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  1. I don't know, it seems obvious to me that when someone has 1 post and he's "breaking rules", he may not really know where are rhe rules, perhaps he its the first time he uses a forum or maybe he doesn't go too well with forums. So instead of helping him, you want to take punishments against someone who doesn't even know what's going on? How about instead of that, make sure to clarify about the search function more clearly.
  2. It's sickening to see people hating on others for posting their ideas. Who the heck you think you are? If it's a troll thread ( A real fucking troll thread. Trolls aren't people who disagree with your opinion ), then yeah whoever does that is a scum. You're complaining because they can't spell English? Have you ever went out to the world wide web or have you been stuck in a forum as your homepage and never left it? Not everyone speaks English as their first language. I don't, I know English great but it isn't my native. You sure aren't a reason for them to learn English properly. People are asking the same queations because they are new to Squad. They bought it because they hear it's good. Don't you ruin it for them. Instead of acting like douchebags tell them what do they do wrong and refer them to the search function. I think some of you were never told that behimd each user there's a LIVING BREATHING HUMAN. This forum is not a private forum and everyone can come here and express their ideas. You can't suppress the freedom of speech because you don't want to hear what they have to say. I have never played PR but it seems 90% of they players that came from PR are lazy, bitchy, complaining kids who think they deserve everything and that they're perfect. How about instead judging others starting judging yourself?! By far this must have been the most sickening cancer community I have ever seen. Ungrateful people who think people owe them shit. I am not talking about mods, I am not talking about devs, I am talking about the users who are close-minded as fuck. I am surprised how moderators haven't took actions against YOU guys. This game isn't getting ruined because PR ideas, I came to think the PR concept is great. It is getting ruined by those cancerous PR players who think they deserve some shit from others because I don't fucking know. I am not going at all PR players. I play with 4 people who are "PR veterans" regularly Squad, and they are the nicest people compared to some of you here.
  3. Making Squad Leading Easier

    No, this doesn't make squad leading, it makes people treat others as robots. It's will clusterfuck the way player names work and takes out the personal contact between squad members. I don't want to people to call me 4, I want them to call me Sidney. I also hate the fact I'd call people 2 instead of their name.
  4. Squad Locking / Private Squads

    natural because it encourages players to split to smaller squads
  5. You realize there are hundreds of terror groups in the middle-east, right? Hezbolla, Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.........
  6. How is the cheating?

    EAC is a shitty anti-cheat. Games like RoK were infested with cheaters, under EAC's protection. You guys claim this game is unprotected but I have only encountered 1 cheater in my 80 hours.
  7. You think people in public 100 players servers will just fly from objective to main base to "assist in war" for an hour? You live in a pineapple under the sea or somerhing? This is a game, where's the fun in that? I don't know what happened in PR I haven't paid 40 dollars to fly a heli on the same route consistantly for an hour. Holy shit PR sure had naive players in it, I can tell ya'll that!
  8. Transport squads. You funny! He thinks 4 people will dedicate an hour of their game to move people from main base to objective because that's fun. Please, if you think transport squad is fun, you're in the wrong side of gaming.
  9. You have an option. Go on foot and walk for 15 minutes or go inside a HUMV and shoot from it's roof like the other 6 squads in your team. Tons of vehicles makes people lazy fucks who stay inside their car for the speed, armor and weaponry. Rest in peace infantry combat.
  10. Which leaves 20 earthlings to crawl their way to objectives, and you want to make them go slower in bigger maps. What tortury is this? Ruins infantry combat.
  11. ALL GREAT EXCEPT A 50 PLAYER TEAM HAS 7 SQIADS MEANS 14 HUMVS PER 50 PLSYERS WHICH COMPLETELY RUINS INFANTRY.Caps are intentional. Read my cancerous comment at your own discretion.
  12. It better be. If you make a game and say "we'll just let them have fun with it first week, cash out our bags of money and do dafuq we want" you're doing it wrong and your thinking wrong. The playerbase is bigger than you think, you seem to have no real idea how big is the playerbase. Why don't you hop into steamcommunity? check the discussion boards?
  13. Twitch brought so many players to Squad, you have no idea. This game is not made specifically for PR old schools nor PR pld schools are anywhere near majority. I came to Squad because twitch. You guys are all thinking the forums' users are a big part of the playerbase or smth. Ya'll don't know what you're talking about. This is no opinion, this is a fact.
  14. You blind or something? Squad became very popular, alot of streamers and e-celebrities started playing it - which got alot of people to buy it. I believe PR playerbase is down to 2% but I say 10% just so I won't get shitposted because the majority of the forums are from PR, although they are as less as 10% of the whole playerbase.Yeah, you have no idea do you?