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  1. Fixed Wing Aircraft Discussion

    Yes, draw distance is my primary concern as well. Actually, I am more concerned about draw distance effecting helicopter and tank gameplay since they will be implemented first. I agree it worked well in PR due to the way draw distance was, and beyond adding in fog or some kind of limitation to view distance (which could also be disappointing) I'm interested to see how vehicles will be balanced period in Squad. I think that vehicle realism will always need to take more of a backseat than infantry realism though as I think it would be harder to balance. Wargame: Red Dragon might be a decent example of this as the R-77 AA missile Russian jets carry has an 80km range in real life, but in the game it has a 7.7km range. Same as the speed of the jets in the game, and in Project Reality. It must be scaled down because total realism just won't work in game.
  2. Fixed Wing Aircraft Discussion

    I agree, implementation should be good. I don't see why it can't be though if it worked well in Project Reality, a game on an ancient engine. They found that balance where it wasn't a jet simulator but it also was difficult to fly jets and they didn't feel too arcadey (in my limited experience of flying them). In comparison I could easily do well in Battlefield 3 from day one with a mouse and keyboard. Not saying it will be easy either, I'm sure it will be difficult to integrate and I don't think it is the most important part of the game. I can live without them as well, but the game can be better with them, just as PR is better with them.
  3. Fixed Wing Aircraft Discussion

    While you are correct that you could achieve those two things with AI controlled jets, there are a lot of other things you miss out on by not allowing them to be player controlled. 1. There are people who love flying jets in PR and similar combined arms type games, you'd be taking that away from those players. 2. As a squad leader, my favorite part about jets was not those 2 things you mentioned (which are awesome!) but actually being in communication with a CAS squad and giving them information so they could do a successful strike. That included direction of approach, what the target is, presence of anti-air, etc. This would be completely lost if it is an automatic AI pilot. 3. It is far cooler to know that the jet that just hit your target was a real player, who behaves uniquely and may or may not succeed on the strike or may get shot down depending on his skill level. Its also cool to me because it is a role I know I am not as good at so seeing players who can do it always impressed me. 4. The dog fighting would likely be limited or strange with AI. This might go more with my first point, but it was also cool to see jets dog fighting over head in PR. I'm extremely happy fixed wing is not ruled out at this point, and I really hope that player controlled jets get implemented at some point (and I know it is a long way off) - even if it's by a modder.
  4. Fixed Wing Aircraft Discussion

    I understand that, and I agree it shouldn't be a high priority right now. My issue is that it sounded like there is no possibility for jets in the game. Don't rule them out this early in development. Jets were amazing in PR. I for one really hope they haven't taken jets off the table completely, which is what it sounded like in that interview. PR/Squad is about much more than just realism.
  5. Sad to hear no jets. I thought they worked well in PR, regardless of how realistic the speed/scale was I still thought they added a lot to the gameplay and were an awesome part of PR. Nothing like lazing tanks/FOBs and communicating with the CAS squad to drop a bomb, launch a missile, or rocket/gun run from an A-10. That being said, this is coming from a strictly ground based player. I flew lots of transport helicopters and some CAS helicopters, never jets though.
  6. Create Vehicle Cosole?

    I was wondering the same thing. I doubt the devs are letting us spawn vehicles yet though...
  7. localVOIP Radius

    I've found that VOIP in general is too quiet at the moment. This could be rectified by having a separate slider for voice comms/effects so we can customize how loud people are. I agree the radius is a little too small ATM though.
  8. Hello! Just want to say I've been thoroughly enjoying the Alpha so far. This is a great foundation for a game I hope to replace my long lasting PR addiction. I'd just like to highlight what I assume is a bug. When you are in the "Enter" menu (spawn menu) you are unable to use any voice chat. The same is true while using the SL's "T" menu to deploy things. Its been quite annoying to attempt to talk while in either of these menus and realize no one is hearing me. Thanks for a great game so far though!
  9. Project Reality 1.3 Released

    Some pretty awesome videos popping up on Youtube. Here's a good examples of what combined arms can look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NlQsFoHhms
  10. Always found this one pretty funny. No music but still worth the watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Wmsd2FvVg
  11. Persistence And Rewards

    I would be perfectly happy without any rewards or unlocks. However, I would very much like to see a robust stat tracking system. How many flags you've captured, time played on each map, as each faction, overall. Time played as each kit, as commander, squad leader just to name a few.
  12. US's current gear

    Yeah I remember that from the interview as well. They traded some animations for generic models from some company.
  13. Always liked this one, has some sweet shots. https://www.youtube.com/embed/CvhLqnM6OHI
  14. Will there be ported maps from BF PR?

    I'd love to see a lot of maps make it back in, but I think the priority should be on getting new ones first. Maybe every major update try and bring back 1 or 2 old maps. Silent Eagle comes to mind as one I'd like to see early on. Oh, and Kokan (when/if Insurgency is added).
  15. Look Around While Wounded

    Yeah I guess this comes down the realism vs. balance. This already happens in PR with the, "Enemy on my body" business that happens when an enemy runs over a wounded player. Maybe if your vision was severely blurred so you can only effectively see in a small area around you? I think it would just add a lot of immersion and give the player something to do beside call for a medic.