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  1. HUD "On Demand"

    Hi, I would like to see friendly players displayed on the HUD close behind the player. For example, I am stacked up on a corner covering it and I have a teammate behind me covering my rear. I want to be able to see when he moves away without turning around and checking every 3 seconds. In real life a soldier will give his teammate a touch on the shoulder to let him know they are moving whilst letting the guy cover is sector effectively. So like a hand on shoulder with a symbol on your screen so you can see your mate got your back when breaching etc. Please don't tell me you cant have it because you cant see it, its a touch feature not a visual feature, and you have friendlies shown on HUD when infront even when you can't see them, it is like a sense knowing your position and the guys close to you. Let me know what you think.
  2. How does the text chat work?

    I agree. You're all nancy pants if you disagree with me.
  3. How does the text chat work?

    Please remove text chat from the game. Text chat is shit and distracts players from the game. Its hard enough to spot enemies without text poping up and blocking the view further.
  4. How does the text chat work?

    Please remove the text chat from the game, or at least give the players the option to disable it! It is ruining the experience!
  5. Bots

    Talking about bots, I would like to see AI villagers in and around the towns going about their business, then run and hide when shots get fired, this will let the insurgents hide among the population and force the attacking team to search and ID targets, like in real combat zones. Make sure there are heavy penalties on both sides for shooting civilian villagers.
  6. Seeing Squad Memebers Names On Map

    I think that you should only be able to see your squad and no one else. The Squad Leaders can see their squad and other SL only. This will encourage players to stay with their Squad and leader who will have to communicate with other SL to ensure no blue on blue. The SL can communicate to their squad where friendlies are operating. So in a nutshell it will force players to ID their targets rather than shooting aimlessly, encourage squad work and communication.
  7. I don't like this idea, it will take away the need for a supply chain. Having limited ammo stops people running and gunning, it makes them think more about what and who they shoot.
  8. Awesome Squad pictures

  9. First Impressions of Squad

    Hi All, I bought Squad yesterday, installed and played for a good few hours, but unfortunately I wish I had not bought the game. This is an example of why Demo of games are no longer released to try before buying, otherwise not many games would be sold these days. Teamwork, which is supposed to be one of the pillars of this game was nowhere to be found. I joined a squad, saw that no one was medic and chose that to fill in the missing skill set to be a good team player and contribute to the fight. I later found out after being shot that I was the only medic on the server :-/ and no I was not the only one in the server, it was full. I guess no one likes that kit for some reason. Anyway I carried on, our SL might as well have been a lone wolf sniper, he was on one side of map alone, everyone else was spread out all over the place, and I noticed this not just with my squad, they all looked the same. There was only one rally point set by one squad and no FOB's. Yes I had a rubbish SL but all the others looked no different. The squads rushed to capture the flags in order, instead or coordinating with other SL to organize defense and offence, and stamina was never thought of by anyone, it was run run run and hope for the best. I suggested that we move in two parts, especially over open ground with one always covering, that way the covering guys could rebuild their stamina and take it in turns. It fell on deaf ears and so we just rushed in without any planning what so ever. I am quite disappointed because PR was not at all like this, and this game is supposed to be the successor to PR. :-( The only good thing I can say about this game at the moment is that the sound is pretty impressive. I did get a fright now and then when gun fire went off close by. Otherwise the graphics were very poor especially when compared to the likes of Arma, and I had the settings on ultra, maxed out everything. I know its in the Alpha development stage but teamwork is fundamental to this game and should be existing even in the Alpha, otherwise everyone might as well go and play BF3 or 4 etc because that's all this game felt like with more running before meeting the enemy. Anyway, those are my initial thoughts and opinions on this game, I hope things improve drastically by final release.
  10. Squad Fobs? And Squad ideas.

    Being able to dig a few trenches or fox holes would be cool. We already have spades.
  11. How does the text chat work?

    I haven't bought the game yet, and the answer to the following will decide whether I buy it or not. I have noticed from watching some YouTube videos that there is text chat that comes up on the left side of the screen. There are few things worse than the immersive experience being ruined by some guys having an argument about their mothers over the text chat system. It also takes away the realism completely. So can the text chat in game be disabled?
  12. Death Animations

    I hate it when people say dead-dead in game, you're either DEAD or WOUNDED!
  13. Respawn Suggestion

    Hi, I have an idea that will keep the transport and helicopter crews busy ... A spawn system that when someone is killed in action they can only spawn at the main base medic centre, they will then have to get transport back to their squad. Alternatively a medic tent can be placed at the FOB by the SL and the dead can respawn there before being reunited with their squad. This is more realistic, and will make players value their lives and those of their team mates. Let me know what you all think?