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  1. Squad in real life)

    Start) Finish Res.
  2. When there is a new updating? within 7 days there will be an updating? ONLY please developers of game will answer.I not just like that paid for game and I want to hear the answer from them.I supported the project and didn't receive 1 answer from them.I want to hear the answer only from developers
  3. When add static gun?

    mk2. Pecheneg? Static Gun. Tra ta ta ta ta ta ta ....... ...... ........ .......
  4. When add vehicle?

    Within this month the vehicle will be added?
  5. Russian? Common)

    Всем привет. Меня зовут Андрей. Мне 23 года. Набираю в команду 8 игроков со связью. Желательно от +18 лет. Если появилось желание поиграть , то пишите сюда или добавляйте в skype andreqlove.love Буду ждать вас.
  6. How to spawn vehicle [I admin in server]

    i see. admin spawn vehicle and use. wtf&
  7. In other server i see vehicle and i try spawn in my server. help me Screan