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    @Romagnolo I have a new one for you!
  2. British | SQUAD | Megathread | RUS

    when this coming out?
  3. Mod Weekend

    THIS WEEKEND Vikings will be hosting Mods on their Mod Server Valhalla | Mod Weekend | ASC The server will run FIRDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY with peak time Saturday @ 1800 CST Mods for the Weekend: - Agrabah - Skorpo - Karkland - ForestAir - Helicopters (+Heli maps) Mods can be DL'd from this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1361667184&savesuccess=1 @everyone is welcome to come play and we hope to see you there! Streamers - http://twitch.tv/BigJimmyHD P.S. -If this turns out to be a success we will make this a bi weekly or weekly event testing new mods with the community. -If you are interested in streaming this event contact me and we will get you set up!
  4. Limit locked squads

    Honestly it all comes down to the server. Some have some great rules on its implementation to avoid spam and others don't give a shat. Up to you to play on the servers that admin them properly.
  5. IF

    Better recycle and yes
  6. Looking to split a dedicated box

    70 bucks a month
  7. Looking to split a dedicated box

    Yes so we would have 1 server, you would have 1 server and we would share a 3rd server for training and events.
  8. Looking to split a dedicated box

    It is based in Dallas tx for heat all around na ping.
  9. Our community has an i7 32 gb ram dedicated box we are looking to split with anyone interested. Runs and performs flawlessly. Just pm me.
  10. Allow FOB placement near cache's again

    Yes please make ins fun again!
  11. Dedicated Squads

    In your case I would find a better server, what ever one you are playing on sounds like garbage
  12. Dedicated Squads

    It would make 0 deference from how it works already. I am always in discord and still use squad comms.
  13. Cookers

    It will never come back.