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  1. some danger close arty
  2. OpsCast Ep. 1 (V8, Meta, Pacing, and Tips) OpsCast Ep. 2 (Squad Leading, Fireteams, Commanding, Suppression, Target Acquisition) Let me know if there are any topics you'd like us to talk about!
  3. need some sweet signed posters, would buy 10/10
  4. Updated 10/22/16 Week 24 Events are up: http://squadops.gg/operations
  5. Squad Ops Official Trailer:
  6. That feel when you get the frag just right....
  7. @F$Kthanks man!
  8. A music video I made for Bluedrake's Metal Cover of Squad's Main Theme.
  9. Some new video production tactics with that 2 PoV:
  10. sometimes its fun to just chill and play some 5v5 with friends
  11. Hey @Poita! I'm currently fiddling with a video based around the idea so standby for that! I will see if Bluedrake is interested as well. @DesmoLocke thanks for the tag for visibility!
  12. just me and my truck saving lives
  13. Updated with Whitelist server info!
  14. respect your logi drivers and use the sks!