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  1. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Does someone else have huge problems with hitreg during v8?
  2. [DOG] GERMANY.EU SINCE 2005 #2

    So there was absolutely no need to state this double s at all then. The fact you've regarded my ingame name properly and didn't ban me for it doesn't make you special or mean anything in the matter of our discussion, it only profits you in your attempt to represent you in better then you really are. http://vfl.ru/fotos/12b7649014360851.html That is how you spoke with us yesterday, Skul posted almost the same post as here on your private forum. And instead of discussion, or at least informing us about your motivation you've only replied this phrase. So before we made this situation public you and muelli refused even to communicate with us to talk the situation out privately by banning permanently everyone who joined your Teamspeak on sight. Ofc you didn't said that YOU OFFICIALLY USE YOUR ADMIN CARD, but we don't need to be Einstein to realize that you acted exactly that way. I can understand your attempt to introduce yourself as decent person who cares about people. The only thing i still don't get is why you perform like a decent person only when everyone else can judge your attitude? As i said before we don't expect you gonna act like a competence admin, so SI3R2A gonna be banned due to your brilliant logic. The only goal we achieving is to present you in your real view to the community.
  3. [DOG] GERMANY.EU SINCE 2005 #2

    Dude, i'm afraid you've mixed me up with your own nationality. I'm russian, and my ancestors fought against those guys with *two capital s* in their organization name. To be honest i've lost 7 ancestors during that war, and some of them were killed in the prison camps by the people with two capital s on their lapels. So there's no possible way for me to support this organization, especially by ingame name. I'm really surprised you can be that douche to people you don't even know. But the fact you can easily ban people permanently even on teamspeak without reason speaks for itself. Actually there's nothing more can be added to describe the *ban* situation, but to formulate the main ban logics you're trying to proove as legal here. According to your statements you can ban person on your server only because the person doesn't look like fair player or scores more than you expect this person to score. Which basically means every other admin who's following that type of logic can ban me, SI3R2A and everyone else right now without any proofs or investigation, and we can go back to games where we came from. I'm afraid the type of logic you're standing up for leads us to middle ages where witch hunt events took place. I believe you have much to learn from guys like Ridoc, who acts civilized while he's solving the problems.
  4. [DOG] GERMANY.EU SINCE 2005 #2

    Hi, I'm a leader of team Raki. First of of all i'd like to say that i got used to express my thoughts briefly. So now i'll describe shortly my point of view. 1. Shells is manipulating the facts, SI3R2A does 40 or 40+ scores not more than 30% of his matches totally. (Dog Germany is not an exception) Also, you've described Skul's visit to your Teamspeak server, but you forgot to mention that you've banned permanently on sight everyone who tried to talk the situation out with you, without any reason or warning. I'm not gonna comment each fact you've manipulated there except those major ones on behalf of briefness. 2. SI3R2A got banned without any proofs or investigation. It's a 100% fact. Also you can do whatever you want on server you pay for is 100% fact too. But you can't legitimize bans by the fact you pay for server cos' it's fair only for you. In fact you've banned SI3R2A right after the score was shown up. 3. I cannot judge the real reason you've banned SI3R2A for objectively. I don't know you (Shells) personally, i don't have access to your messenger to check all the "complaints" you've recieved about SI3R2A, and i coundn't even estimate your emotional condition on the moment of ban, cos' you banned me on sight on your TS in first 30 min after ban. So this is only my suspicion. From my point of view, you've banned SI3R2A because the score he had on sumari was to high to your, or to muellis ego. The thing is - Muelli was on the server in the opposite team when we were playing, on the other hand he was in teamspeak on the same channel with you Shells. And it seems you guys just got mad on SI3R2A's high score. This idea seems legit for me because of: 1) SI3R2A was banned right after the score table appeared, which basically means that muelli saw SI3R2A's high score and reported it to you on TS, and you banned him immedietly after that conversation. Not before, but right after score table appeared. 2) Admin crew banned everyone who tried to talk the situation on TS without even a chance being heard (on sight). I can suggest you (or at least muelli) guys were in a bad mood after the game. 3) You're manipulating facts complementing them with some of your selfmade stories and circumstances, which allows me to think you're trying to represent yourself in better way than you really are cos' you're feeling guilty. Again i'd like to mention that all statements i've made in paragraph 3 are my suspicions, and i don't claim them as 100% true. Nevertheless, the facts show us that SI3R2A was banned on your server, without any warning, proof or investigation, right after the score table appeared. Atleast one member of admin crew was on the server on the opposite team. After me and SI3R2A came to your Teamspeak to talk the situation out in a civilized way you've banned us permanently on sight, without explanation. That basically means you've made the situation personal and acted like a doughe to us Shells without any given reason. When the situation leaked to public you're trying to represent yourself in a different much more polite way. Actually we don't expect much competence from an admin, who legitimizes his bans mostly by pay for server rule, but at least everyone can make a conclusion of this decision personally now. And we, however made ourselves clear about the situation. WeiSS out.
  5. List of active clans and communities

    Full name: RAKI Tag: RAKI Language: Russian Description: We've came here to play different competitive events and leagues. And we have SI3R2A on our team. Members: 14 We also play: Battlefield series, CoD series and CS:GO.
  6. LOL! It seems i was playing with you during the first map ))) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771022147603912/56FFCB9D78BEB0262430E786E083A2AE2A76955C/ Construction complete btw)))
  7. Searching 4 competitive clan

    Check this http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771022147305737/D346924BA2AB2CC16FBBE86E8A370E45A25EFEB6/
  8. Searching 4 competitive clan

    I wrote normally, which means most of games, but not every single one.
  9. Searching 4 competitive clan

    The highest amount of kills i've ever had in this game is 62 which i made 3 days ago on logar. But i've played for rpg guy =)
  10. Hello everyone! I'm searching for a clan to participate in present or future competitive events such as clanwars or tournaments. My preference is to play for marksman. I don't know how to describe my skill level at this game so i'll just say that normally i kill 30 to 50+ enemies per match. Name: Alex Age: 23 Nationality: Russian (but i can speak english enough to provide clear communication between me and other eng. speaking squad members ) Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071360001/ Also i can only play on eu servers. If you're interested contact me on steam or message me on this forum.