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  1. Rework of optics

    You were originally talking about making optics better (even though I do see that losing your aiming reticle is not necessarily intended) and I simply said they would need to reduce the amount per team if that were the case. Having 1/3 of your team using optics is too much already in a game like this and to make them even slightly better I would ask for at least a look into re balancing them in some way.
  2. Rework of optics

    When your 75m+ out and you can see about a single pixel sniper and he sees your body clearly you will lose nearly every time. It's beside the point whether or not you can or can't occasionally kill him. It makes for very frustrating game play to be killed like that over and over and really not able to do much about it if the enemy squad covers there flanks at all. If I were able to fire in his general area and suppress while people moved up on him I would be fine with it. But right now suppression doesn't do much and people don't really care if they die as they will just respawn.
  3. Rework of optics

    Well if there going to make them any better I hope they reduce the amount per squad and increase suppression. Right now going against optics (especially M4) I may as well be using a sword if I'm any kit without ordnance or optics.
  4. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    You don't see it because I'm guessing you don't SL much. It's hard enough trying to get even 4 people in your squad to follow you and not wonder off get killed only to repeat 3 times over squad comms there is an enemy squad 2 grids off. Then there's always one who thinks there's a better approach to the objective and voices his concerns (which is valid a good deal of the time). But when we had just spent the last 2 minutes herding the cats to SL attempting to run a strait line to the move marker, then there's no way we can can try run all the way around the point while not having someone named x420blazenoscopex firing and giving away our position. There's a reason military men and women follow orders even if there wrong that I never really understood before trying to lead in this game. And even if I could get people to me in a timely fashion by the time we got to the point we needed it will have taken too long simply because this isn't real life where people are afraid to get shot. You will have some crazy bastard on the other team that will run out behind you knowing he will die but taking 1-2 of you out only to respawn at the point 45 seconds later which is about how long it will take a medic to be called back and pick those 2 up to keep moving. So with both of those in mind you also have to deal with placing FOB's, destroying enemy FOB's, taking objectives, going back to defend because squad 1 is "pinned down" 3 grids off any point and any other issues that might arise and you can't effectively take point and micro manage people as needed for that kind of play. I feel like once you get 75+ hours in this game everyone needs to squad lead for at least 15 games to get a better understanding of how to help a squad lead. I myself didn't realize how much harm I was doing to my SL going against bad orders and lone wolf flanking until I started leading myself for the last month or so.
  5. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    The game has got to be so fast and big that SL's have an overwhelming amount of things to do. They REALLY need fire team leaders or commander or something to help out SL's. I have 700 hours in the game and try to SL from time to time (which I'm not great at) and the amount of shit to do on top of your squad constantly questioning your decisions and not following orders make it so even if you are winning your not having fun.
  6. I'm not sure how many people you think are playing this game but clans do have the better players in them. Sure not all clans are equal but clans in general are MUCH better and more organized than pubs. The squad league match i was referring too wasn't even a clan v clan match. It was all the top clans in one server playing a match. Not all on the same team even. It was just a 40v40 with all clan members from the top NA clans. US destroyed them. And in my experience pubs seems to lose to US much harder than clans. Aiming with acog or red dot with an M4 vs iron sights AK for pubs is big deal. I do agree with who ever said the game is still in development and balance will come. but denying there is a balance issue doesn't help the game or the dev's.
  7. Then we go back to the point where one optics can just kill the techie gunner or driver. The current maps are set up in such a way that there is really only 2 maybe 3 possible paths to flank from. If the US team is smart (hence equal teams) all they have to do is have an optics or saw cover those flanks and kill the flank before it happens. if they DO get by just call out in squad and have back up spawn at any given FOB to squash any kind of momentum before it gets going. All while having the crows destroy the enemy team from 500+ yards out sitting by 3 repairs stations. Were not discussing if its possible to win as INS or MIL. Of course it is possible to win as any faction on any map. Were talking about does the US have an advantage when 2 equal teams play each other.
  8. Speed doens't matter when your screen won't stop shaking and jerking all over the place driving at anything faster than 10 mph. I'm sure there are some very good shots that can aim at higher speeds but they are not the majority. You pretty much have to stop in order to get a clean shot off.
  9. I keep seeing people talk about MIL needs to use flank tactics or what not. But the US can do the same thing. It's not like there's a rule book telling the US not to flank or cover a flank with an acog and let his team know. Were not talking about being able to win. The INS and MIL CAN and do win. Were talking about the US being superior in every (or at least nearly every) way. When you get 2 EQUAL teams the US wins more than INS or MIL. Look at the North American Squad league from last week. Had all the top clans on Logars Valley. US won by 300 tickets. And that's with some of the best players on NA. The INS and MIL need to have some kind of infantry advantage. Like higher stamina or lower respawn. Maybe higher ticket count to start the match. If your going for realistic INS would be able to move faster than US or RUS due to being lighter (no equiptment). They also have superior numbers in most cases. It also doesn't help the M4 and AK deal very similar damage in a lot of cases. 2-3 shot kills most of the time for both. M4 damage should be lower than AK and it probably is. But when you 2 shot most of your kills with the M4 the AK losses its advantage. As it stands right now the US has better vehicles and better infantry weapons. The game is being updated pretty regularly though so I hope it is on the dev's radar of things to do.
  10. Wanted to talk about others opinions on the 1st 5 minutes of the match. It seems to be way too fast and usually (not always) determine how the rest of the game plays out. Is this a problem with anyone else? If so how can it be fixed. I've heard people say PR didn't have certain spawns to start the match. Maybe no logi or only transport trucks?
  11. SQUAD, we have a problem

    Even with 500+ hours not everyone is cut out to lead. I myself have 600 but am not able to squad lead effectively. I get the tactics I'm just not a leader. I've also seen some decent SL's with only 30-50 hours play time. Haven't seen many with under 30 though. I saw one of the dev's talk about how he was surprised the community hasn't made an unofficial 'command' squad on each server while they get an actual command role implemented. the dev's need to realize that people are either not confident enough or don't visit forums and social media enough to take it upon themselves to do so. I mean SL chat is already pretty bad when one squad makes a mistake but if you have the unofficial command role and make a mistake? I don't even want to know what SL coms would sound like.
  12. Game got too fast

    Longer re spawns would definitely help. Half the time I die I give up pretty quickly since being dead for 3-4 minutes while the medics and get everyone up during heavy contact will lose you significant ground while attacking or defending. 1 ticket for an extra 3 minutes in the fight during peak battle in my opinion is worth it most of the time. Now if the fire fight is over and its small isolated fire I will wait. But during any kind of engagement on the point it makes more sense to re spawn in 20-30 seconds and help your team again so you don't lose another 2-3 people from being out manned. I could be totally wrong on this but lately I have felt more and more those 2-3 minutes are vital to taking or defending the point.
  13. Yehorivka isn't last because of bad optimization. It's because unless your in a vehicle or a sniper your not doing much. If your in a highly organized team I guess too but those are quite rare now a days. OP first light is annoying for me because the grass is higher than crouch in most areas making it so I get shot from god knows where half the time without being able to see him.
  14. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    I've herd people suggest fire support leaders. Having others being to mark enemy locations and FOB's. A commander role to help organize multiple SL's. I don't think a lot people are fond of how the vehicle claim system works. I don't design games so I can't say how difficult some of this would be to implement nor am I paid to. I just know the current system is lacking and it's hurting game play. At least for me any ways. Maybe others are getting closer games more often than me. I will say that when you do find that game where everyone is working together on both teams this is hands down the best FPS I've played.
  15. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    I think a bigger under lining issue is there simply isn't enough people who know how or even want to squad lead in each game. I myself have made a squad and didn't lead. There was 3 full squad in game and I waited 5 minutes for another to be made which never happened. I made the squad and asked in SL com's if anyone from another squad wanted come switch over. No one did squad filled up and still no one wanted to take it. I kept asking for about 10 minutes with no one wanting it. Even passed it to a random member and he passed it back. I'm not a good leader and even if I was its too much work and headache. There needs to be something in game to release some of the burden off SL's and make it easier for new ones. So if there's a load of shitty new SL's its not necessarily there fault. There's simply not enough good ones to go around.