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  1. audio slider for the rifles

    IS ALL ON 200 and no it to quiet !! i need no louder explosions than my gun piff paff is an killer for my imersion the ak for example is now a boring thing ^^ the loudest ingame is my gun !
  2. New sounds are preatty spectacular

    mh no i think the guns are now too quiet ... soooooo bad
  3. audio slider for the rifles

    i have make a break for 4 month and now im play and .... oh my god ... holey give me my loud gunfire back ! i miss it so ... i need no louder explosions / i will my hard loud firefights back
  4. Door Gunner Kits

    not one will see this post when the first copter come out ... next year other in two ^^
  5. Weird Post Game Statistics

    that statistics .... never hurt anyone but it keeps many players in the game ! look the bad smal playerbase ^^ the most people that I have met in the game - play not more - he say BORING after 100 hours all time the same nice fierefights and then ???? the smales pice play not more because of problems -. the most say BORING after a couble of houers. did not use what you do not need EASY ^^
  6. what up ?

    for weeks a base 7000-8000 players now are emty on the servers 350 - 800 goes more down
  7. and the screw right on top ! omg .........
  8. Do You Think Suppressive Fire Is Effective In Squad?

    The saw need more left and right not the high climbing and general not so high shining tracers on daytime.
  9. PIP in shoting range and scope adjustment

    i mean only little adjusments on the weapons. some ppl ffire a little to left is normal with a mouse . why not the chance for corectures.
  10. a little suggestion for the shoting range add new paper targets with rings or a cross. when you are on this shooting range with the papertargets. can you see your current target on a monitor PIP on a corner from your monitor. so you can easy see where the impacts are. and the second - scope adjustment for your own weapons. the paper target range you can use vor adjusment your scope or sights. the adjustment is stored for the weapons later in the game. short and nice :D
  11. Shooting System Overhaul

    mh my gun going from alone down i need no pull down ...... I put the weapon on my 2 or 3 finger shot and the riffle comes down and then the next. a bit unusual this style but very accurate ôn long range ^^ I correct only with his fingertips. no problem with 5,56 the children caliber with no recoil :D im for a other sytem then the supid climbing in single shot. more for a system the returns the weapon by itself down but very slightly offset from the last shot. left / right / up /down. differently after each shot.
  12. Restricted uniform customization

    i can't see my figur , much effort for nothing ..
  13. Alpha V5 Initial Feedback

    i think the new map markers are too big and to colorful. the dark map is a little to dark i think. game crasht - after go back in the game from the graphic settings with my friends also. trees in the last line are invesible when you look around
  14. Scope realisem

    thread number 193458 ............
  15. The importance of view distance and its affect on gameplay

    for waht when you see no bushes and trees on a high distance ?