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  1. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    yes i use the zoom function. its obvious that people like assifuah have never actually looked down the sights of an ar-15 or m16 rifle if you have you would understand that your target, then sight picture then situational awareness comes last. thats why you have squad mates. this isnt call of duty you dont just look down your sights and move around and do all that while looking down your sights. trust me a peep sight is useless unless its implelemented correctly and yes almost every single game has gotten peep sights wrong cept a few arma mods and such. go to a shooting range, rent an ar-15 m16 clone and youll see how a peep sight actually works then get back to me.
  2. hello! from my use of ar-15's and ak type platform rifles i must say the iron sights are much too small and extremely hard to use. they seem miles away from the shooters eye. this isnt the only game that does this. just about every single game i have ever played has had terrible m16 iron sights. the peep sight of the ar-15 should look like you are looking THROUGH it not at it. it is very hard to explain i will try to find some screen shots of what iam talking about. the way games have it set up now with the rear aperture so far from the shooters eye make it almost impossible to be used efficiently. and for the AK type iron sights the same sort of problem occurs as the front/rear sight seems millions of miles away from the shooters eye. I would love it if you guys can get a LEO or current military personell to show you how to properly look down the sights of an AR and AK type platform. it really would be a huge plus to the game since most of the roles are forced to use iron sights. love the game. hope it takes off and gets a whole lot better. <3 here is an image that sort of shows what i mean, the rear aperture should be a blurry ring around your whole screen almost and the front iron sight should be quite large. As games are now the rear peep sight just serves as something to block your view of the target your trying to shoot at. If you have used these types of iron sights in real life it should be fairly easy to see. thanks for your time.