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  1. Server Feature Requests

    I understand at some point in the future a nice and nifty web admin console will become available to make things more intuitive and inclusive, but in the meantime there are some small things I think could be added / changed when it comes to kicks or bans, specifically: A change to have the ban length in the bans.cfg file to display a more decipherable number. It would make things a lot easier if one could just see a short, simple number to know what they're dealing with. Addition to have the removal type, reason, and time remaining to be displayed client-side each time an individual is removed from or attempts to rejoin the server. Its important for individuals to know these things so they can understand their situation more before they approach server operators. When they see "ban" they more often than not assume the worst and that it's permanent and/or that they were a victim of admin abuse, when it could have simply been kicking them for a short while or having been auto-kicked for TKs. I'm sure such information could be pulled directly from the content in the bans.cfg. Further, if space for admin/website contact info could be added below the above information, that'd be superb for individuals to be able to contact server operators with. In the future, you could even allow this to become a hyperlink for individuals to simply click on and they could be navigated to the group's website via their browser to spare them from having to manually type it in (which would also be useful in a MOTD/Welcome Screen, should it become an added feature). Addition to have a session kick (i.e. a player will be unable to return to the server for the remainder of the current map). Sometimes, this is all one needs and it's a common action in many other games, especially in being the default time for an auto-TK kick too. It's also important for this to be called as such when it displays for the individual. Like I said, without more specific information people will assume the worst. Addition to have an auto-kick for idle time. Another common feature in many other games that should be featured in Squad too. There will always be those players that waste precious slots by idling on the server for ages, either from having forgotten to leave while they became occupied elsewhere or simply because of being careless. Removal of publicly displayed admin actions. Honestly, these should not be displayed at all. It only interrupts the gameplay experience, especially when the issue should only be handled privately between server operators and the individual involved via proper channels, lest you risk the server turning into an open forum of discussion about it and/or the environment spoiled.
  2. Shadows Crazy Dark V6

    Deleting the squad folder has had no effect on solving this issue for me. All shadows are still extremely dark. Any other suggestions?
  3. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    Some more feedback: There was a deficit of professionalism happening at this event tonight. You had people disrespecting the admin by telling them not to "spam" server messages. If anything, the spam was going on in all chat during the map switches, full of complaining, incoherent babble, and trash. There was even evidence of bad mouthing of other clans being inferior competitors. While I hold the people doing that responsible, I would still like to see the organizers being able to crack down on the childish behavior displayed tonight in all future events. This event should just be about professional, solid teamplay and having a good time-- not an opportunity to mimic jackass or showcase epeens. As far as the stream is concerned: it's still a good idea (keep up the good work, Johnny!). Although, having a co-host may be over the top in taking up another server slot that could otherwise be needed by an admin/curator. I would suggest that the NA CCFN team confer with the EU team for how to achieve the best format since they have a lot of experience with how to run this event smoothly. Also, organizers need the right access and tools to maintain facilitation and order.
  4. Medic & General

    A developer has already answered this question before. They do plan to add in dragging the wounded at some point.
  5. Bloodbath Supports Custom Maps and Mods

    Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce myself and our group, Bloodbath <URL 1> <URL 2> (no relation in the names-- just coincidence). We originate from Red Orchestra 2, but we're huge supporters of custom content in either game and have a track record for organizing full-server events for beta map/mod tests. I'd like to be one of the first to offer a test server for any and all custom maps and content you folks are able to create. Feel free to contact me on Steam (I'm more active on there than Discord). Keep up the good work and take confidence in that your creations will be played! Cheers!
  6. Squad League March Madness Championship is Upon Us!

    So what time is the broadcast then?
  7. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    How on Earth will you be able to attend this event, Chonric? Isn't it a bit late for you? Awesome though!
  8. Squad Tracker and Web Server List

    From my understanding, this is a personal project by a volunteer from the community. Perhaps there are ulterior motives such as money from ads; perhaps not. Either way, it's safe to say that this site is not an established one and therefore very much a work-in-progress. I commend the effort and idea, especially when squad.rocks is often down and GameTracker has yet to come to support Squad. There was a vacuum and a demand to go along with it, and someone attempted to fill it. But from the moment I first discovered it, it felt inaccurate. Much like Chronic's experiences with the EU-side of things, none of the popular servers I would see full each night in NA were anywhere at the top of the list. And conversely, the ones that *are* listed at the top are more often than not sitting empty each night. It simply isn't accurate. Then there's the whole server voting option, which is a fundamentally flawed idea (in my view) as it simply leads to corruption. Only player counts over time can speak for themselves-- not people's votes or comments (and if people really wanted to leave a server review they can do so here on the forums in the section made for it). Now, I nor my team take the ranking system personally. We simply dismiss it as an illegitimate ranking site. And until it becomes otherwise, I'd recommend in the meantime that others view it as just that in place of being offended. Or, hell, maybe even give the guy some constructive feedback. Cheers.
  9. "License to Drive"

    I would agree that it'd be a good feature to include a soft-lock "license" system for vehicles, BUT with the added twist of allowing a server-side setting for whether or not to require this. This way, individual communities can decide on whether or not they want their players to go through a required basic tutorial to prove that they're sufficient enough to pilot vehicles. You can make both camps happy with this, albeit with additional content that the developers must add
  10. Community Clan Fight Night - North America

    Bloodbath in again.
  11. Idea for Insurgent mobile emplacement

    Ah, yeah, saw this on the Squad Reddit. Amusing.
  12. Squad League March Madness Championship is Upon Us!

    At what time will the stream begin?
  13. Night Time is dumb

    You're joking, right? Throughout history mankind has waged war with night engagements. This is hardly unrealistic. And in this circumstance, insurgents would certainly use night engagements to their advantage given the technological supremacy they're up against. You could argue this for any aspect of the game at this point. It may have been premature to bring up the issue and best to have waited until further along in development before bringing up broad concerns in this area. The dev team is on top of things, mate.
  14. Night Time is dumb

    This. Having lived in a desert for most of my life the way sound travels at night is dramatically different given how cold it becomes, allowing sound to carry father and more clearly than during the day. I wouldn't be too upset over the current rendition of night-time presently. This is still early in the development and I'm just happy to see this variation in gameplay at all, to be perfectly honest. It's a great idea and visually can be quite enjoyable (i.e. explosions, smokes, tracers, etc). I can only be eager in anticipation of further improvements they can/will make to the nighttime game play.