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  1. Lol don't go toe to toe with a superior force, flank and spank. Amazing how this is lost on people.
  2. being sarcastic. amazes me how many people complain about small things that matter not to gameplay and realism in there of. Who the **** cares if the uniforms are slightly off.
  3. I think they will be more relevant when you can blow them up.
  4. I would re-read what desmo just said as it makes perfect sense. lol
  5. Lol, deff save some shoveling
  6. yummy
  7. Most people only shoot when they see a target which is incredibly frustrating. Supressing forces the enemy to stay low, loosing their momentum, and either get up and die, or flank and die when the optics pick them off. Or allowing your squad to envelop from both sides eliminating the enemy. I commend you for your supressive fire! sounds liek you are doing it right to a burt fire instead of dumping your load all at once
  8. If you didn't observe the cat being but into said bag or box, how do you know it will come out at all? Or if it even is a cat, or a box for that matter
  9. HA! Be watching the shadows as thats where I play
  10. Not yet Odin...Not yet....
  11. Well post your specs or see for yourself. I have a feeling your below the recommended specs for the game.