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  1. Nothing is confirmed but educated guesses are between June - July, to avoid dissapointment I'd lean on the July side. July 25th Herhi's birthday v10 extravaganza is a possibility
  2. tl;dr man wants to play PR, plays other games and complains they are not PR
  3. Some new faces already showing daily in our public discord!
  4. Cheeky bump
  5. Just out of curiosity, would you really enjoy playing on a low population server without these rules? Do you really enjoy digging that FOB out so much more rather than being in active combat? I mean, the thinking simply is from many server admins that while the server is low populated they want to keep people active and fighting as much as possible. Because it really isn't very exciting to hunt for FOBs or Rally Points or objectives if they aren't defended because there aren't enough players on the server. Really now. Think about it. Do you enjoy more... Holding right click on an inanimate object for a minute and capturing flags that don't have anyone on them = running around an area without enemies to WIN the match quickly? Or do you enjoy having a small, continuous firefight? Really now. Think about it. If you do choose the option 1 I applaud you. But I'm sorry good sir that'd put you in the minority as to how people want to spend their time in a game.
  6. under 5 man queue is usually only a couple minutes... And it's a lot faster than pre queue... Out of 80 people there's usually practically 1 guy getting out every minute or so with each map switch dropping about 10 guys. Or.. you can join a server that isn't full if you scroll down a little! Magical.
  7. Have they worked at any point or is this a recent issue? Does the grey / green microphone icon pop up in the bottom left when you press V / B to talk? Usually these have been solved by setting the microphone you want as the default and disabling all other recording devices (webcam etc.). This should really do the trick and I don't know what are the other options as it's a little tricky to fiddle with the mic as the option isn't in Squad itself yet. Mine didn't randomly work for a moment even though the mic icon was popping up, but restarting the game with a unplug and plug back in did the trick, I assume ya'll have tried that as well as restarting pc etc.
  8. Greetings & welcome! You'll find that most clans don't mind political incorrectness to an extent, quite a mature community we've got here! In my opinion the easiest way to find your place and the group you get along is to surf through the servers until you find one that has good games and start frequenting it until people start recognizing your butt and sleeze your way in that way. But, for a traditional approach this would be the place to start looking: E: I dunno @Planetdong, works fine on my end, but it doesn't seem to want to do the popout thing the other link does. Anyhow, it's just 2 clicks away the teams/clans subsection!
  9. 13 hours have passed and no report.. either he's still on the battlefield or recovering from shell shock... Hope you had a good one, welcome aboard!
  10. Up the ****ing Reds! Cheers Sho-Shin, best of luck to you doing the same!
  11. I'm not personally aware of any pure danish clans, just that some of the bigger ones have a bunch of danes in them... Those are the place more suited for your search though!
  12. Sparked some lost interest in our veteran players too, now's the time to come and find us and see if you can match us in the battlefield and in banter!
  13. Yeah was a pleasure being a part of it again! A big hand to all the old players stepping up big time to SL and help out the new guys. And also for the new guys to come in with a proper attitude to let someone teach them the tricks of the trade. Best community woopwoop!
  14. As soon as the tidal wave of shite settles the positive reviews of people who were actually busy playing it through the weekend and possibly have bought it and are excited to play post-freeweekend will fill in the slot. It's just useless toxic noice of mostly kids now. The kind that expects to play a free call of duty for the weekend and don't get it. The type of people that aren't even close to being possible customers anyway.