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  1. Yeah mate, hop on our discord and we'll have a chat! ill let you know our future plans as well.
  2. play the new faction the way there meant to be! join a british milsim group!
  3. Can't wait for the british release, if you want to play and train like them join us!
  4. The 1st Airborne has reopened, get involved! We're looking forward to the release of the British faction!
  5. 11 months of milsim! Get involved!
  6. yeah join our discord and request a recruiter!
  7. milsim side of squad!

    Events like this are taking place still, if your interessted PM me
  8. 1. We have done CCFN, and may do in the future depending on interest from our members. We do however focus on 1 life events, be it a scrim vs another unit or a scenario 2. We do trainings, Recruit training, then larger Platoon and Division training 3. Yes 4. Our stance is milsim towards squad, play as elitist as you can be. 5. Expectations - active, want to learn, want to play the game like a military simulator 6. Recruitment time - enlist, interview, get accepted 7. All kind of positions, Infantry, Mortars, Mechanised 8. Yes, come on to our discord 9. hard to say, we have 60 members, i personally have 647 hours
  9. For sure, feel free to join our discord and direct message me, or list them out on here, so if people have same questions they have a direct answer?
  10. Still Actively Recruiting, all roles!
  11. Body Damage

    deeper level of medical system is coming and some point i believe, not sure when or what it consists of tho!
  12. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    Join a group/clan, relaxed, casual or milsim, doesnt matter just means you know who you play with... becomes a better experience
  13. We have 50+ members and still recruiting! head over to our website for more info!
  14. List of active clans and communities

    Name: 1st Airborne Division Tag: [1st AB]Link: 16aaunit.com Language: EnglishDescription: Tactical milsim based on british army.Members: 50+
  15. OPERATION MOUNTAIN VIPER A snapshot of our upcoming 1 life operation vs our allied group SVG. If you like the look of it, enlist today!