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  1. Alpha 9.4 Released

    There ir something wrong. I have a [email protected] GHz, 12gb ram and a 1080 and I always get 60 fps plus no matter map or player qty. 1080p, all graphics maxed, TXAA and scale 120%. Enviado desde mi GT-I9500 mediante Tapatalk
  2. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    No more recaps? It would be nice to hear about what new things are on the horizon for this game.
  3. Increasing my performance

    Overclock your cpu and gpu Enviado desde mi GT-I9500 mediante Tapatalk
  4. Unplayable FPS on 8320E

    WTF? Please educate yourself before saying things like that. Enviado desde mi GT-I9500 mediante Tapatalk
  5. Trouble Running With Two Gpu cards

    He's not using SLI. Take a moment and READ what OP is saying. Enviado desde mi GT-I9500 mediante Tapatalk
  6. Good CPU, shitty GPU. Buy a new GPU.
  7. Alpha Version 9 Released

    I was playing on Gorodok yesterday and I had to stop to admire the landscape and the new buildings. It's incredible the graphic quality that this game has (and it's still Alpha). I think that when the time comes, the final release will be a gaming gem.
  8. Try deleting local app data
  9. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Only 4.4 GHz on all cores. 72 player server on 3 different maps. Take into account that I have a gtx 1080, wich is more powerfull than 1070 (I get 99% utilization on the graphic card). I also activate texture streaming and it works wonders. I have only 12Gb of memory RAM, but my VRAM goes up to 8102MB in use.
  10. Alpha Version 9 Released

    Great update. Performance is higher than before (4790k, gtx 1080, all maxe up with upscale at 125% = 65 -120 fps). Sounds are incredible and bullet penetration is perfect.
  11. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    Not working in Argentina. Any ideas?
  12. Yes, you are VERY lucky! Mine goed up to 4.8GHz, but it's difficult to keep the temps under control with a Deepcool Maelstrom 240.
  13. 4.8 GHz is more uncommon than you think.
  14. no increase in performance for SLI

    I'm glad it worked for you also!
  15. no increase in performance for SLI

    Yes, i'm using latest nvidia inspector.