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  1. What is Squad?

    Actually quite a few people played these games. you are dead wrong. have a nice day.
  2. What is Squad?

    So project reality copied a game mode for Joint Operations, ok that's one. Did it also get the concept that every player in the server is a part of a squad? the idea of a squad leader and his kit? Insurgency game mode? player build-able Firebases. Rally points? The idea of dedicated crewmen? a supply system? But id say the biggest this is the communication and team work, till i played PR, i never played an FPS where people communicated so much through the Microphone on such a consistent bases. i was looking at JO game play videos on youtube, but it looked a lot closer to ARMA domination mode then Squad.
  3. What is Squad?

    You seriously should try playing a couple of rounds of project reality, then you'll see how squad is the spiritual successor to PR. I've only played a little bit of Joint Operations back in the day, but from what i saw it was nothing like squad. Just seemed like another death match shooter from what i saw. Seems to me like you're trying to shoehorn in JO to much. Also, you got to give PR the respect it deserves. It's not as popular as it used to be. But the game is still going after all these year. Not may games have such a long life time. And with out PR, squad would never exist.
  4. FTL being able to place a rally

    I want the spiritual successor to PR. That's what I hoped I was buying when I backed there kick starter
  5. FTL being able to place a rally

    Project reality had over 10 years of development. Those devs spent 10 years fine tuning there game. I don't understand why squad has to try and reinvent the wheel. They sound start off with the game play of project reality, and evolve from there.
  6. Weapon Recoil

    yeah what alangregson said.
  7. Dragging Animation?

    isn't that like one of the basic rules of first aid. you have to make the make the scene safe, bring them somewhere save? its like of silly how you're forced to revive teammates in the middle of a road in an active combat zone.
  8. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    This is a game with asymmetrical warfare, not Overwatch. luck is a huge part of war. and this is a war game.
  9. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    did you not read the OPs post? he's taking about "Insurgent/Militia" not NATO
  10. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    unless you have a 20 year old mil spec m16, and under combat conditions. you don't always hit.
  11. That's true, but that doesn't mean squad has to reinvent the wheel. PR has over 10 years of gameplay development. Instead for starting from zero, they would have started form where PR left off and evolve from there.
  12. M110 - Awfully weak

    people think they want one hit kills, till the're on the other end of the rifle.
  13. PR Vets, vote here.

    no. i've played enough kashan to last me 10 life times.
  14. M110 - Awfully weak

    7.62x54r. the "R" stands for rimmed, not rimfire.