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  1. aeewwwooooooooo
  2. my friends, but the issue is not the system of listening to what the other enemy really is speaking but some linguage Fake if he speaks in LOCAL, talk to the members of my team COURSE I'll use TeamSpeak, and now with the other players another squad .... not come up with joke
  3. How do I know des of Mumble epoch, disabled the ability to listen to the speaking enemies players, but what you guys think about add that when the player enemy speaks in the local system, the character ends up saying something random in their native language, as Russians, Americans, etc? Would be more dynamic and real enemies talking to each other and you hear at least something .... and not only the wounded cries :D .
  4. Another Video
  5. Still in production :D
  6. Acknowledgements: http://goo.gl/oVnm9Q
  7. I look forward to this SQUAD
  8. Every month that goes it is exciting!
  9. Is getting more perfect every day
  10. Ridículo os preços no Brasil...francamente
  11. Senhores , gostariam de testar a unreal engine 4? Façam o download dessa Demo : http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/2368/unreal-engine-4-elemental-tech-demo/ e sejam feliz
  12. What really breaks is the interaction with the Battlelog, for example the Bad Company 2 which in my opinion was one of the best, in my opinion, there was no such latencies in gameplay .....
  13. Depende... vai aguentar a administração do Server o Danesh