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  1. Alpha 11.1

    don't buy that for a second because battlefield 1 is more graphically intense ( looks much better ) and i am at 60 to 90 fps on ultra presets and even on low potato graphics Squad still tanks. PUBG (not a graphically intense game ) is on U4 engine and runs above 60 no problem. Guess squad needs way more optimization. v9 ran way better than v11.
  2. Alpha 11.1

    Huh ....... still don't see a patch note saying that no longer runs like a bag of dicks on AMD processor. Guess still waiting to reinstall.
  3. Steam Release Information

    still waiting for the AMD fix ....... voip still makes it run like a bag of dicks. Tried all the forum fixes no luck .
  4. Alpha 3.11 Hotfix for the Hotfix

    It has my logitech g430 7.1 surround listed and also my Logitech speakers the x540's 5.1 surround. I have switched it to stereo speakers and it still has extreme fps drop on squad voip but not every time when someone uses it so it makes it a bit more playable but its hard to pinpoint where ppl are coming from in stereo. I will try and delete the folder in local and see if it makes a difference.
  5. Alpha 3.11 Hotfix for the Hotfix

    no i tried it it still fucked .......only thing i have left to try is switiching to my speakers (not my logitech g430 ) and setting it from 5.1 to stereo ..... it will probably sound like dicks
  6. Alpha 3.11 Hotfix for the Hotfix

    I had tried this and it had worked on the first game ( i only had enough time to play 1 map) then i had exited and did some cleanup on my HDD then came back a few hours later and joined a map and the issue was back. I will try again later this evening and see but if i gotta download the Cache files every time i want to play that is a little ridiculous. I will see later what happens.
  7. Alpha 3.11 Hotfix for the Hotfix

    Yeah i tried that didnt work , also tried editing the ini file for the audio channels ..... i have an AMD fx-8350 @ 4.0 GHZ. Nothing seems to be working
  8. Alpha 3.11 Hotfix for the Hotfix

    Yes it runs much more smooth ....unit the damn VOIP in squad hits .......then it laggs hard then resumes back when the person is done talking. but when you in a squad of 9/9 its retarded you cant aim cause there is so much mic chatter that is butchering the FPS . PLEASE FIX SOOOOOONNN!!!! its beginning to really piss me off . I want to play but i can only play in unassigned and when i get killed i have to sprint almost the entire map
  9. Alpha 3.11 Hotfix for the Hotfix

    Anyone still experiencing the Voip studder/lagg even after 3.11? . I havent had a chance to play yet.
  10. Alpha 3.9 Update

    ALRIGHTY !!!!! STILL CHUGGING AWAY WHEN PPL USE THERE SQUAD MICS , WIthin 10 mins of game play missed 5 shots that should have been easy but with all the mic chat going on the game lagged to hard missed all 5 !!!!! LIke come on as if i played money for and unplayable game..... PLEASE FIX THIS AMD CRAP ! ....yes it is alpha but if there is this many problems at least make the alpha free!!!!!!
  11. FPS: 40-60 (except for when squad mic is used then its 10fps) CPU: FX-8350 (Stock @ 4.0GHZ with cooler master hyper evo 212 cooler) GPU: EVGA GTX 960 SSC with acx 2.0 cooling (2gb) Ram: G. SKILL ripjaws x 12gb @ 1866MHZ RES: 1920 x 1080 Settings: High/ EPIC with MSAA off BUT THAT DAMN SQUAD MIC KILLS THE FPS !
  12. Alpha 3.9 Update

    So im guessing the Squad mic for AMD users still sounds like the person on the other side is siezing up , oh and not to mention drops from 50 to 60 fps down to 10 making the game unplayable unless you go lone wolf , which is not how the game is supposed to be played . I mean it is " SQUAD" after all.
  13. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    Still no fix i have tried everything below and nothing seems to fix it...... pls help