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  1. Mabey someone would want to co opt it with yeah, or take it over with a shared vision. It would be a waste to not have it go somewhere, it looks so nice.
  2. Its almost time to start hyping a recap, or continue the dry spell with another healthy update
  3. fingers crossed, new map and British
  4. People don't even use the properly. They should be used to soften a position just prior to an attack, and right before friendlies move in on an enemy position, she'll the enemy to keep them off there game, the immediately after friendlies move in to clear. To many times I see people mortar and an objective with 0 infantry ready to attack, what a waste. Can't wait for the commander role
  5. Hmm sounds like squad 1:1. Shit I had that gamemode idea as well
  6. hmm o and do a a reral complete install you need to delet you sqaud steam folder and your app data folder so it doesnt save your settings
  7. Well conside ring the mortars won't be the final.iteration I'd wait to find out.
  8. The mighty one has spoken
  9. i have and i keep updating it in the google docs
  10. Anyone else getting major server crashes after 9.4 Now it seems to be happening every 8 hours. I even restart the box everyday, start the server right before we populate it and it crashes the server, not the box after 8 hrs. Just wanted to know if there was a fix actively being worked on. dedicated boxes are expensive when your not using them.
  11. Havent had any differences in that respect.
  12. O man that's nice. The one with the small cannon would be super ****ing cool to
  13. Then dont play it buddy, duuno what to tell yuo WTF LOL, Pretty sure your just a troll
  14. Yes, how many different things it takes to kill vehicles (from AT to other vehicles and deployables), getting better at twitch shooting and long rang shooting (with guns and vehicles). That kind of stuff, skills testing with weapons and testing vehicles
  15. Tinker with your nvidia settings