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  1. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    That Sniper I want it now! Looks Amazing. Good Job.
  2. FedorRoxs' Squad playlist 1080p

    Nice video, I Liked it!
  3. server connection problem

    You didn't really explain fully in detail by what's not fixed connection problem can be anything. Is it the ping? Or is it the Server Closed issue? I have updated mine and didnt have any issues.
  4. I spotted the difference straight away even though it was not listed in the changelog for some reason.
  5. Alpha 3.9 Released

    Yes I believe they have changed the sounds some way for me they sound different.
  6. Good idea keep It up !!
  7. Alpha 3.9 Released

    Thank you so much gonna try it now!!
  8. Minimal Objectives Game Mode Ideas

    KIP Sounds really intresting.
  9. Squad Logo's

    I like them nice work ;)
  10. Welcome to the Community!
  11. Funny player and squads names

    Found this guy DrowingSyrianChild I didn't find it funny but might as well post it here they called it English banter well there you go English banter wtf
  12. Spawning Console?

    Yeh most likely.
  13. Spawning Console?

    Ok thanks for the reply I just wanted to know if there is cause I am pretty sure that I found a bike parked next to a wall on one of the multiplayer severs couldn't get into it but it was parked and it's one of the bikes that was shown that's its in development. Just something I took into consideration.
  14. Spawning Console?

    Hello Guys is there anyway I can spawn vehicles or any other equipment in the firing range I am pretty sure some vehicles maybe already be in the game just not added in multiplayer. If there is a way to spawn one just to have a look how it looks and stuff. I highly doubt that there is but if someone knows please let me know. ✌️