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  1. Shadows missing from vegetation?

    Any word on this yet? Today's update mentions foliage improvements coming to Chora, which seems to be the only map these missing shadows apply to. Are we going to get the shadows back? Because this map is looking ugly as hell without them. Anyone???
  2. Shadows missing from vegetation?

    My settings were maxed out, and I have photos and videos of gameplay on Chora from a couple months ago which show full shadows on the vegetation. Someone has intentionally removed them - I just hope to god it's not permanent, and not because this forum has so many people complaining about tactical advantages by not having shadows enabled etc etc. That just makes me mad! Slightly off topic, but it's also worth mentioning that the UE4 is a very light-weight engine. It's not expensive to buy to GPU that can run this game on full. I just don't get where people are coming from with the whole FPS issues. FPS issues in this game are totally down to CPU (or CPU optimisation issues) and the network right now. Grrrrr!
  3. I'm confused as to why shadows have been removed from plants and grass, at least on 'Chora'. I noticed this a few weeks ago, but didn't want to bring it up until at least another update was released. Well the latest update is now out, and the patch notes even mention some improvement to Chora - and yet the shadow are still non-existent. Please, please someone tell me this isn't a permanent feature!? Here's how it used to look: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4XUU8htYOS8Uk4ybjNoeHo4alU/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4XUU8htYOS8TWI1TXlKWlg1N1U/view?usp=sharing Here's how it looks now: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4XUU8htYOS8SXJnMU96QjVCbGs/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4XUU8htYOS8QXBRX0VlV3VVLUk/view?usp=sharing
  4. Performance issues - Important info for you all!

    Wow. I'm really glad you did this, as I can now get a much better idea of the improvement in performance I can expect when upgrading my CPU. Thanks! Can't wait to get Skylake! :)
  5. Performance issues - Important info for you all!

    SHIFT + P Use SPACE, SHIFT AND W,S,A,D to move.
  6. Performance issues - Important info for you all!

    This is literally the best news I think I've ever heard! Thanks again irOnTaxi.
  7. Performance issues - Important info for you all!

    I'm totally with you on all of this. I waited and waited for ARMA (2), naively thinking the performance would improve eventually - couldn't have been more wrong. This is what initially spurred me on learning about how important the CPU actually is, and eventually ended up analysing the data from ARMA (and many other CPU bound games), and made me shell out for the latest CPUs along with overclocking the crap out of them. I'm tired of hearing people debating over which GPU to buy for games that are actually CPU bound. I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from. (I probably should have included all this in the original post...)
  8. Performance issues - Important info for you all!

    Thank you. Yes, that was absolutely my intention - I simply wanted to bring it to their attention as it can be very hard for someone who actually knows what they're talking about to cut through the opinions of the other less-informed users regarding performance issues.
  9. Performance issues - Important info for you all!

    I'm running 3700K @ 4.4Ghz. There isn't a CPU in the world that will make up a 30FPS difference, as required in this scenario. Although I am about to buy a Skylake for a new machine, I'm not expecting to see any more than extra single-digit FPS. Are you really telling me you can reproduce the steps in my video and NOT experience a considerable drop in frames? Or are you saying you can tolerate it for the mean time? Because I can too - just hoping it is something that will be sorted.
  10. Performance issues - Important info for you all!

    Understood. And I'm not complaining. Just merely pointing something out that I really haven't seen anyone else mention specifically. I've been sat on this info for a while, pondering whether it's worth mentioning. Someone's gotta do it.
  11. Performance issues - Important info for you all!

    I don't understand why my topic has been moved to the 'Community Support' section. I'm trying to bring a specific issue to the attention others here, largely in an attempt improve more of the general community's understanding of what is really causing certain performance problems. There's too many discussions regarding GPU and general CPU optimisation rubbish. Why can't this be part of the 'General Discussion', where the bigger audience is? And yet in that particular section, we still have morons talking about unparking CPU cores buying new graphics cards... It takes a lot of effort to collate info, record videos and create posts like this. Kind of frustrating!
  12. I'd like to start a discussion about performance problems with the game. Problems that I feel are very important to be highlighted at this stage. Issues that I don't believe most Squad players are aware of. Please bear with me here. Or skip to short summary at bottom if you can't be bothered to read it all. We have been told that the main reason for poor performance in Squad is the animation system. I'm sure this is true and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the results of the new system the DEVS are working on. However, there are actually bigger performance issues at hand that I don't believe any one seems to be aware of. After spending the last month or so experimenting to ludicrous lengths, I've finally found a way to consistently reproduce the problem that I want to bring to everyone's attention... It seems that when viewing the map/level from a distance, the Frames Per Second can drop considerably. I first noticed this when I would jump onto a wall or high building, allowing me to see further into the distance on some maps, to find the FPS drop by a considerable chunk. I initially assumed it was all the other players and their animations being sent through the server and back yada yada yada, just as we've been told by the DEVS, but after playing around with the 'free-look camera', I realised this has nothing to do with the animation system, and the issue is far, far worse when elevating to a much higher altitude and looking down on the map. I found a drop in FPS by over half!!!! If I may, I'd like to share with you a video I made, demonstrating the problem. - What I did was start a single player game, or 'training mode', and manually change the map to Chora (which is by far the worst for this issue). This eliminated any possible animation-based performance drop as no one else was present on the map with me. FPS was super high as I have a very powerful machine. Then I elevated the camera up high and looked down to view the whole map below to find the the FPS come tumbling down to way below 30fps. The bigger concern was that despite lowering the graphics settings to the absolute bare minimum, the FPS hardly increased at all. The real problem with this is the idea of using airborne vehicles like helicopters - it's going to hinder the pilot with very low FPS. I can only imagine how bad it would be for someone who doesn't have a super-fast Intel CPU with an over-clock like I have. (THIS IS NOT A GPU PROBLEM, AS YOU'LL NOTICE IN THE VIDEO THE GPU USAGE IS EXTREMELY LOW DESPITE THE LOW FPS). I'm aware that some CPU optimisation is due, but are we really going to see an increase of 30FPS+ ??? Because that is what it's going to take to satisfy most players such as myself who absolutely need 60FPS as a bare minimum. (First world problems, I know!) I hate it when people casually ask the DEVS to just 'chime in' as if they don't have anything better to do, but in this particular case, I think we could all benefit from hearing from someone involved with developing the game, or even just the maps and their assets. Is this issue going to be sorted? Can we expect enough optimisation to clean up the problem? I'm sure the DEVS are already well aware of this as they must be zipping up and down the map in 3D space as they're designing the level. Surely??? SHORTER SUMMARY: When looking down the map from higher up, or even down the map from a slightly higher perspective than the ground, FPS can tank considerably, despite no one else playing on the server / game (which eliminates the possibility for the animation system to be the culprit.) Any help or feedback on this issue from anyone would be hugely appreciated, as right now, I'm very worried this is going to totally destroy the life of this game for a large majority of us. Edit - 3700K @ 4.4Ghz. !
  13. Concentrate on your death instead of your kills...

    Couldn't agree more. It's so enjoyable to immerse yourself in Squad by playing as if you're really there. Working with your team to move, cover, suppress and flank - that's the part that's really rewarding. Unless I'm equipped with a long-range scope, most of my shots are usually suppression shots. I'm not even thinking about how many kills I may or may not have. I've never had the luxury of having this mind-set with any other game before, despite always desperately wanting something just like it. I don't think Squad is fun at all if you're playing it like BF or COD - this is a great thing because it's going to put off a lot 'those types' of gamers. I also need to add that I'm constantly blown away by the fact that the developers and nearly all the other members on this forum seem to think just like me regarding this kind of stuff. Despite being so early on in the game's development life, I feel unusually trusting that it's going to work out brilliantly - mainly because I believe we are all on the 'same page'. This makes me very happy! :)
  14. 3.9 is live! [Results]

    Nothing seems to have changed performance wise. It might be 60fps for a while, but as soon as a bit of action happens, the frames drop substantially. Just did a load of tests. As expected smaller maps and fewer players keep the frames higher but the performance is still questionable even on the smaller maps. I don't think we're going to see big performance gains until the animation system has been completely reworked as planned.