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  1. Alpha Version 6 Released

    They figure we could wait longer, Squad players have an epic amount of patience. Booo!
  2. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Are you always an a hole? You mean the timer that is done counting down?
  3. Alpha Version 6 Released

    When I run the game it still says 5.3, is the update delayed? Perhaps I'm having issue with the game? I reinstalled and it still says 5.3
  4. Alpha 3.11 Released

    Taking their sweet time to release the next content patch it seems, meh!
  5. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    I'll be at work M-F but I might be able to sneak out early! I'm down.
  6. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Man, some of these rigs posted before have me a little envious, but I get by just fine currently. I work with computers all day, it's a bit dusty, not the best wiring job but I don't care, it works well and that's all I care about! lol Home Computer: Intel i5 2500 stock MSI Z77MA-G45 motherboard 8 gigabytes of DDR3 1600 RAM Sapphire R9 280 3 GB Vram (last Sapphire card I buy since they do not support Linux) - Upgrading to a R9 390 soon! =) 250 GB Samsung Evo 850 2 TB Western Digital Black drive (storage) 500 GB Western Digital Enterprise drive (Linux Drive) ASUS Xonar DSX 7.1 sound card 24 inch Acer LED montior Logitech G100s mouse Old school HP PS/2 keyboard from the 90s, I like the feel and the sound! lol 5.1 Sony Surround Gaming Headphones Windows 10 Home 64 bit Ubuntu 15.04 Work Desktop: (Sometimes I play on this rig) Intel i5 6600 3.3 ghz stock 8 GB DDR 4 2800 MSI GTX 750 MSI CSM-h170m-A Pro socket 1151 Samsung Evo 250 GB Crap 4 TB Seagate drive for backups Western Digital 1 TB Blue drive (Linux drive) 24 inch Dell Ultra sharp LCD Windows 10 Pro Ubuntu 15.04 I have a laptop but I'm lazy and don't care to post it. lol
  7. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    Yea I played on both, the custom maps in DF were a nice addition, definitely added life to the game, especially as years went by. If it wasn't for custom maps, I think the community wouldn't had survived as long as it did. Mod support is a great idea, while not everyone will like it, it will certainly help the community long term.
  8. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    I'm not going to get in a pointless argument, I will agree to disagree. Good day!
  9. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    /Pass tissue and /pat on head. It's ok, you should probably get outside the house every once and while.
  10. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    LOL yea some people need to get that stick out of thy arse. If you don't like it, don't play on the server. Geez
  11. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    The same people that do not like large bases will be the same people crying when they add vehicles, aircraft, and motors. Change is coming, take it or leave it! =D
  12. Coolest Bases I've Ever Seen

    Joined a server tonight called [AR15] Insurgency Server - Dallas TX, was completely blown away. Not sure how they built such impressive fortification but they sure impressed me!
  13. Alpha 3.11 Released

    Bottle neck is mainly your processor but you could use an upgrade for your video card as well. Simply follow any major tech site the benchmarks AMD vs Intel processors and yes you take an FPS hit because of the AMD processor while the video card, RAM, etc are the same. Time to upgrade, it's not the devs responsibility to upgrade your hardware for you. lol
  14. Alpha 3.11 Released

    It's called AMD CPUs suck, you can fix this "bug" by replacing your motherboard and processor with an Intel i3 or better. All of which perform better then AMD. Heck you could even get a Intel Pentium Dual Core G3258 and it will probably out perform your AMD processor. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117374 As much as I want to support the little guy, AMD processors can't even keep up with budget Intel processors. Until they get their sh*t together I'll have to stick with Intel.
  15. Teamwork-Fallacies

    I can't use a mic at work for obvious reason but this doesn't stop me from playing! Getting work done all the while playing a combat medic, that's impressive! /pat on the back lol