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  1. Commanders

    I know there are squad leaders, but could there be a commander sort of like RO? Maybe he gets special assets to use in organizing assaults and directing squads so you don't have one just off doing its own thing?
  2. Barrel & flash

    In a dusty environment, a prone soldier or someone hiding behind a wall will expose themselves from the pressure waves kicking up the dust in front of the weapon. That would be a nice touch. Also, glowing barrels or heat waves would be nice as well. We fired our weapons once that they got hot enough to see in the dark.
  3. It's very annoying to have some concealment in tall grass at the edge of a clearing and not being able to see anything because you can't push the weeds down in front of your firing position.
  4. Gear Customization

    I would like to see the ability to choose your own weapon systems within your classes. I understand ideas are still coming, but the current weapon palette is a little weak. I like being able to choose what I go into battle with. On an unrelated note, good job on the sound. Man, this game sounds nice.
  5. my hopes for mortars

    Being a former artilleryman, I'd like to see artillery implemented in some way, like RO does, but maybe a bit more realistically. It would be cool if on the main fob there was a howitzer that required players to operate it. Or have a system for off map artillery. Obviously there'd have to be a way to make it so you couldn't just blast everyone to pieces immediately.
  6. Sounds

    Is artillery going to be developed? I can't wait to hear that. =D
  7. Mantling

    The current lack of a system for leaping low walls or fences in a dedicated animation might have already been addressed. But I'd like to mention that instead of fruitlessly bunny hopping a knee high wall there should be a Battlefield-esque way to clear infantry obstacles.
  8. Screen flickers black when I use right click to aim after spawning. Flicker occurs for about two seconds and gameplay resumes as normal. Screen also flickers black when right click is used on map spawn screen. EDIT: This occurs on all maps. I'm new to the forum and put this in the wrong place.