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  1. You just said you want to stay in main base the whole game. I don't and won't take shots at you, your already on a roll. But no it wouldn't work, 1 your team would be pissed, 2 ticket bleed, 3, your vehicles can still be blown up meaning you would loose tickets that way as well. So bad idea
  2. Well if it keeps you from putting fobs in the middle of the road it might work for you. Not like you make it to a cap anyways
  3. Do it
  4. I just hope for more halarious rag doll effects whe. Ied or mine gets yeah. They are super entertaining.!
  5. Lol look at what you wrote, someone talked to him and he quite the game. Being that communicating in this game is essential (social) and he immediately quit because of it. Wasn't trying to be rude, it's just funny reason to never play the game again.
  6. Force a restart of steam. It fixes it for me when the problem comes up, then steam usually.updates. but also check and make sure in task manager no steam related things are running befor you start it back up.
  7. Sounds like your brother is a bit anti social But if you know how to squad lead and lead your buddies around I Am sure they will enjoy it, or at least get the hang of it. Deff a bit different style of gameplay with the inner communication and calling out bearings. But it's that skill level that makes the game soo rewarding over other generic shooters.
  8. well we are going to need to know what your hardware is......
  9. It's known, think it is a ue4 issue. But I use it as its the only aa that makes the game look smooth
  10. Should have shot him in the head
  11. Haha sukka You should be banned for trolling for putting a fob In the middle of roads. Throught multiple games
  12. we shal see
  13. This so much, nice wording
  14. If only I had time to learn more new things. Already doing a bunch of other stuff, maybe one day tho