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  1. Squad Ops for OCE Region

    Yeah I would play this and I am sure plenty of the vets from BigD will jump on it too. cya on the discord
  2. Ragers

    100% agree with this statement. I run with the ethos that the SL has a degree of responsibility and I cannot stand those who actively try and rid themselves of it. In that sense SL comms can get a little heated but is completely understandable given the huge list of priorities a SL has to manage. Even the most laid back SL's (420 squad yewww) find themselves in heated exchanges on the SL comms. On those occasions where I lose my cool I've gone and added those SLs on my team and apologise directly. At no point has any of them ever reacted negatively after the apology. I would say their respect for you as a SL increases as it is always difficult to take a step back in those situations.
  3. Squad Leading Guide with +++++

    Confirmed. Had the pleasure of getting wiped by +++++'s squad. Took the smart move and joined his squad next round :lol:
  4. Squad Leading Guide with +++++

    Great guide mate, really learning a lot here. The advice on the SL priorities is fantastic as so many times I've struggled to make decisive correct decisions under pressure. Would be great if you released some more strategies you've adopted for different maps like you've done for Fools Road!
  5. Hey all super stoked to have picked up this game and looking to get more involved in the community. I am sure more than a few Aussies would have heard my frantic cries to not give up as I am extracting that splinter from your foot. ;) I am new to this style of fps gaming but come from other team based games; dota2 & WoW where I am more then comfortable to take leadership roles. Over the next few days I will be endeavouring to take the SL role on so if you see me on the squad screen, please don't hesitate to join if you are willing to put up with a noob (but rather enthusiastic) SL. Of course I will remain active as a medic still. ;D You can find me on the AU BigD servers and occasionally the US servers early mornings. Cheers CHICKHEN