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  1. Allow FOB placement near cache's again

    Yes please make ins fun again!
  2. Dedicated Squads

    In your case I would find a better server, what ever one you are playing on sounds like garbage
  3. Dedicated Squads

    It would make 0 deference from how it works already. I am always in discord and still use squad comms.
  4. Cookers

    It will never come back.
  5. Dedicated Squads

    That or just set a password on your blocked squad. @hackeye8236 good to here. I try and do the support etc.. and coordinate with the other squads. More we show people how much more fun these experinces are the more they will catch on and reciprocate.
  6. Dedicated Squads

    Come play on valhalla then as the rules are enforced to promote the proper game play. O never mind tjust read the rest of your replays. Have fun not playing squad!
  7. FOB ammo abuse

    Haha nice, what server was that?
  8. Dedicated Squads

    Exactly this. It will come and it is enforced on valhalla
  9. Dedicated Squads

    Well considering it is more productive to have a full 9 man squad doing things a 2 man vehicle squad is able to focus on covering them, and if needed transport them up the map when requested.
  10. Dedicated Squads

    Btw damn phone
  11. Dedicated Squads

    The easiest thing for Squad leaders after this new update is to compartmentalize tasks through out the team, giving SL's more focus, communication along with better coordination and control. Now you can have an INF with all 9 guys guns out while other smaller squad run vehicles. AT THE START OF THE GAME -To start a dedicated squad label what you are doing in the squad name before locking (first come first serve basis). -Dedicated squads could be 2 man Logi, 2 man vehicle team, 2 man transport, 3 man anti mortar / scout squad, 2 - 3 man mortar squad. DEDICATED SQUAD REQUIREMENTS -When leading a dedicated squad always stay in comms with other SL's to assist them and gain more situational awareness of the battle-space so you can assist from the most optimal areas. -If your in a vehicle always help out with transporting squads somewhere else as maneuverability is key to getting one up on the enemy team -NEVER ABANDON THE LOGI! It is the life blood of your team!! -HMG Vehicles always coordinate with INF SL's and help cover attacks, or defend the team from enemy vehicles These are just a few ways to help promote one hell of an awesome experience for everyone, leading to less of a cluster **** of a game. And helps all the SL's stay on a specific task rather than juggling 4-5 diff things with only half his force.
  12. Well by that logic the e done already
  13. Asset Rules

    Had he named his squad logi squad?
  14. BTR 82A vs Stryker

    Game n is supposed to be asymetric. Not OP at sll. Just requires coordination. Wait for at to slap a hit on it then you swoop in and finish it off. Or double vehicle will always run a 30 mil.