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  1. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    This is a game with asymmetrical warfare, not Overwatch. luck is a huge part of war. and this is a war game.
  2. Anti-Infantry Mines/IEDs

    did you not read the OPs post? he's taking about "Insurgent/Militia" not NATO
  3. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    unless you have a 20 year old mil spec m16, and under combat conditions. you don't always hit.
  4. That's true, but that doesn't mean squad has to reinvent the wheel. PR has over 10 years of gameplay development. Instead for starting from zero, they would have started form where PR left off and evolve from there.
  5. M110 - Awfully weak

    people think they want one hit kills, till the're on the other end of the rifle.
  6. PR Vets, vote here.

    no. i've played enough kashan to last me 10 life times.
  7. M110 - Awfully weak

    7.62x54r. the "R" stands for rimmed, not rimfire.
  8. V10 weapon muzzle control

    take that little girl, load her up with a shit load combat gear,body armor, helmet. fly her over to Afghanistan. give her an m4 that's been used hard and beat up for the last 20 years. send her squad out in the mountains to patrol for 24 hours on foot. climbing up and down hills all day. then be sure she has insufficient water and food. then have targets suddenly pop out of no where and start shooting at her and trying to kill her. i don't think you will have that same level of marksman ship that you saw on the shooting range.
  9. V10 weapon muzzle control

    +1 This guy gets its
  10. V10 M68 Red Dot Placement

    fandango is right.FM 3-22.9 http://usacac.army.mil/sites/default/files/misc/doctrine/CDG/cdg_resources/manuals/fm/fm3_22x9.pdf looks like page 263.
  11. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Even though project reality had its "bad mechanics" with its deviation. and people are still playing it 13 years later. I think squad will be just fine. but what do i know, i'm not an MLG pro. i just play video games for fun
  12. Total War | Chicago Server - Review

    i haven't had any problems on that server.
  13. POLL - v10

    I disagree. I'm loving the shooting in v10. Could you please explain to me why you feel the shooting in PR is better?