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  1. SQUAD is about team work..right?

    This has been discussed several times before. If I remember correctly, the devs fear that many people would leave if k/d is removed. People want to know how many they've killed. Personally I would like it to show how many your squad killed as a whole, as you said.
  2. The importance of the support squad

    A dedicated logistics squad could be a good idea. No need to send one of your own in your squad to do supply runs when you have a 4 man squad handling it (4 players max until choppers etc). Promotes teamwork and communication also. You could give this squad certain perks as well, the ability to see how many resources a FOB has for example.
  3. gtx 1070 vs 1080

    Super-sampling is high and no my CPU is not overclocked but if I changed that I would probably have as you say, 60-70 atleast.
  4. gtx 1070 vs 1080

    I have 1070 & 4790K. 1080p & max settings average 50 FPS
  5. EAC disconnect PROBLEM

    Did you check your firewall?
  6. MRE?

    Highly doubtful
  7. CPU and GPU usages

    No, some games are more CPU than GPU intensive.. V8 will optimize and hence give you more FPS but I'll bet CPU will still run at 90%+
  8. GTX 1070; Best model?

    There are a few graph comparisons out there, personally I'm looking at the Asus geforce strix
  9. Played my first V7 round last night, 30 min in I CTD.. Still the best round in a long time!
  10. Crash on most "green" maps

    I've heard the devs are aware and working on the problem
  11. Nvidia Graphics Cards

    I can see why you would, apparently they'll be quite something! I'm running a GTX 770, it's not bad but I think it's about time to buy a new one.. 1070 if the prices go down, otherwise the 1060 it seems price worthy
  12. Nvidia Graphics Cards

    Must resist.... prices... will fall...... soooon
  13. This would be pretty cool. Dunno how you'd do this without having a negative impact team communication, hard to hear some people already
  14. WOW... Just amazed

    I hope this will become THE flagship for a new genre, they deserve it!
  15. VOIP Issues

    A headset via an xbox controller?