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  1. The Division : Whos in?

    Was going to buy it mate but then changed my mind - This game won't survive long!
  2. Stubborn Squad Leaders!

    My friend, absolutely - however this is the wrong approach if every person on your team is in this area and not moving
  3. Stubborn Squad Leaders!

    Damn - Sorry man, i'm on my phone at the mo so its real difficult trying to click little action items on the screen lol
  4. Stubborn Squad Leaders!

    Hey Guys/Girls So being a SL myself I know how hard it can be at times to manage a team especially when everyone may not agree with what you're doing... However.... I came across this yesterday. Can't remember the map name for the life of me, it's the one with a big district in the middle. Lots of buildings and a main road running down the middle. Sunny, daylight map. Has Hill 15 on it. Anyway - This guy was SL'ing, all seemed good at the start, we captured this district in the middle. All the other squads were also on this objective. Our SL commands us all to get our spades out and start constructing many fortifications... create a super FOB! (At this point im thinking WTF). I politely suggest we should move to the next cap point since the rest of the team is on this objective defending (Which again is wrong and shouldn't be happening.)] He's having none of it... Another chap in the Squad starts to complain about this... SL gets angry.. very angry. Me and this guy start to move to the next cap point.. whilst the minecraft wannabe's continue their pointless fortress. Although some of you might say "You should always listen to your SL no matter what"... NO WAY... Not in this case. He boils over and we get booted, Squad 3 joins us eventually helps us cap the next point successfully and asks us to join them so we did and all was fine from there on.. 10 minutes later their "Super FOB" is overun and they're all wiped. What do you think about this situation? Would you have done the same? I know some of you may say I should have just left the Squad earlier on.. perhaps you're right... I guess I did it more in protest of his stubborn idiotic ways... Oops. Cheers, Diverse^
  5. Hello Everybody!

    Welcome brudddaa!
  6. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Jealousy will get you nowhere my friend. Add the guys on steam and ask them yourselves, or simply hop in a game with me and see how you find it.
  7. Spawn Killing as of Right Now

    In my opinion... This is fine. The point of an FOB is to tactically place it as a spawn location for your squad and team... It's not somewhere you just dump willy nilly. If you believe the FOB is due to be compromised then you should remove the FOB and place elsewhere. Spawn protection on a FOB would be ridiculous... Remember the elements of realism here guys... this isn't Call of Duty or Battlefield spawns.. Diverse^
  8. Korean Forum Spammer - Manhunt?

    Will keep posting on this so we remain on top of their spammer bullsh!t.
  9. Korean Forum Spammer - Manhunt?

    This is the largest one they've done so far. This is a joke now.
  10. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Shes my baby!
  11. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Thanks for the recommendation guys means alot! See you on the field! :D
  12. Korean Training Map/shooting range

    +1 I like this. :D :D :D
  13. March Update Hype!

    Bug Fixes is going to be the bulk of the next update guys. It's pretty much guaranteed. As Blitz said.. Expect some disappointment if you were hoping for lots of new features. Diverse^