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  1. Devs... We need to talk...

    I agree with what you say. But compared to what has already been accomplished, something like adding an expiry timer to Rally Points or making it so you don't spawn on a hostile FOB at all (instead of adding 10s to spawn timer for every enemy in FOB - increase radius and block spawn as in PR) does seem trivial. My point was this does not seem to be something they want to have in Squad as they did in PR yet those little things all accomplish the greater good that is a slower gameplay pace where you do not kill or die every few seconds and other things mentioned in previous post.
  2. Devs... We need to talk...

    I understand it is still in the making but it would be nice if the infantry aspect, which is the core part of the game, would be more like PR. I see where you are coming from, but still: The maps in squad are smaller for one - so you could say they are made for just infantry. No need to blame lack of vehicles for the gameplay. Also, lack of vehicles should make no difference to shooting mechanics, weapon stabilization (or lack of) or acrobatic-marathon-sprinter behavior. The maps are small and both Rally Points and FOBs can be placed anyway in an instant. So again, lack of vehicles should not influence all these points this drastically. Some of these changes seem a matter of just changing a few parameters. And seeing as a lot of good effort was spent on nice looking things like the particle effects, smoke behavior the bending foliage which is still in the making, water effects... it seems like what perhaps only I consider to be serious issues with the gameplay is not a priority at all. Perhaps they won't be addressed until we approach final release.
  3. Devs... We need to talk...

    Have to completely agree. This has also been suggested as a "enter squad option" which I also like but server wide means we can get server wide teamplay. Running is too fast for how much stamina we have. The game is a non-stop sprint around the map, zig-zagging at 100% speed. How are you supposed to shoot this from some distance? How is this a leggit way to avoid getting killed and retaliate by a quick scope after this outrageous acrobatic display - with no penalty? Why bother taking it slow, make formations with your squad members, shoot form steady position - when an enemy can run around like a Cartoon Network episode and kill you?? Why?! If somebody is running around without any tactical awareness, the ambusher should have the advantage of a steady aim and a target that doesn't look like he is about to do a backfllip-barrelroll-run - causing ambusher to miss, reveal his position to the fool and become a static target to this full-sprint-marathon-runner. ^This My opinion: have Rally Points behave like in PR (expiry time) and FOB behavior like in PR (when enemy is within a certain radius of FOB = no spawning on THAT FOB). Why? Very simple. Right now it a whole lot of BS. When OPFOR places FOB near a Flag, BLUFOR must kill "a steady stream of enemies". When an enemy is down, he respawns in but a few seconds and but a few meters away from the firefight. FOB's allow faction-wide spawn so.... the whole team can attack, die, respawn within a few short seconds and be right back where they died with "new, questionable intel" of their enemies location. With enough players this is a strong stream constantly coming in. How to deal with it? Take down FOB. But as you and your squad (if you are able to teamplay properly in this game) move to take down FOB you must face this constant flow of players, try to avoid them (more players flowing in than you can handle + time against you, they keep spawning in), sneakily reach their radio (which you must first find) and still deal with the threat of players STILL spawning at radio. This sucks for you and sucks for those people who are being spawnkilled!!! This constant stream means time is an issue so it also means no time to teamplay, everybody just GET TO THAT FOB!!! I NEED HELP AT FOOOOB!!!! - so damned frustrating. The pace of the game is WAY too fast, no time for teamplay, communicate, organize, etc. because they will respawn in a few seconds a few meters infront of you. No time to wipe the enemy squad members properly - rush it to avoid facing them again upon their respawn. - Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating! - Why the fricking rush?! Make the game chill the **** out! Some people would like to be allowed by the game to teamplay without being punished for it!!! PR's gameplay is way slower, you actually have time to organize your team, deal with situations as a team and further teamplay because of it. Please use some of the ideas that are in use in PR right now that help slow down the gameplay (at least locally, so that there isn't a constant stream of players moving into each firefight). Slow down sprint or at least shorten the high speed sprint duration. Sprinting should be only forwards (without strafing) or if not implement momentum system to make it less ridiculous to shoot those moving targets (that do not move realistically). Geez, I am almost becoming as frustrated describing these painful flaws as I am trying to teamplay in this game.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Nice to know some people think along similar lines. If you spend more time on respawn screen than in action, then you are clearly "playing it wrong". Only an idiot would spend more time on respawn screen than in action because everybody associates waiting as a bad thing and a person adjusts pretty quickly to avoid things he doesn't like. To answer to both these points I would like to use an example that I have experience with. I also play Insurgency from time to time (not the gamemode but the game), and if you have any experience with it, it's pretty much like any other shooter: running chaos, people throwing their virtual lives away carelessly... I am in a group there that has it's own modded server. There are NO respawns and round times are extended to 10 MINUTES. That means that if you rush and get contact you could be dead within 30 seconds of the start. Enjoy spectating for 9 minutes and 30 seconds (they often last the full duration). If I'd suggest such a long waiting time for any game you would call me mad but this is a running server in Insurgency, and it's a great place to meet good people who like tactical gameplay. I personally know of someone who when he first started playing on the server he was the biggest rusher and maybe he got a kill but he got himself killed within the first 1 or 2 minutes every time. After a month or two he was a completely different person and would even outlast us often. People do change, every instance that you are alive has much more significance to you when you could die any moment (which means going for a smoke, drink or whatever until the next round). The gameplay is worlds appart from vanilla. Everybody in the fireteam works together, the gameplay is slow, there is time to communicate and coordinate every move, every room that needs clearing, ensuring that there is a 360 security at any moment. The sense of danger, slow gameplay that allows you to plan and coordinate with your team (which you completely DO need to survive) make the teamplay so much more enjoyable, every round so intense. For instance, a fireteam is navigating the urban setting slowly but steadily, expect potential ambush along every corner. The enemy has defenders on the objective but many "scouts" or "LP (Listening Posts)" setup around the map to communicate enemy movements. When a defender calls in movement from a full fireteam, defenders position themselves enroute to the objective such that they will ambush the unalerted attackers. When the attacking fireteam realises it is being ambushed (perhaps took a few casualties), they smoke the enemy angles and pull back. When the smoke clears, the defenders don't see any sign of the attackers, who are now seeking a new path (path of least resistance) and the defenders must now close in around the objective and position new lookouts to spot the attacker's movements, for they have no clue as to their intentions or current position. The attackers did not fight it to the end on that point because it was too risky, the defenders had the advantage. Moving a two man team to a roof with a good lookout, laying down some automatic fire and making big noise will attract enemies who intend to flank and terminate the suppressing team but being a step ahead of them and ambushing those routes will put an overeager aggressor right in your sights. The slow gameplay allows more strategic thinking and clever maneuvering. The heavy cost of dying means you do everything in your power to keep yourself alive, and seeing as you really need your team to keep you alive (to prevent your position from being flanked), you do anything in your power to keep your TEAM alive because you need THEM to keep YOU alive. This is just an example of gameplay on the server but my point is that increasing spawn time doesn't mean you will spend more time on spawn screen because you will die far less. Especially in a game as forgiving as Squad in terms of medical assistance. You can take an RPG to the torso and the medic will still revive you. A severe increase to spawn time will severely increase your desire to NOT die - I speak from observational experience on the aforementioned server. People adapt to their environment, even a virtual one. They adapt their behavior until they achieve what they want within the rules of "the universe". And seeing how "powerful" medics are, I think every man would want to stick with their team so they have fire support and in case they DO die, the will stick with their team so they will have a team providing cover and a medic willing to get him back into the fight. I certainly would not mind it to be "a mod" and not "vanilla". That is fine by me. We would host it on our server and I assure you that I would play nothing more than that. The quality of gameplay and team experience is light-years ahead of that experienced in all these casual shooters that have the market flooded - I play for the teamplay and "intelligent play". I can be moving slowly through the woods and not have contact in over 10 mins and still be enjoying myself as long as I have a good team that is doing and saying all the correct things (in case we DO have contact). I am not "addicted to kills" in the sense that I must kill something at least every minute or I go crazy and run wild into the woods looking to "get my kill" as I see many others do. People who abandon our squad to do just this. When we kick such a person they get angry. When we say he was not teamplaying or providing support to the squad they hunt your squad down, teamkill you and ruin your experience. We need to be able to LOCK squads to remedy this a bit at least.... But... as I said from experience, people adapt to these changes. They will either love it or hate it. Those that hate it will rage quit and play a casual shooter - too many out there to count, so they have plenty of choice. And those that stay will adapt their gameplay to the game rules in an attempt to be the best at it (most human beings' natural inclination). Being a lone wolf would be so disadvantageous in this game setting, not being a team player would be so disadvantageous... isn't this what we want? I guarantee you that people who love this kind of gameplay and are in this slower paced game (and mind set) will be far more pleasant than the fast paced must-get-kills-now populace we are facing now. I'm not saying: "change the people" in the sense that we find ourselves a new audience. I mean it in the sense that by providing a different game setting, people are in a different - less stressful - state of mind. The gameplay is slower so people are more relaxed. The lethality is real so you may be on edge but just as you are looking to not get killed - so is the enemy. So far more likely than now, you will have people using smoke to retreat when at a disadvantage, resulting in low number of sustained casualties. And when casualties are taken, there will be better care of wounded soldiers. Why? Because you need those soldiers to keep you alive, you need their rifles, their eyes and ears so you do what you can to ensure your team revives every last man. So I will finish by saying again that I would not mind to be able to achieve this with a "mode" or "mod", by changing server parameters... as long as I can achieve changes towards this direction I would be happy about it. Who knows, I might even join Squad when the friends are not online!
  5. I was thinking about the gameplay in Squad and what I believe is wrong with it - how to fix it or why it is the way it is. I will start with a little rant / explaining followed by proposed solutions prevent the problems. The way I see it is: players are motivated to "play wrong". Let me explain what I interpret as "playing wrong". I consider it a major gameplay flaw that the game allows/encourages bezerk charges into the frontline, zig-zaging like mosquitoes and having about the same regard for their life as bezerker that nearly OD'ed on his drugs. When I break it down, I see it as two points that "encourage" this kind of behavior: Habit Motivation By "habit" I mean: other games encourage this and they do this by (perhaps unintentionally) motivating players to play like this. Now here comes the crux of the argument: motivation. (Too) Many shooters today offer game progression - the "feature" that is unlocking "new stuff", such as: new weapons or that hello-kitty-knife-skin that would make your 8 year old sister jealous. And before I start expressing my opinion on this matter too much, I just want to add: how many requests have been made to incorporate this into Squad? especially after Steam release... These games are motivating players to get as many points as possible to unlock game "features" that are otherwise not obtainable. Game companies do this to encourage players to spend more time on their game, which is fair enough for them. However, this has severe consequences on the gameplay. When one is motivated to get as many points as possible in order to get their cookie... I mean knife skin, or whatever... they are obviously looking to do this as fast as possible. And how does a game generally provide points? Kills and objectives - kills being the most quickly accessible "source" of points for a solo man/boy seeking a high points-per-hour value. So the aim for the player is to obtain as many points as he can per hour, therefore, kills per hour. Are there any drawbacks for dying? No, just a few short seconds of your time. It is much more points-per-hour efficient to seek and destroy the enemy in a sprinting fashion with little regard of your virtual life than it is to stay alive and play carefully. Who cares if you die? Certainly not the player, he will keep his points and is now that much closer to that "hello-kitty-skin". So what we end up is two teams composed of point-greedy-whores (can I say that?) that have little regard for anything but their own score. They will run around like mad things looking to "steal kills" for quick points and rage at whoever does this to them, because: POINTS! This might be OK for some very casual games, but I personally find it to be a very BAD thing. I will stay away from those games but unfortunately the same people join the "more serious" games I like to play too. That is fine by me but unfortunately the games I like, though they try not to encourage this type of behavior, they certainly don't restrict it. Let's look at Squad specifically. The best times you see how unrealistic a game is, is when you have someone who does that professionally do it all wrong. We have a friend in our group who is in the military - but man, does he play the game "wrong". We are all communicating and teamplaying, in a line-abreast formation engaging contacts in a village from prone position, a good distance away. Our friend (in the military) is squad leading. He has positioned us well and we are dealing with the enemy squad up ahead. I can see that as long as there are contacts in those buildings, our squad leader does not want to move out and risk getting injured which sounds logical. He wants to keep us alive, but this is Squad. That enemy squad has a rally point and they are spawning as quickly as we are killing them. Problem - we will never "clear" this village in this manner. Another problem - every time we kill them, they have better intel on our exact positions and gain an advantage with every engagement. You cannot solve this like in real life because they will keep spawning. The only way is to bull charge this, hope you wipe them out and move in close enough to their rally (wherever it may be) to destroy it. THAT, is what this encourages in order to be successful. Players are also used to that type of "gameplay" or behavior, so seems logical. You die from sprinting all over the place straight towards your enemy? Who cares. Annoy your nearest medic or respawn, no big deal. There isn't much motivating players not to die, as long as there is a rally nearby - so they HARASS THE SQUAD LEADER FOR A RALLY EVERY 15s!!! And when I say straight, I don't mean literally. You can "strafe-sprint", that is to say, you can sprint sideways (in diagonal) with [Shift]+[W]+[A]/[D]. You can change this mid sprint but you always run full speed. The effect is a greatly unrealistic one of a soldier zig-zagging faster than any human could ever accomplish - good luck hitting that at range with ballistics. This is another "feature" that encourages the previously mentioned style of gameplay - running and rushing like mad men on drugs. So, this gameplay encourages chaotic style of gameplay, don't wait for anybody at your rally, sprint towards your intended victims!! I find this experience to be so mediocre, I cannot consider it entertaining. I only ever play Squad with my friends, because we play together, as the game was initially intended (as I interpret it). I must add that the gameplay quality decreased to disastrous proportions on steam release. I will go ahead and assume that this is because pre-alpha gamers were mostly PR (Project Reality) players, and they were/are teamplayers. Those were nice people and fun to play with, all (or 99%) with mics. But now let's look towards the future. How do we resolve this mess? Here are my thoughts on it. Add a momentum system for sprinting. When you start a sprint, you accelerate towards your maximum sprint speed (fairly quickly in a straight line). When you change direction in the sprint, you must accelerate in that direction. Therefore, the sharper the turn in a sprint, the more you are slowed down. This will prevent those bionic-machines from zig-zagging like mosquitoes/flies. MOTIVATE a player to value his virtual life. This one I would tackle in the following way to encourage teamplay as well as better, more realistic gameplay. Increase spawn time. And I mean, really increase it. This is the VERY best way to encourage a player not to die. Think about it, who wants to sit there like a tool doing nothing whilst his friends are fighting? I would add a "squad spectate camera" so that this person may watch his remaining team fight it out. MUTE his mic, so that he may not ghost or otherwise annoy whoever he is spectating: dead people don't talk. Perhaps add a motivational text on his "death screen": "Remember: A real soldier only dies once." He will have time to reflect on this whilst he is sitting there without anything else to do. Add a "wave" system. I find annoying that players run off as soon as they spawn and solo it towards what may be left of their squad. The enemy is having an easy time dealing with one enemy at a time... So, when die: you will spawn in the next wave (for example, every 2 mins there is a new wave), so that you will likely spawn with friends. You still require to choose "spawn", but you are not cleared for spawn until the wave timer is over. There is one condition however: you must wait for 1 minute minimum. Why? To prevent a dead team member from saying: "20s until next wave" and this being a good reason to charge the enemy in a suicide run. With this solution in place, you will miss the next wave and be forced to catch the next wave. You die = you wait. You don't want to wait = don't die. This will motivate players to do anything in their power to ensure survival, and it requires teamwork. Do this and you encourage every player to do his best to stay alive, smoke the threat and retreat, seek a medic, travel long distances to resupply. No more doing suicide runs to resupply because that is much faster - it isn't with this system - so stay alive!!! Lower the number of tickets. This was one in one of the patches but you didn't fix the source of the problem, so rounds were too short. When players don't care about dying they will have little regard for their damage to their own team. When you encourage them to stay alive and thus can afford to lower to ticket count, you make every ticket more valuable. Medics will have more fun! No longer will medics be constantly pestered by idiots that sprinted to their death because they don't care - bother the medic or respawn. Instead, players will take care to survive as long as they can, resupply to ensure survival and medics will have less annoying victims to take care off. Instead, the player will more likely wait for a medic rather than wait all that time for a respawn. The medic now has the time to smoke the area, setup perimeter with friends and get him up and the downed player will gladly wait in order to avoid waiting for a respawn. I truly believe these changes would improve the gameplay. It would slow down the gameplay but - if unlike me you consider that a negative - really encourage teamplay. You always spawn together, you want to increase your chances of survival (anything to avoid death, death = waiting). And in the event you get hit, you want to be close to a medic. Waiting for a medic = better than waiting all that time for a respawn. Spawning in waves also means that when you see a soldier, more likely than not, he will have friends with him - which you must consider before opening fire. This is also more realistic as in real life: if you look left, you look right, and see no friendlies - you did something really wrong! It also means if you get killed by some lone wolf not far from a spawn, there will be a higher chance of you getting revived as friendlies that spawned with you will react to the enemy and a nearby medic will more likely revive you. When your squad has contact they can now ambush or otherwise engage an enemy squad from "safe" positions and when it looks clear, sweep and clear the area in case of survivors. The longer spawn times allow this to be the case. They know they have a bit of breathing room when they successfully wipe a squad. The spawning squad will not want to just rush to that location and risk another death but be clever about it, maybe send one scout to survey the area before committing the whole squad. In any case, I consider this to be a major improvement! Greetings, MistaX32 Edit: spelling mistakes
  6. Cheating

    I never had any experiences with cheaters (that I know of) until I one day joined a particular server and encountered over 5 of them. No names but 4 of those had a particular name structure like they were affiliated with each other, a group of friends or who knows. It was just as you said, automatic 40mm grenade launcher fire with infinite ammo, same for RPG. Worst was when they used marker smoke (with GL) in full auto mode causing FPS to drastically drop with the aim to see if they could crash the server. I have 4 of these guys recorded doing this, I formed an "Anti-Cheat Squad" as I named it then, to specifically hunt down these guys until I'd be able to force them to quit (also how I recorded them cheating). For me the sound did not come from the center of the map but from the actual source, which is how we knew where to took - automatic grenade launchers are a give away. We also encountered 1 guy with LMG using aimbot, our whole team was dropping dead. The server wasn't even that populated yet this person achieved 94 kills whilst we were struggling to get away from spawn without dying.
  7. Progression / Growth Idea

    Plenty of progression games out there, players compete with team members for petty points at the team's cost for personal gain. Enough of that, we want teamplay - don't need a scoreboard, xp, progression or any sort of shiny, flashy messages to tell me "well done" or "you are awesome!" For me I play this game for the teamplay, the coordination, were players aren't interested in whoring for points but each holds his ground to complete the mission and get out alive together. That is what sets it apart. WE DO NOT WANT PROGRESSION, POINTS OR SHINY ENCOURAGEMENT MESSAGES!