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  1. @Nordichell yeah @El Duderinoupdate this thang, get that vid up @Nordichell yeah @El Duderinoupdate this thang, get that vid up
  2. O my panties @Axton
  3. I'll be testing mine on a i7 7700k 16gb ram 1tb hhd @Nordicyou make das video yet?
  4. Well I'll be the girst to get the hype rolling again. Shit jea good news
  5. Yeah she'll casing sounds would be so dope
  6. At all costs
  7. @El Duderinowe will see if i need a desktop, i get the hang of the terminal usage
  8. @El Duderino yeah server. Been learning how to use Linux etc the last couple days, think I get the basic hang of it. Will be different and fun. Plus with this super helpful community shouldn't be to difficult :). Thanks btw
  9. @Nordic sweeht! @El Duderino Ubuntu
  10. @Odin thanks bud
  11. will anyone be willing to help me out if and when I get stuck trying to set it up? never done this before, just have been watching some vids today on the process and I think I can get the hang of it but I am sure something will come up. Will prob be a few days tho and i'll be using ubuntu
  12. I hope @Nordicmakes a video detailing the steps for us plebs
  13. @El Duderinothanks for the Info!
  14. Nice! hows the performance compared to windows OS?