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  1. Hi folks! Ive been away from Squad for quite Sometime, and version 10 got me back in the fight. Since ive been away for a while? Would anybody shed Some light If/when They Will add the USMC and when the M1A1 is due for being implemented? any references to The above on this forum would also be very appreciated...
  2. How to open console?

    I want to open the console in the firing range to try all the weapons by typing allkitsavailable 1. But when i Press the ~ key nothing happens. So what am i Doing wrong?
  3. M1A1/A2

    What is known about possible m1a1/A2 tank for Squad? I lover the m1 for battlefield 2 allthough it was a littlebit to arcady. Will it ever be added in the first place? And if so how Will it look like in terms of gameplay.
  4. development roadmap?

    I was wondering if there is Some kind of development roadmap official unoffcial floating around for Squad somewhere.
  5. Melee & hand to hand combat.

    Well just Because it was in PR doesnt garentee it Will be in Squad.
  6. Melee & hand to hand combat.

    Are there any plans to implement Some sort of melee And/or some simple hand to hand combat to Squad? Even milsims like Ama 3 overlook this. Also there is a really cool mod that does add hand to hand combat. Thing is in Squad i had a few encounters where i ran into an enemy and i ran out of ammo while Being danger close whehe Some sort of mêlee attack would come in handy. Esspecialy in urban envirements
  7. U.S. Marines or U.S. Army?

    So Its safe to say we wont see a marine faction at all? That would be a real Shame. I love the marines.