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  1. 1st Airborne Division Current ORBAT: We are opening current support roles such as Household Cavalry, engineers and mortars. If you are interessted please enlist!
  2. Hit 40 members, if your looking for a large active group for squad don't hesitate and enlist!
  3. We've almost got a full platoon. Soon we will be opening our first detachment: E Squadron Household Cavalry Recruiting Drivers and Gunners as well as infantry!
  4. "To: All 1st Airborne Personel From: Capt M. Kerry Subject: Part 1 Orders Issued: 07APR17 Phase 1 Passout Congratulations to the recruits below for completing their Phase One, they are assigned as follows: 1st Airborne Division, India Company, 1-1 Pte Staar Pte Kivres Pte Banister 1st Airborne Division, India Company, 1-2 Pte Hound Pte Loffler Regards, Captain M. Kerry India Company" Recent Passing out. 12 New Recruits in the pipeline, if your looking for a milsim group and a community don't hesistate and enlist!
  5. Public Operation agasint another milsim group... shows of snapshot of how we play on public servers!
  6. Good Day, I wanted to try and unite all the units and players, who are part of a team/clan or looking for a team or clan to a community discord. The actual squad community discord doesn't allow advertisement or discussion between Teams or Clans so i thought and i'd try and create a discord specifically for this. Let me know what you think, or if there is anything similar out there? Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/RHnDeBB Get involved, I plan on setting all Team/Clan leaders as moderators/admin and then people who wish to be moderators can apply for a role to help police the forum. Many Thanks Wellington, of the 1st Airborne Divison
  7. Events like this are still going on, add me on steam if you want to take part! Lt. J Wellington [1st AB]
  8. Still Actively Recruiting, if your tired of public players and want to be part of a cohesive group sign up today!
  9. We are still recruiting, looking for both enlisted men and Leaders to fill our ranks! any questions head onto our discord and request a CO! Lt James Wellington.
  10. We are still recruiting, if you have what it takes enlist today!
  11. So its been over a year, any chance of any of this stuff being implemented? or have the dev's been focussing on other matter!
  12. Public players can not join however We are recruiting if you want to enlist with us! If you are a unit and are interested add me on steam Lt. J Wellington [16AA] and we can set up an event. Eaither as a join op against insurgents who you can play us as the insurgents! Our Milsim unit, 16 Air Assault Brigade Found at 16aaunit.com
  13. 16AA fighting insurgents. 1 life event hosted by 16AA playing agasint SVG. Objective was to move into the town of logar clearing it, while enroute to a designated FOB location. FOB location had to be secured and held at all cost against a trained miltia force. Watching it through the eyes of the HQ Element.
  14. Had our First Operation, 22 attended. Was a 1 life event vs miltia force (SVG) Thank you for attending. Proved a tough fight! Clip is from the eyes of the HQ Element, not much action until we had to defend the FOB. However you get a sense of the 1 and 2 Section's engaging in the distance. If your interested do not hesitate to join and enlist! Submit an enlistment on the forums or add me on stram!
  15. you could say were US Army Ranger's... but we're just waiting for the british faction to be added. A Coy, 1st Platoon, 1 and 2 Section in all there glory...