily close. Imagine V12 with refinements to the vehicle dmg model, tanks, randomized AAS and some work on spawns, at least Rally Points were going to get looked at, maybe suppression will make it in there too depending how long it takes and that list is already halved, Fallujah might be done for it as well... If hypothetically V12 takes 3 months, it'll be August and then for the rest of the year there would be Commander, Medic, Breaching, Territory Control, Helicopters and 100 player servers. Not too shabby.
  13. Servers grayed out.

    There are currently servers for both V10 and the V11 public test, check your filters and check off "show different version" or something of the like and you'll get only the ones you're on.
  14. What can damage vehicles?

    https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/7xeh9g/squad_game_mechanics_post/ Player kept, but so far it's kept up to date well. They don't mess around a lot with the values, excpet probably for the next patch. But we'll know when it hits
  15. How to Not Suck at Squad Compilation - Imgur Album. Basics, SL, Medic, Defense, Offense, Vehicles.
  16. https://goo.gl/forms/eRlDttnx4G3P1RX23 Just out of personal interest as to the age range of people playing Squad (and using one the places this gets posted to )
  17. Can't find the right sniper thread

    Mods can delete it when they see it if necessary. The topic of snipers comes up every now and then, take your pick... I don't think there is such a thing as "the thread" but the idea comes up pretty regularly. The tl;dr of it all is that in the dev's vision the Sniper is too much of a specialized role in the scenario they want to represent with Squad. Which is regular troops on regular troops. Also that the Sniper won't offer much in terms of teamplay. Then people come back with the "oh but I will mark targets" (when they really mean they want to do sick sniping montages). And the loop goes on. Have a good read.
  18. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    SLs who don't say anything when things aren't going their way. Those are the most crucial calls they miss because of.. what? Embarrassment? Failure to understand it's critical info? Thinking they'll get chewed on if they say they're losing? "We're taking a beating, we need help on cap A" "We lost our transport can someone help" "Enemies on our FOB careful if you spawn" ^calls I've never heard in a losing game
  19. 40vs40 upgrade 50vs50 v.10 ?

    There are no secret 100 player club servers for Squad Black Elite Trooper Extended edition owners if that's what you mean. The servers you see are the servers everyone else sees. The 80 player cap is for all servers, licensed or not and can only be nudged up with OWI's involvement. There's been a test or two with 100 players within the past year IIRC and while it ran ok-ish for clients (players) and people with beastly rigs probably didn't have an issue with it, the 100 players + vehicles to go along with them are/were very heavy on the server side of things. The 80 player servers are all already close to the best ones available and they are just about able to handle the current population. That's what I remember at least, but it's been a while. As usual, my info is about as reliable as the back of a cereal box. And yeah, I'd imagine the extra 20 players is a big deal because of the amount of things both the clients and servers have to handle grow exponentially with added players because everyone and everything has to be handled one way or the other. Wonder why there are about 2 other games in existance with over 64 players in a FPS?
  20. No Mainstream Youtubers Playing Squad

    I've personally seen about half a dozen big twitch streamers, small channels like Lirik and Shroud included playing Squad in the past month. Double the amount in the past 6 months when another bunch of them got around to it in the summertime. And some big youtube channels have made videos on Squad, but as Squad isn't a title that attracts the big masses and isn't good for clickbaiting or doing short "omg here's top 10 pubg fails" type of content they usually leave it at that one. For how niche of a game Squad is, it has got a pretty good amount of publicity from youtubers/streamers, just because they enjoy the game as it is and they play it not because of the revenue but the game itself. And for that exact reason some other channels won't ever touch it. Also, some of those top dog youtubers / streamers usually work mainly on contracts on the games they play = they're paid promotions to play and make like a 20 video series or something. And that's why they do those on AAA games rather than indies who can't pay the same kind of bucks for them.
  21. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

    Can we have the official change to "OMG" @Nate
  22. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Only now saw this, holy smokes it's awesome! Absolutely fantastic piece of information
  23. Can't start the game - Tried everything

    If it crashes on intro screen, make sure you are not running any recording software, especially Plays.tv before running the game
  24. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    D'aww. Ok, we can lock the thread now. Jk, I'll start new shoutouts myself, Player name: <eUK>Nibbler Player Nationality: Sounds like a brit, smells like a brit, tastes like a brit, is probably a brit Date & time: Dawn of time Map and side: Many maps, many sides Act of heroism or good conduct: On top of being a solid Squad Leader in the game, his behavior day in and day out is exemplary from anyone in an online community and what makes him stand out from the rest. Nibbler always stays calm and friendly and I can' t recall a single time he would've mugged someone off in his team, even when things have gone to absolute shit. His leadership exudes teamwork spirit and he provides a friendly, but effective Squad environment for old friends and new players alike. A true gentleman in any and every situation, which is an unfortunate rarity in this day and age. Doesn't matter if it's Tuesday afternoon or middle of the night on Friday, but if you find yourself in Nibbler's Squad - you know you're in good hands.