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  1. September

    lol @Smee thanks for taking the heat
  2. September

    I wonder if commenting here will bamboozle someone because they've forgot to lock this unlike other september recaps
  3. Only situation where this is a problem is when you've got a mixed language / mainly English based server and a lot of different nationalities/languages decides they all need their own "X only" squad - without having the people to fill the squad - that always leads into a shitshow. End up with several 2-4 man squads with no real intention of being 2-4 man squads and then you have maybe 2 fully functional 9 man squads. Like, you've got 40 players in a team, 4 of language A, 2 of language B, 6 of language C, 2 of language D and the rest are native english speakers or those comfortable enough with it - you don't ****ing make a squad for A, B or D only in that case.
  4. Extreme lag spikes. The game is unplayable.

    Is texture streaming on in options?
  5. It has returned! Who knows why it ever went away but it's sure good to see the old chap back in action.
  6. Ello Everyone!

    Welcome aboard.
  7. Squad on ps4/xbox

    Well that would definitely sort the issue of too short firefights
  8. I've also noticed this to be a very friendly corner of the internet, thus I've ended up spending some time here. I share your experience. Yay. Did you have any other offtopic grievances to voice in a completely unrelated thread by quoting something you don't even address or back up your claim by anything or was this just a social call? It is so very nice to meet you. I hope you stick around.
  9. Hey, welcome! Try and mention when you join a squad that you're new, a good SL will take that into account as you go along. If you're still looking for that first magical experience, try to play some games on the top servers at your prime time, like 8pm --> during a day and you'll have a chance at getting the real experience. Don't be turned away if it takes a while until you start dropping fools left right and centre if you have limited experience in FPS' in general, Squad is pretty much the deep end of shooters. Take your time, enjoy the atmosphere.
  10. Assets and FOB Costs

    + for any kind of restriction to FOB usage. Base FOB cost should be straight up 40-50 to punish hard for losing it. Amount of spawns on it should also 100% be restricted by either a static, slowly increasing amount or tie it up into supplies or something but the current unrestricted version is beyond stupid.
  11. HI everyone

    Greetings, welcome!
  12. Why i can't remove the radio?

    It takes a while to remove it both friendly and enemy. You can see the health of the friendly FOB on the top left corner bar and once it reaches 0% the FOB will be removed. Usually you need a SL to hold F on it for it to start going down but you can "force" it down with 2 guys shoveling extremely slowly and with 3 guys at a reasonable pace. The FOB health slowly regenerates over time at a pace faster than a single man shoveling a friendly one. I believe the SL F button cancels this regen and puts it down at a slow pace too, which can be hurried up by other players helping with the RIGHT CLICK shovel.
  13. Could it not show on the side with member, post count and location? If I recall right it only shows it to yourself too, just hurts my soul every time I post something and it's there. Thanks, Herhi's soul